120 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl (And Hold Her Full Attention)

So you've met a girl you like.

What topics do you talk to her about to get her attention, keep her interested...

And make her want to come back to you for more?

I've got you covered!

So below, not only will I show 120 interesting topics to talk about with a girl.

I will also show you the right way to go about about it so that the girl gets to like you more.

Conversations are just tools.

First, you have to understand that when you talk with a girl that conversations are just tools.

  • ​Tools for you two to have fun
  • Tools to connect with her better.
  • Tools to make her like you and find you more interesting
  • Tools to get to know her better and
  • Tools to get her to know you better.

So the purpose of the topics you talk about with a girl are not to necessarily discuss facts or to arrive at a "destination" - like scientists in a lab, or people engaged in a debate.

...The only purpose is for you two "vibe".

For you two to have a good time.

So you should treat the topics with levity.

If a topic gets boring, or starts getting too serious, or she becomes uncomfortable. Freely jump to another topic.

Talking with a girl is not an interview or some sort of interrogation.

And you cannot vibe with a girl when the atmosphere of your interaction is "all serious".

And now that you understand this, let's get into the topic of the day...


Should the topics be about her or yourself?

Both actually.

And also general topics.

She wants to know what you find interesting. But also wants you to find her interesting...

You see, when you meet a girl. She wants to come into your world. She wants to "feel" you. But she also wants you to like her.

But most guys make either the mistake of only wanting to talk about what they think would "entertain" her: her topics. And fail to talk about topics that relate to themselves.

Or some talk only about themselves, and fail to acknowledge the girl.

But the truth is, it's a mix.

If you make the first mistake, she will feel robbed. And if you make the second mistake, she won't feel a connection with you.

You need to talk about her interests/topics and experiences, but you also have to talk about yours.

Here are 120 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl: 

  1. Her highest aspiration: I personally like to talk about this one often because it, very quickly, tells you a lot about the kind of person the girl is.

  2. What she would do if she had a million dollars 
  3. Best books you've both read.
  4. Favourite musicians.
  5. Favourite sports team(s)
  6. Places you/her would love to live.
  7. Favourite holiday destinations
  8. Most embarrassing moment when either of you were high.
  9. Your hobbies.
  10. Workplace stories
  11. Your parents
  12. Life changing moments.
  13. Pets
  14. Craziest things you two have ever done.
  15. Your passions. (NOTE: whenever I use *you* I usually mean both of you!)
  16. Your dreams.
  17. Childhood memories
  18. Favourite sex position
  19. Craziest sexual experiences.
  20. What you'd love to spend your lives doing if money was never a problem.
  21. What you'd like to do if failure was impossible.
  22. Favourite drinks.
  23. Curent events
  24. Funny expereinces.
  25. Future Plans.
  26. Number of Children.
  27. Favourite artists and paintings.
  28. Life changing events/moments.
  29. Biggest decisions
  30. Boldest decisons
  31. What she likes most about guys
  32. What you like most about girls
  33. Things you guys feel grateful for.
  34. Mentors and role-models (people you guys admire and look up to).
  35. Favourite TV shows
  36. Regrets.
  37. Happiest moments.
  38. Dream home/house
  39. Things to change about yourselves, if you could.
  40. Funny jokes you've heard.
  41. Your social lives and how often you go out.
  42. Concerts you've been to or plan to go to.
  43. Your horoscopes.
  44. Nicknames
  45. Tattoos.
  46. Piercings
  47. Your siblings
  48. Favourite subjects in school.
  49. Worst subjects in school
  50. Sports you guys currently play (or played)
  51. Musical instruments you guys play.
  52. Favorite colours
  53. Smoking and drugs
  54. Fights or physical altercations you both have been in.
  55. Other languages you two can speak.
  56. Sleeping habits (light or heavy sleeper. (Night owl?)
  57. Physical features she gets complimented on the most.
  58. What you love to be remembered for? (What would you want written on your tombstone?)
  59. Your friends
  60. Where you guys were born.
  61. Favourite apps
  62. Favourite games
  63. Video games
  64. Celebrity lifestyle
  65. Gadgets
  66. Spirituality
  67. Food & Nutrition
  68. Your jobs
  69. Workplace incidents and events.
  70. Cooking
  71. Animal kingdom
  72. Nature
  73. Fashion and style.
  74. Photography
  75. College life
  76. Weddings
  77. Festivals
  78. Holidays
  79. Yoga
  80. Meditation
  81. Arts & Culture
  82. Politics
  83. Buildings and monuments.
  84. Latest scientific discoveries
  85. Religion
  86. Paranomal activities
  87. Aliens and UFOs
  88. Superstitious beliefs.
  89. The stock market
  90. Gossip
  91. Favourite days of the week.
  92. Mysterious events.
  93. Weddings
  94. Best services you've received from companies
  95. Most precious items you own.
  96. Best gifts you've received
  97. Habits
  98. Daily routines
  99. Bosses (best & worse)
  100. Parties
  101. Best albums.
  102. Favourite flowers.
  103. Dancing
  104. Cars
  105. What you guys studied in college.
  106. Your biggest culture shocks from other countries.
  107. All time favourite movies
  108. Movies you both look forward to being released.
  109. Favourite restaurants.
  110. If there's a TV show about your life, what you'd call it.
  111. Current and long-term goals.
  112. Lotteries
  113. Sports betting.
  114. Acting
  115. Singing (whether either of you have been in a band or just like to sing, etc).
  116. Health
  117. Ideas for best night out
  118. Sexual fantasies
  119. Most memorable birthday
  120. Social media (and "fakeness" people display there) 

While it is good to have a list of topics topics to talk about with a girl.

It's even better to learn how to talk to girls in general - without ever running out of things to say.

And the most important part of talking with a girl is trusting that whatever you say is valuable and is worth hearing because it is coming from you.

When you internalize this belief, you can freely speak your mind, in the moment - without going into your head to search for topics.

You can something happening in live and you talk about it.

A related topic might pop up in your head and you straight up start talking about it because you believe it is interesting.

And once you get to trust yourself in this way, whatever topics you decide to talk about with a girl will come across as you literally vomiting gold bars.

The same way you will tend to listen to any topic a hot girl decides to talk about because it is coming from her.

Hope this has benefited greatly as I intended.

I'll love to read your thoughts below...

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