What To Talk About With A Girl You Like

If you’re wondering what to talk about with a girl you like, you’re not alone.

Most guys have this problem too.

So what I will do today is show you what to talk about, and how to never run out of things to say to a girl you like.

However, here are two things you should bear in mind first:


1. You’re already a talking expert:

The fear most guys have is that they will run out of things to say.

So they start looking for the right topics to talk about.

But the truth is that you don’t need to have a bunch of topics planned out to talk about.

You can’t run out of things to say because you are already a talking expert.

You’ve been speaking for more than 20 years…

But the thing is, you think you’ll need to speak about the most elevated things in order to hold her attention.

What you need to do is…


2. Lower the bar for what’s good enough to say:

When you’re with a girl you like, she could talk about the weather or cats or rockets or ants and you’ll still listen and be interested.

So for you, you need to lower the bar for what’s good enough to say.

You need trust that anything you say is valuable and good enough because it comes from you.

All you have to is relax and be in the moment. Then talk about whatever comes to mind on a moment by moment basis – without planning ahead.

The same way you interact with old friends and acquaintances.

Believe that anything you say is the most important thing that could ever be said and deserves to be heard.

When you do this, something interesting happens, you’ll see that girls will become interested in what you have to say – because you trust and believe in what you have to say.


Some topics to talk about with a girl you like:

#1. Her hobbies:

When I meet a new girl, I screen her to find out she’s the type of person I’ll like.

Maybe she’s hot, yes, I like hot girls, but that’s not good enough.

What good is an attractive girl if she’s as boring as a slab of concrete?

I usually ask, “How do you spend most of your time?” or “What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working”

This gets her to talk about her hobbies.

And you can talk about yours too if you like. Or bring up other related topics as you go along.


2. Her highest aspirations:

As I said earlier, I’m trying to find out the type of person she is – as quickly as possible.

So I am screening her to find this out.

So I ask, “What is your highest aspiration?” or “Let’s say you’re a 100 years old and on your deathbed, what would look back on an be most proud of?”

You’ll see that a lot of girls will appreciate your asking them these because it cuts to the core of what they’re about.

Sometimes I clarify it with, “Let’s say you have all the money you could ever need, and money is no longer an issue in your life, what would you enjoy doing?”

You’ll see a lot of girls become extremely open to you because they feel like you already know them on a level most people will never do.


3. Books both of you have read:

I am a book person.

I love to read.

So I love to hear about books people have read, what they are about and how much they enjoyed them.

As you can see from the type of things I choose to talk about with a girl I like I am 100% being myself. I am exploring topics I genuinely feel for, not topics some guy recommended on the internet.

So what I want you do also is to be yourself and talk about things that interest you. Things you want to talk about or find out about a girl.

If you love biking, feel free to talk about biking.

If you love weed, talk about weed.

If music is your thing then feel free to talk about it if you want.


4. Current events:

If it strikes you to talk about current events, then bring up whatever topics that please you.

On this, I’m sure there are a ton of things you can speak of.

But do stay away from politics.


5. Other things you can talk about:

  • Places both of you have traveled to
  • Your favorite foods.
  • Childhood memories
  • Etc

Remember, the most important thing is that you talk about what you want to talk about.

If she starts talking about things you find boring or don’t like, simply cut it off and bring up another topic.


What not to talk about:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Disgusting stuff
  • Overly logical stuff

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