Top 5 Signs She is Not Interested in You (and What To Do About It)

When a girl is not interested, she will show many signs to pass this across.

Unfortunately, for some guys, you'll need to hit them over the head with these signs before they can get the hint.

I was once like this too.

Well, never worry, because today, I am going to reveal to you the signs that show - in no uncertain terms that she's not interested.

Top 5 Signs She's Not Interested in You:

  1. Doesn't hold eye contact:

    Eye contact is a huge sign of interested from a girl.

    A girl who doesn't like you or find you attractive — for whatever reasonwill avoid eye contact at all costs.

    The first time your eyes meet, instead of looking down to the floor and back up again — a sing of submissiveness and invitation — she will look away to the side and not re-establish eye contact again.

    If you are face to face talking with her, she might place her gaze on her phone, or stare at something taking place in your immediate environment.

    Or just plain look to the side and stare at nothing - a blatant sign of disinterest.

    Sometimes however, a girl who likes, but is shy will avoid eye-contact. So use this in combination of the other cues below to make a good read of the situation.

  2. Declines your invitations for dates — without offering alternative dates:

    Everyone is busy.

    So much is going in people's lives.

    And it is unreasonable to expect that every girl will drop everything they are doing to to come and hand out with you whenever you invite them out.

    However, usually, when you invite an interested girl out and it's bad timing for her, she's going to be like: 

    "Please not Thursday night", "How is your Sunday evening?"

    Thing is, she'll try to show that it's not an outright rejection, but was due to the timing.

  3. She doesn't pick your calls or respond to your messages:

    This one is pretty clear and straightforward.

    When a girl is not interested she will ignore your efforts to reach her and keep in touch.

    They usually do this in order not to give you false hopes.

    A girl who is attracted to you will respond to your messages.

    And if you call her when she's unable to pick, she'll call back at her earliest convenience.

    So anytime a girl repeatedly ignores your attempts to get a hold of her, and doesn't return your calls, take the hint and leave her alone.

    There are many fishes in the sea, as they say.

  4. Refuses to hang out with you alone:

    Sure, on some occasions, when you meet a girl newly, depending on her age and comfort levels, she might want to come along with a friend on her first outing with you.

    But that's only OK for say the first couple of times — except you're going for a sly devil.

    However, if she actively tries to avoid spending time alone with you by bringing other people along, then that's a very clear sign that she isn't interested in anything romantic with you.

    Perhaps she just wants to be friends.

    Whatever. Being friend-zoned isn't the end of the world. You could turn it around — although difficult.

  5. She refuses to "invest":

    When a girl is interested in you one of the most important signs she'll show is "investing" in you.

    She'll spend her money and time to please you.

    She'll travel long distances to come and visit you. She might do chores for you or buy you stuff, etc.

    On the other a hand, a a clear sign that a girl isn't interested in you is an inability to "invest" in you.

    She will refuse to do anything that will entail the slightest inconvenience for her.

    Once she sees that something you want will cost her time or money, she'll refuse to be part of it.

What to do when a girl isn't interested: Nobody can get every girl he fancies.

No one.

So what to do when a girl isn't interested is take the rejection like a boss and move one with your life.

I can assure that no matter how cute and sexy you think she is today, tomorrow, you're going to meet a hotter, sexier cuter girl.

So improve yourself to become the best you can be in attracting women.

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