How To Attract Any Girl Guaranteed (The 6 Critical Things You Must Do)

Attracting any girl is easy - if you know exactly what to do.

The same way you have no option but to feel attraction for a hot supermodel stepping out of a swimming pool...

Girls also have no option but to feel attraction for you if you act in a certain way.

No matter your looks, car or finances.

Attraction is not a choice...

As men, we evolved to feel attraction for women based on their physical attributes.

Attributes that indicate youth and fertility, like firm breasts, supple skin, youthful hair, etc.

Ten times out of ten, when you see a girl that meets these criteria, you will feel attracted to her - without fail.

On the other hand, women evolved to feel attraction for men based on attributes that indicated strength and status.

Strength here doesn't mean just physical strength. But most especially emotional strength...

Things like confidencemotivation, resourcefulnesspersistence, dominance, stubbornness, leadership, etc.

These are all qualities that will ensure survival in a harsh, unforgiving ancestral environment. And even today.

And once you can communicate some of these girls will inevitably feel attraction for you.

They have no option in the matter...

Doesn't matter if you're bald, or short, or walk with a limp, or have a shitty car.

Maybe these might make her hesitant to introduce you to her friends, but she will sleep with you quickly. And continue doing so.

What to do to attract any girl:

  1. Be Authentic: You know how the usual dating advice from your mom, aunties and sisters is "be yourself"?

    On the surface it sounds very lame.

    Of course you're already yourself - or so you think...

    In reality, you are now a shadow of who you truly are. A shadow of who you are meant to be...

    Imagine you were a little kid on a playground with a girl you liked...

    Your actions will most likely be along the lines of throwing sand in her hair, pulling up her skirt and ignoring her to go play with the boys the instant she bores you.

    But who have you become now?

    A pussy! 

    Now you're a wimp who cares too much about what she'll think of you - about every little detail about yourself.

    You care too much about how other people perceive you.

    You no longer follow your joys.

    Now you put girls on a pedestal and see them as goddesses.

    Fvck all that.

    Deep down, you're a caveman.

    And with girls it's either your way or the highway.

    Wonder why assholes have an abundance of women? That why.

    To attract girls, you have to be yourself. You need to be yourself to the motherfvcking hilt. 

    Being yourself means walking away at the first signs of I don't like this.

    Being yourself means no longer hiding your sexual intentions towards a girl.

    Being yourself means letting go of friends who don't add value to your life.

    Being yourself means following your bliss. No matter what other people think.

    This is authenticity, and it's like a breath of fresh air to girls.

    They just can't help but feel attraction towards guys who "are themselves".

  2. Have full sexual intent: Attraction is short for "sexual attraction".

    It's not "platonic attraction", or "like attraction" or "pen pal attraction".

    At it's core about two people fvcking themselves like monkeys.

    So take the gloves off.

    Stop pretending it's otherwise because you can never tip-toe yourself into a woman pants.

    If you want her to feel sexual attraction for you, you have to go there first.

    You have to become horny first.

    You have to put your cards on the table first.

    This is because of the way women are wired...

    They are wired to follow our lead.

    So if you can't look at a girl and imagine her naked, with your cock in her mouth - without flinching - then you might have a hard time triggering sexual attraction in her.

    By having full sexual intent towards a girl, and having no shame about it. When you speak to her she will feel the heat.

    And that sexual tension is what makes girls massively attracted, horny and want fvck.

    If you are face-to-face talking with a girl you like and you don't have an erection, maybe you should find another girl.

    Accept your sexual nature and that of the girl. And do not be afraid to convey it.

    Because if you feel sexual attraction for a girl and have no shame or inhibition about it, then 95% of your job is done.

  3. Have the right body-language: To attract girls, your body-language is important.

    People can easily tell a lot about you just from the way you walk, speak and carry yourself.

    Walk like a champ - with a measured pace - and not in a hurry.

    Speak slowly and never rush what you have to say.

    Make direct, unflinching eye-contact and you will get girls wet in your presence.

    Smile too.

    I go into much more detail about attractive body-language here.

  4. Fall in love with the girl you want to attract: I know it sounds cheesy...

    ...but to attract and have sex with any girl - even for a one-night-stand, it's easier when you genuinely like the girl on some level.

    Naturally, we like people who like us.

    And a girl will find it easier to open up to you if she feels you genuinely like her.

    This is why I strictly go for girls I really really like.

    Because when I genuinely like a girl (even for a one-night-stand), all my actions are easy - because I'm coming from a genuine place.

    Love begets love...

  5. Dress well: A popular maxim goes thus: "Dress the way you want to be addressed".

    Generally, if you dress like a tramp, people will tend to treat you as such.

    You're a prince. So dress like a prince.

    You clothes cover over 80% of your body, so take great care in choosing what you're going to clothe yourself in.

    Dressing well shows that you have high-self esteem, value yourself and deserve respect.

    Now, i don't mean you should wear only expensive clothes.


    A lot of great clothing don't need to cost you a fortune. Just go for the reasonably priced brands that are good value for money.

    Iron them properly before you wear them and you're golden.

    Make sure they fit well and are not over-sized.

    It's easier for a girl to act on her attraction for you and even show you off to her friends if you dress well.

  6. Ask her out: As a man, it is your duty to initiate interactions and relationships with girls.

    Sure, sometimes, they'll be the ones to do so. However, it'll still fall on you to lead things forward.

    So after all is said and done, you have to make it concrete to her that you like her and want to meet her someplace else where it'll just be the two of you.

    This is where you ask her out.

    And if you've applied the points above, then this is the easiest part.

    She'll even be dying to go out with you.

    Don't worry about specific lines to use.

    Just tell her anything.

    Remember: you are the prince - so anything you say and however you say it is the perfect way.

    Just ask her to hangout, or play pool, or watch a movie (on your laptop - no cinema!), or have some drinks - whatever.

    She'll be open for anything you suggest because you suggested it.

    And when you guys do meet up, act like a man - like a lover.

    Touch her.

    Hug her.

    Make and hold eye-contact.

    Kiss her.

    Do all those things you feel like doing.

    It is your job to initiate them and hers to coyly resist - until she gives in.

    That's how to attract any girl gents.

    Let me know what you think below...

How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (Without Seeming Needy or Desperate)

How do you tell a girl you like her – without coming across as either desperate, needy or even a jerk?

I’ll tell you…

To do this, use an ancient storytelling technique to get your point across.

That is: show, don’t tell.

What this means is that, if you want to tell a girl you like her, just going up and going “hey, I like you” shouldn’t be high up on the list.

The age-old saying “actions speak louder than words” has never been more true than it is here.

Implying your interest in a girl through subtle messages, prompts and body language is much more effective than simply telling her out-right that you want to take things further.

Being too direct with a woman puts her in a position of responsibility; you’re putting her on the spot.

All this will do is lead you towards the dreaded friend-zone because it reeks of neediness and the fact you’re desperate for her approval.Instead, you want to make her feel something when taking things further is implied.

You want her to feel special in that moment because it will be an indication of what your future relationship might be like.

Be a Good Listener...

Listening to a girl is one of the best ways to demonstrate to a girl you like her.

A lot of times, girls want to vent about a particular issue or experience; they’re not asking you to solve their problems for them.

But, by listening to what she’s saying and occasionally interjecting with well-meaning advice, she’ll begin to see you as an asset to her life, and that’s what you want.

However, don’t just be a lapdog when she’s talking. If she’s being unreasonable, you need to gently let her know.

For example, if she’s ranting about a new guy at work’s lack of ability, say something along the lines of: “That’s fair enough, but maybe you’re being too hard on the guy? Give him a chance. He might learn.”

By just agreeing with her there’s no assertiveness or confidence being portrayed; two very important factors to keep present at all times.

Ask Her Out On A Date...

The difference between a potential partner and a friend-zoned guy is simple; the friend-zoned guy lacks the motivation to make his feelings known.

Asking a girl out on a date is making your intentions known with an air of assertiveness.

When you ask her out, you should keep your confidence high and neediness low.

Something like: “Hey Amy, how’s it going? Fancy going out one evening; have a good time and see how things go?

The worst that can happen is that we have a few drinks and a laugh. What do you think?”

Money Don’t Make Her World Go Round...

Casually paying the bill at a restaurant or bar is a move which lets a woman know you’re definitely interested.

Firstly, it shows that you’re investing more than just your time, you’re willing to put money down for her to enjoy herself.

The same is true for gifts, however, you run the risk of appearing desperate if it’s clearly something expensive.

The type of gifts you want to get her are very small, personal gifts which she’s expressed an interest in beforehand; something that shows you’ve been listening to her and understand her interests.

It doesn’t even have to be something you’ve bought of recent. It could be a book or movie from your collection.

Be Prepared For The Outcome...

There’s a very good chance she might reject you when you tell a girl you like her.

If this is the case, don’t freak out. Instead, keep it calm and collected.

Thank her for her honesty, then tell her that you hope things won’t be weird between the two of you.

In a lot of cases, this response can lead to good things.

If she sees you as a cool, level-headed person who is mature enough to handle rejection, that’s a definitely a tick in your favor.

There’s a huge possibility of her changing her mind in the future; people’s opinions change vastly over the years.

Also, if you two are still on good terms, she’s more likely to speak highly of you to her friends.

Remember, it’s important to make your intentions known but at the same time not appearing as needy.

Always refrain from appearing like a desperate lapdog who will bow to her every whim; that’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

The mind-set to keep in mind when putting the above methods into practice is that you will enrich her life by being a part of it.

How to Playfully Tease a Girl (and Make Her Chase and Seduce You)

Teasing a girl is easy once you understand the principle behind it.

And once you learn how to tease girls, they’ll be like putty in your hands because it drives them nuts (and makes them chase).

When you meet a new girl you like, typically, your actions consist of things that serve to draw her closer.

Actions that build rapport.In contrast, teasing consist of actions that playfully push her away.

Keyword: playfully.

Teasing drives women wild because it makes you a challenge.

You show yourself to not be another typical nice guy who will lick her shoes in order to win her over.

When you tease a girl correctly, her reaction is to chase YOU

...Because now she knows you’re a challenge and will need to put in some work to win you over.

Here are the different ways to playfully tease a girl:

  1. Busting her “balls”: Here you playfully give her a “hard time” about something she’s done or said.

    Or about any random something that concerns her.

    For example, she could tell you she’s from Alabama and you go, “Eew!”

    99% of the time she’ll be like “What? What? What?”

    And you being the sly devil you are will simply move on to another topic.

    Trust me, she’ll press you endlessly to know why you said that.

  2. Devalidation: This would be some form of negative compliment.

    But remember, the keywords here are: lighthearted and playful.

    So you are not going for an insult, but something that slightly knocks her off her perch…

    It could be telling her she has lipstick stains on her teeth (or some vegetable stuck in there).

    While you watch her vigorously struggle to wipe it off.

    Or telling her she’s the 4th person you’ve seen today wearing the exact same dress.

    And the most devastating form of this is called Push/Pull.

    With push/pull you give her a compliment or do something that validates her and makes her think she’s hot – then you “take it away” by saying or doing something else that devalidates her.

    If you can keep this up for a little while, she’ll literally rape you.It is that powerful.

  3. Disqualifying her or yourself: Try casually mentioning in a conversation with a girl that she’s not your type, and the results will surprise you.

    Her single-minded goal from that moment on will be to prove you wrong

    …She will pull out all the stops to seduce you.

    In the same vein, anytime you playfully tease a girl about her not being qualified to have you in some way, the effect is the same.

    You could disqualify her because of her age, or occupation, or where she lives, etc.

  4. Give her a playful nickname: Nothing mean here, but it can be a little annoying.

    They key is being playful when you call her that.

    You could call her a spoiled brat, princess, pumpkin, or whatever you deem fit.

  5. Accuse her of trying to seduce you: Tell her things like.

    “Oh, I’m not that easy, you have to wine and dine me first”

    “You girls are only after one thing. I’m not just a piece of meat you know”

    “You look like a rapist” (watch her laugh her ass off at this one).

  6. Mimic her: Mimic her pattern of speaking or her mannerisms and exaggerate it in a funny way.

    This will usually lead to her hitting you in mock protest.

    But secretly she'll love it, and use the opportunity to initiate physical contact with you.

16 Action-Packed Second Date Ideas She’ll Never Forget

A second date is a great opportunity for both of you to bond. Get to know each other better. And get more comfortable in each other’s coming company.

A second date is not a time for stupid “romantic dinners” – women hate that stuff!

Why you ask?

If you think meeting someone new is unsettling, trying having a formal dinner with them at the same time.

It very uncomfortable for the girls. And you can leave such activities for later in the relationship – when both of you are already comfortable with each other.


A second date should be action oriented…

The sort of activities girls enjoy the most on second dates are “action” packed.

Activities that get you guys moving through a place or places, discovering new stuff and maybe even gets your adrenaline pumping.

Don’t be another boring guy. Give her a good time.


Here are a list of 2nd date ideas…

  1. Shopping for YOU: Yes! You read that right. When women met a man they’re simply trying to get into his world. So if you have something you’ve already planned to go purchase, invite her along. You could even ask her input along the line and this will make her feel valued and appreciated. You will be greatly surprised what fun this will be for a girl on your second date. Caveat: it’s very important that this doesn’t turn into a shopping expedition for her. Be a man with balls and do your thing even if she tries to pressure you into buying stuff for her instead. You are not looking for a gold-digger girlfriend.
  2. Going to a Museum: Some years ago, for our second date, I took a girl, on a whim, to a museum – a war museum! At first she seemed not to like it. Then gradually, she started warming up to the things inside. By the time we were through she had crossed arms with me and had her head resting on my shoulder as we walked out of the museum. We even had sex for the first time that day. The main thing really is to enjoy whatever activity you are taking her to. Women almost always adjust themselves to the kind of guy they’re with. That’s why you should always be yourself with women.
  3. Swimming: If she’s open to it take her for a swim. Could be the beach or a pool. And a really cool thing about swimming is that you two get the chance for lots of physical contact when you’re both near naked. And if she’s not good at swimming – even better. Then you get to teach her a few things.
  4. Take her to play Pool: Personally, I’m usually out in the evenings playing pool, so it’s an activity I enjoy. What I usually do, even for first dates is to invite the girl to come play pool with me. Are you seeing a pattern here? Good. Take the girl to activities you enjoy. Your sense of enjoyment and fun will be transferred to her.
  5. Take Her to Quiz Night: One of the bars I frequent have a quiz night every Tuesday. It’s always very fun – with lots of people competing against each other in groups of 6 max. Depending on the girl – I have a thing for smart girls – I invite her out to this bar for quiz night. I’ve never had a girl come who didn’t enjoy it.

    Other excellent second date ideas include:

  6. Bowling
  7. Karaoke
  8. Go kart racing
  9. Sky diving
  10. Go to the zoo
  11. Cook dinner together
  12. Volunteer at a shelter to walk a dog
  13. Take her to an amusement park
  14. Attend a sporting event
  15. Explore a new area in your city


How Often Should You Text a Girl (to Not Seem Desperate)?

If you’re wondering how often you should text a girl, you’re not alone.

There is no one-size-fits-all rule for this. However, the main thing is to not appear needy and desperate.

you can text as often as you want depending on the situation.

Let’s say a girl is on her way to your house, but some Internet dating guru (idiot) told you to wait for five hours each time before you respond to a girl.

Now if she texts you to ask for directions are you going to wait for five hours?

How often you text a girl should be on a case by case basis.

Some girls already like you very much, are very responsive and are almost 90% open to meeting you as soon as possible.

For these kinds of girls it is best to keep the communication going as soon as you can – and keep it going until you guys meet up.

Some girls on the other hand want to subconsciously test you first for neediness and any signs of being clingy.

Maybe she’s really busy and not ready to meet up anytime soon. Also could be that she hasn’t made up her mind about you yet.

Whatever it is, just match her pace. Or be slower than it.

Girls are crazy,  sometimes a girl who has been acting on interested just contact you I’ll talk to you I want to meet. Why do they do this because now there’s an opening for you.

I’ll give you an example. About two months ago I met a girl at the mall. I took her number and told her I will call her the next day – which I did.

I called her early in the afternoon and we agreed to meet up in the evening. Then when I called her in the evening she refused to pick my call.

I didn’t sweat it. I just understood that for some reason it was not possible for her to come and see me that evening.

Maybe she didn’t like me enough, maybe she had a boyfriend who wanted to see her.

Maybe she had some work to do.

So two weeks later I can I am as she picks up we speak a bit and then I tell her I’ll see her in the evening.

Again she agreed but when evening came she still didn’t pick my call.

So I just said to myself I’ve already tried twice, and if she doesn’t want to come that’s OK.

Just yesterday, out of nowhere she calls me up in the morning And playful he accused me of having forgotten her. I said no I haven’t, I am having a busy day I would get back to her later in the day.

Of course I had no plans of doing that because she had already flaked on me twice.

So far so to around 11 PM she calls me up again and asks why I didn’t call her. Again, I told her I had a busy day and would call her the next day.

So after a little back-and-forth I ended the call. At this point I was already in bed and was about to sleep off.

Then I asked myself, why would a girl who wanted to meet you call you by 11 PM? Of course because she wanted to come at that very moment.

So I called her back and asked her to come over to my place and she did.

Now this was a girl who was barely interested in talking to me earlier. She also flaked on me twice.

So my point is that the girl might just have her hands full at that point in time – with juggling boyfriends, jobs, family affairs or her studies.

You’d never really know. That’s why my advice is to match her pace in this case.


Some Important Don’ts:

  1. Don’t write “speeches”. Sometimes, the temptation might be high to write and write and write – especially when she’s responding favorably. But don’t do this. Create a little mystery by not giving it all away too soon. Reserve the longer topics and talking points to when two meet face-to-face and are bonding. Walls of text are a turn off for most girls.
  2. Don’t try to “get to know her” over text. Keep the questions to a minimum. Your eye should always be on the goal of getting her to come out and meet you.

How to Talk to Girls Online (and Make Them Go on a Date with You)

There are lots of online dating apps and websites out there right now.

But unless you know the right way to talk to girls online, you won’t get any dates no matter how many girls you talk to.

So what’s the right way to talk to girls online? 

Keep reading…

First, have a good profile...

To keep a girls attention online you’ll need a good profile that “sells” you in a positive light.

Of course you’ll need to be well dressed in your photos.

Then these pictures need to have good backgrounds – preferably cool, fun places, outdoors or some objects inside your house that could be the topic of a conversation. 

Additionally, we humans are social beings, and because of this, we want to associate with people who others already associate with. 

We want to be friends with people who others already like.

So one of the most “attractive” pictures you can have in your profile will be those of you and others. It could be you and a handful full of friends having fun, or of you taking part in some group activity.

It’s even better when you have pictures of you with other girls in there.

Talk to her the right way...

There are basically three steps to any online conversation with a girl.

They are:

Step #1: Starting the Conversation 
The best way to start a conversation is in a funny, interesting, unusual way – something she’s not used to, and something that catches her attention. Here are three suggestions:

  1. Joke about her name. For example, if her name is Jill, you might say: “Hi Jill, can I be your Jack?” followed by an emoji of a hill and/or a pail of water.

    If she has a good sense of humor, she’ll get the joke… if she doesn’t, then you probably don’t want to spend time with her anyway.

  2. Joke about her profile picture. For example, if she’s wearing an animal print dress, you can tell her: “That tiger must have put up one hell of a fight. It’s nice by the way.”

    Again, if she gets the joke, then you’ve successfully started a conversation with her.

  3. Talk about something on her profile description. Basically when you craft a customized greeting, she’ll be more interested in you… simply because too many guys out there just “copy and paste” their opening greetings to women.

Afterward, you can give her a genuine compliment – and once she responds positively, you can move to the next step.

Step #2: Have a Good Conversation.
You’ll want your conversations with girls online to be different from the conversations they have with all the other boring guys.

You’ll want the girls to remember you, and look for you when they feel like chatting, instead of the thousands of other guys she’s already met on the Internet.

You can do this by:

  • Being funny
  • Being interesting (having fun things going on in your life aside from online dating)
  • Being smart – such as by making educated guesses about what she’s like (e.g. “I bet you were a loner in school.”) One correct guess, and she’ll be thinking about you for a while.

I go really indepth about how to talk to girls and never run out of things to say here.

And once she’s having a good time chatting with you, move on to Step #3:

Step #3: Make Plans for a Date.
Of course you’re not talking to her for “talking sake”. You want to meet here and possibly date or have sex with her.

So at this point you make plans to meet up.

Don’t wait for her to bring it up because she most likely won’t.

You’re the man and it’s your job to make things happen.

So once you guys have some rapport going invite her out for a meet. You don’t want to become another online chat buddy.

Questions to Ask a Girl You Just Met (and Make Her Yours)

Looking for questions to ask a girl you just met?

Keeping reading…

In this short guide I’m going to tell you exactly what to say when meeting new women.

Picture this: You’re out at a bar or club and you’ve just worked up the nerve to approach a girl.

You’ve gotten through your opener, she hasn’t rejected you or run off yet. And is actually interested in talking you.

But here’s the problem…

You have no idea what to say or what questions to ask her.

Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think, and with the following tips, you’ll do better than 90% of guys out there.

First, here are some basic rules for talking to women

You want to do what I call the “Run-down”

This is where you find out as much as you can about her.

The reason why you want to do this is because the more you know, the more you can tailor your seduction attempts to fit her.

A good idea is to pretend you’re a CIA officer.

Imagine you’re interrogating someone who could be a member of a terrorist cell, and you need to find out critical information.

You want to be cool, calm and collected and not too forceful or pushy.

But at the same time you need to find out certain things about her.

The psychology behind this is the more she tells you about herself, the more she feels she knows you, and the greater chance you have of picking her up.

And what you really want to do is get her to talk emotionally, to emote.

Because this is what creates a deep bond and allows her to connect with you emotionally.

So listen carefully about the way she talks about various topics.

When she becomes emotional you know you’ve struck gold and should continue exploring the topic.

And that’s the point

You see, it’s not really about the specific questions, or the exact content of the questions, but about the psychology behind those questions.

Another thing you need to do is limit what you tell her.

You need to be a little mysterious, don’t tell her everything about yourself.

Instead, lay back and relax and let her do the talking.

You do the listening.

This works because no one listens, everyone wants to talk the whole time, and most people are desperate to be heard.

So if you’re a person who actually listens (And really listens) you’ll stand out from every other guy out there.

Remember, you want to find out as much information about her as you can, and then feed it back to her and use it in your seduction.

So what type of questions should you ask her?

Here’s where we get to specific questions…

Start off by asking her trivial questions, like who she’s there with and what she’s drinking.

Then move onto things like her relationships and what she wants out of life.

You can talk about her job, her friends, hopes and dreams and also ask about her long term relationships plans.

Then you can move onto more intimate questions like her relationship with her parents and most importantly, her relationship with her father.

You see, if she has a bad relationship with her father, then she’s going to be more open to have a one night stand with you.

It’s sad, but in my experience, women who have a bad relationship with their father are usually far more open to quick, easy hookups.

The reverse is also true, and if you’re looking for a stable, long term relationship, then go for girls who have a stable relationships with their parents.

Bottom line, you want to find commonalities between you and her, and get her to talk emotionally.

Another thing you can do is ask about her beliefs about God and politics.

Doing this will make you seem deep and intelligent, as if you’re a guy who thinks about more than just superficial and trivial things.

And when you’re doing this, don’t agree about everything.

If she believes in something, sometimes say you believe the opposite and vice versa.

These tips will help you get started when coming up with questions to ask a girl you just met.

But if you’re still struggling, here are a couple of sample questions you can memorize

  • Who did you come here with tonight?
  • What are you drinking and what do you like about that drink?
  • Who is your best friend and why are you guys still friends after all these years?
  • Where do you work, is your job fun, do you enjoy it?
  • Do you have any brothers or sisters, tell me about them?
  • What are your parents like?

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to talk to any girl, for as long as it takes to get her into bed.

What to Never Text a Girl You Just Met (Plus What to Text Her)

So, you’ve met a girl. Maybe you met her online, or at a bar the night before.

You’ve played it cool and managed to get her number. You’re about to send that crucial first text message when your brain freezes up and you panic.

You realize that you have no idea what to say.  

Ask ourselves; why are we texting this girl?

What’s our aim here?

There’s probably a hundred different answers, but all of them can be condensed down to:

You like this girl, and we want to let her know that we’re interested.

That’s it. Simple.

Maybe you just want to take her out for a few drink and see what happens.

Maybe you believe she could be your future partner, or maybe you just want to escalate the connection between you both.

Texting is a fundamental catalyst to any of these outcomes, which is why it’s important that we get it right.

When it comes to that crucial first text message, what you don’t say is actually more important than what you do.

There are no ‘hard rules’, but there are certain things to not do.


Don’t Be A Bore

First, we have to remember that the girl we’re texting has probably received millions of texts from guys in the past. So what we want to do is stand out from the crowd, appear confident, and get her attention all at once.

What this means is that, we must avoid all manner of boring conversation.

That means NONE of the following: ‘Hi, how are you?’, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ or ‘You okay?’, or any variation of these types of messages.

She doesn’t want to hear it. That isn’t going to do anything for her.

Instead, try something like:

Hey Kate, it’s Joe, the sexy man from last night?  Let me know if you want to chat”

Straight away you’ve established who you are, you’ve acknowledged her and you’ve done it with a dose of humor.


That’s much more memorable than ‘hey how’s it going?’


Short And Sweet

Secondly, it’s important to remember that women are attracted to guys who are naturally confident and masculine; two attributes which can be implied during texting.

Never use overly-feminine words or abbreviations like ‘gr8’ or ‘OMG’. Leave that to her!

Keep your messages as succinct as possible and don’t send her pages and pages of text.

Confidence is portrayed in short messages as it suggests you know exactly what you want to say and nothing more.

Remember to always appear interested in what she says, maintain an enthusiastic tone and keep the emojis to a minimum.

Absolutely, last night was amazing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. How did you find it?”


Don’t Overwhelm Her

Ever heard a girl say she loves guys who are needy and possessive?

Me neither.

These are two of the biggest turn offs possible, and avoiding coming across as either of them is vital in your initial messages.

Both neediness and possessiveness imply desperation, which is basically the opposite of confidence.

Guys can come across desperate when they overload her with text messages without giving her reasonable time to reply.

If she hasn’t replied within an hour, maybe she’s busy. Don’t immediately assume she’s ignoring you and send her another message.

Major turn off. 

A hotly-debated topic regarding texting women is the timing of messages and the periods between replying.

I’ll tell you right now: these aren’t important. 

It’s perfectly fine to text her first thing in the morning or reply to her messages within a few minutes of her sending them.

This does not come across as needy. In fact, it shows confidence. What’s important is the content of the message, not the time of the message.


A Means To An End

Chances are, if you’re texting this girl, you’d like to take things further.

Text messages are simply a means to meet up with a girl; it’s not the basis of your relationship with her.

What this means is that texting shouldn’t be used as a ‘get to know you’ device.

The real talking should be kept for when you meet up.

The last thing you want is to have talked about everything already via text and then ran out of things to say in the flesh!

Of course, you don’t want to jump in too soon with the ‘wanna go out with me sometime?’ question, so instead just imply it in your messages.

Intrigue is a big turn on for women, so keep it vague.

“Just got some brand new alloy wheels put on my car. I’ll make sure to bring it round yours sometime!”

You into rock music by any chance? Only asking ‘cause I’ve got a spare ticket for some concert next week.”

Texting has quickly become a crucial step to master in the dating world. It’s not going anywhere, so we need to get used to it.

At the same time we should remember that it’s not life or death, it’s simply just trying to get yourself across in the best light possible.

Written communication has always been a tricky subject because we’re relying only on our words; we aren’t able to convey our points with body language or non-verbal cues.

However, with a little bit of guidance we can make sure our text game is on point. 

How To Get A Girl Naked For The First Time (Without Rejection)

There's a beautiful girl alone with you in your room...

She's fully clothed...

And you'll love to get her naked and have sex with her...

How do you get her to take her clothes off and have enthusiastic sex with you - without being rejected?

I'll show you...

Getting a girl naked for the first time is tricky.

90% of the time you will encounter some token resistance or hesitation on her part - which is normal.

It is your job as the man to make her comfortable enough to want to continue and have sex.

And this is what I'll show you below.

How to get a girl naked for the first time and make her have sex:

  1. ​Get Her Comfortable: For a girl, getting naked with a guy for the first time is always a big deal.

    She doesn't want to seem loose and be judged a slut.

    She's self-conscious about her body and is worried about what you'll think.

    And, in this age, even though we have birth control pills and contraceptives, instinctively she still gets warnings about the dangers of sex...

    You could get her pregnant and abandon her.

    And she might even get an STD.

    So your first task is to make her feel comfortable.

    You need to let her know you're the non-judgmental kind of guy who knows is normal for women to give in to their natural desires.

    In your dictionary no girl should ever be a slut.

    Also, let her know you find her hot and attractive so that she stops dwelling on any insecurities she might have about her body.

    You need to make her feel comfortable and confident. And the best way to do this is via sexual compliments.

    Finally, on a level, even it's superficial, you have to show her that you care about her.

    She needs to feel that you won't throw her under a bus at the first chance you get.

    And one of the easiest and most powerful ways to show a woman you care is to listen to her.

    If you can get a girl comfortable with you, then 90% of your job here is done.

  2. Get Her To a Private "Sex Location": Except both of you are crazy, you're not going to have sex in a restaurant, stadium or a bus.

    The most likely place is your room or hers. Or some other secluded place where you two have privacy.

    If you want to get a girl naked, you have to take her to a place where she won't feel judged doing it.

    If there are others there, even her close friends, it's not going to happen.

    Girls guard their reputation with everything they've got.

    And if you want her to be free enough to take her clothes off and get sexual, then privacy is a must.

  3. Get Her Aroused With Her Clothes Still On: Once you are both in a private location where sex can happen.

    Don't rush to take her clothes off, all at once.

    Make out with her, heavily, with her clothes still on. And if you're lucky, she'll be the first to start tugging at your clothes to pull them off.

    When this happens, getting her naked is pretty easy.

    At other times you'll be the one to initiate this.

    So first squeeze, caress and knead her breasts through her clothes.

    ...when she's very aroused...

    Slip your hand underneath and continue playing with her breasts.

    Then lift her top enough to expose her nipples and start sucking them.

    At this point she usually loses it would let you take off her top completely without any resistance.

    If she stops you from removing her top...

    Don't make any attempt to force it. Leave the top where it as and continue playing with her breasts plus kissing and caressing her all over.

    Then try to remove her top again after a few minutes. If you've already gone this far, it's almost inevitable at this point, after a few tries, she'll usually let you take it off.

    Once her top is off, don't rush to get her completely naked immediately.

    Remove your top as well then simply continue making out heavily, but now start grinding her, rubbing your hand over her pussy, grabbing her ass and smooching her thighs, etc.

    It'll almost be as if you guys are already having sex but with your clothes still on. 

    After a little while of this try to remove her trousers and if she resists, roll off and continue with the heavy make out, then try again in a few minutes...

    Before you know it, you'll have her completely naked.

    And at this point, if you don't know what to do next, don't worry, I'll be glad to help...just bring her to my apartment 😀

13 Sure Signs She Wants You To Make a Move.

When a girl wants you to make a move, she will show you a lot of signs.

It's left for you to pickup on them and act.

The most she will do, 99% of the time, is show you, through her behavior that she's available.

And it is left for you to take action and make things happen.

I didn't make the rules. Making things happen is part of your role as the male.

Here are the signs she wants you to make a move:

  1. Eye-Contact: As I always say, eye contact is at the heart of attraction.

    On of the most important signs a girl who wants you to make a move will show is making direct eye contact with you.

    Trust me, if a girl isn't interested in you, she will go out of her way to not make eye contact with you.

  2. Proximity: A girl who wants you to make a move she will find ways to come close to where you are.

    You might be shopping in a supermarket and she'll "magically" appear beside you to browse the same isle.

    She does this to give you an opportunity to talk to her.

    You might be in a coffee shop and she'll move from where she is to come sit closer to you.

    Or she might walk in, see you, and come to sit around you.

    A lot of times, when a girl comes close to you, it's not by accident.

    I can remember during my freshman year, we had these common course with the Electrical Electronics engineering department.

    And there was this cute girl in the department that I had a massive crush on.

    I didn't have the balls to approach her. And had never spoken to her.

    But in a single week, she approached me twice to ask me for the time!

    Two times in a single week!

    I don't "signs" can get more blatant than that - besides her clubbing me over the head and dragging me back to her cave...

    Well, I wish I could tell you I was the man and took the hint and made things happen.

    But alas, I was a pussy then and let the opportunity slip.

    But there's a lesson here...

    You know those kind of girls you see and you fall in love the first minute, she was that kind of girl for me.

    Every guy has his type...

    The first second I saw her I fell in love.

    Smart, simple and deeply feminine.

    And when she smiles, it's like the sun shinning through the firmaments...

    I felt this way about her, BUT I thought she was out of my league.

    The lesson here is that most of the girls you like already like you. And Will like you!

    Stop selling yourself short. You're also her type!

  3. Invading Your Personal Space: In a country I traveled to sometime, I had this Indian friend who would come really close (a few inches from your face) when he speaks to you.

    If I take a step back he'll move closer...

    Of course this made me uncomfortable because he was invading my personal space.

    We all have a certain radius that is someone violated will trigger discomfort in us (our arousal if it's a cute girl you like).

    When a girl wants you to make a move, one of the signs she will show will be invading your personal space - constantly.

    Also, when you invade hers she'll be very cool with it and won't react negatively.

  4. She asks about your plans for later: This is a great sign.

    Means she wants to know if you're free later, so you guys can hangout.

    It's left for you to add two and two together and understand what's going on.

    And as I always say, it's your job to make things happen.

    The most she'll do is show you these "signs". It's left for you to "decode" them and take action.

  5. She tries to know more about you: Even when a girl is curious about a guy, but isn't attracted she will usually not ask him anything...

    ...because she doesn't want to lead him on.

    The more you get to know women, you will see that one of the earliest signs she she shows when she becomes attracted is asking you about you.

    "What's your name" 

    "Where are you from"

    "Blah blah blah..."

    The questions themselves are not important. What matters is the "sign"...

    ...She's attracted and wants you to make a move and move things forward.

  6. She touches you a lot: Girls don't touch people by accident.

    Especially not repeatedly.

    One of the more obvious signs a girl wants you to make a move is touching you.

    It could be just walking really close to you so that your arms and shoulders are touching.

    Or she could reach out and hold your hand while you guys walking (or link arms with you).

    It could be her playfully hitting you when you tease her or same something mildly outrageous.

    The thing is, she'll go out her way to touch you - most times for no reason.

  7. She smiles at you: Smiling is an "invitation".

    When a girl wants you to make a move, she'll smile at you a lot.

    If you look across the room and catch her eye, she'll smile before looking away.

    And if you guys are engaged in conversation, she'll be all smiles.

    Smiling says: "I'm open and receptive".

  8. She responds positively to physical contact from you: Ten times out of ten, if you touch a girl who isn't interested in you she's going to move away from the touch.

    Even, girls who are already attracted to you might move away from your touch in the early stages.

    So a sure sign that a girl likes you, and wants you to take things further is if she's receptive to physical contact from you.

    Could be a touch on the shoulder, taking her hand, putting your hand on the small of her back or even sitting on your lap.

    If she lets these happen, then know for sure that she wants you to make a move.

  9. She tells you about her free schedule: Why do you think a girl will tell you about her free schedule?

    So that you will ask her out!

    Girls don't just volunteer this sort of info to random dudes.

    Remember, because she's a girl, and because of how she's "wired", the most she can do to assist you is drop hints.

    And on the scale of signs, this is a solid 10/10.

    So be the man you're meant to be and suggest a meetup.

  10. She keeps in touch: Maybe you met at some event or night out and exchanged numbers.

    And since then she regularly calls to keep in touch and check up on you.

    Take the hint...

    She likes you and wants you to make a move.

  11. She gets comfortable in private with you: Women are generally apprehensive of men.

    And instinctively they know it's dangerous to be in a private location with a man they don't like and trust.

    She could get raped or even killed.

    So if a girl comes to your house, alone, relaxes and makes herself comfortable with you, that should tell you a lot.

    It doesn't mean she's ready to have sex with you that instant.

    But if you play your cards right, it could happen same day, in a few days or in couple of weeks. 

  12. She spends time and money to do stuff for you (Investment):

    When a girl likes you, she will "invest".

    She will travel long distances to come and see you.

    She will spend money to buy you stuff.

    Or cook for you, etc.

    When a girl goes out of her way to do stuff for you, take the hint and make a move.

  13. She gets sexual or raises sexual topics when you talk:

    Well, if a girl gets sexual with you, you don't need to be reading this article.

    You don't need anyone to give you any tips because "it's ON"...

    A related thing a girl who wants you to make a move will do is raise sexual topics with you.

    Finally, a lot of times, a girl who likes you and wants you to make a move will show you no sign.

    So always take the initiative.

    If you see a girl you like, approach her. Because that is the only to confirm.

    I hope you benefited from this article as I intended.

    Let me know you thoughts below...