How To Make A Girl Want You (Enough To Have Sex)

So you’ve set your sights on this beautiful girl.

She’s hot, looks content with her life, and seems to not need anyone.

How do you make her want you?

I’ll tell you…


Here Are The 7 Ways To Make a Girl Want You:

#1. Be Confident:

Women love confident men.

Confidence is the most attractive attribute a man can have.

Show boldness in your actions. When you see her, walk over confidently and introduce yourself.

Speak your mind freely without censoring yourself.

Confidence shows that you’re an alpha male, and women have been programmed by evolution to want alpha males.

…The same way you’ve been programmed to become automatically attracted to hot girls.

She can’t help but want you if you’re comfortable in your own skin and do as you please.


#2. Beat her “Congruence Tests”:

Anytime you meet a girl, she secretly tests you, to determine if you’re an alpha or beta male.

And before a girl can want you fully, you need to beat her congruence tests (also called shit tests).

These come in several different forms.

It could be:

  • Being rude to you
  • Ignoring you
  • Saying something offensive to you.
  • Mocking you: “you’re fat”, “you’re short”, etc
  • Trying to make you jealous
  • Asking you to do stuff: like “buy me a drink”, “hold my purse”, etc

The way to beat shit tests is to be unreactive to them.

Don’t get angry or act hurt.

Just ignore or “agree and amplify” by exaggerating them.

But note that the key is to not emotionally react to them.

Whenever you interact with girls, there will be several shit tests, and the more you beat them, the higher her attraction level will get – all the way to sex.


#3. Use Social-Proof & Preselection:

Girls want a guy who is already successful with other women.

And there’s a scientific, evolutionary reason for this, it’s called mate choice copying.

When a girl sees you with another girl, or with other girls, it’s a form of endorsement.

This is the reason why men get hit on more frequently when they have a wedding ring on.

It also happens when you get into a committed relationship, because you tend to put out the “I’m taken” vibe.

Women can sense this and want to snatch you.

So if you can make it appear as if other women are interested in you, then you can make this girl you like want you.

Embed in your conversation, your interaction with other girls (real or imagined).

Let her see pictures of you with other girls.

Introduce her to your female friends.

Invite her out with a couple of other girls, etc.


#4. Use “Man-to-Woman Communication”:

In other words, sexual communication.

If you want a girl to want you (sexually), then you must not communicate with her in a “friend-to-friend” manner.

The basis of attraction is sexuality, so you need to infuse your interaction with it.

And the easiest way to do this is to be thinking about having sex with her when you’re speaking with her.

Talk her hand in your palm for no reason and play with it.

Gaze deeply into her eyes.

Reach out and check out her jewelry.

The key here is be thinking about having sex with her and yet be relaxed about it.

If you can do this then the right body language and sub-communication will come out.

This works because whatever you feel, the girl will feel – through her mirror neurons.


#5. Groom Well:

Dress how you want to be addressed, goes the popular saying.

The way you dress reflects your self-image.

High self-esteem people groom themselves well. And dressing well also boosts your self-esteem.

People, including girls, are attracted to high self-esteem people.


#6. Make Her Jealous:

Yes, make her jealous.

Jealousy triggers a sense of loss in a woman. It makes her want to grab you before it’s too late.

Perhaps she’s still trying to make up her mind. Or have decided but is still playing hard to get.

By showing her there’s some competition, you’ll see how fast she’ll become more responsive to your advances.

Trigger her jealousy by speaking with other girls in the venue: class,  gym, bar or wherever.

It could even be a picture.

Doesn’t matter.

The goal is to trigger a sense of impending loss.


#7. Lead & Be Dominant:

Girls want guys who are leaders.

And by a leader, you don’t need to become the president of the United States – just take charge and be dominant.

I’m sure you’re heard girls the love a “take charge” kind of guy…

Lead by suggesting places you guys should hang out.

Lead by suggesting activities you guys should go check out.

Down to the little details of where to sit when you guys go into a bar.

Girls mostly don’t want to make certain types of decisions, so be a leader and handle those things.


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