How To Make a Girl Jealous (So She Wants You More)

Making a girl slightly jealous is a great way to make her more into you.

A jealous girl will dive in to “grab” you before she loses you to another girl.

A jealous wife or girlfriend will behave better and have sex with you more – in a bid to prove her value to you.

Using jealousy, wisely, keeps your girl on her toes by reminding her that she can potentially be replaced if she isn’t on her best behaviour.

Caveat: Before you try to make a girl you’re dating jealous, be sure to know she’s not the extremely crazy type.

A friend’s bipolar girlfriend ripped all the clothes in his wardrobe with a scissors, after she saw a female hair ornament in his apartment.

Turns out it belonged to his sister.

Of course, he dumped her.

I’ve heard of women thrashing their man’s car and belongings. Some even going as far as bodily harm.

So don’t use the nuclear options.


Here are the 8 ways to make a girl jealous:

1. Preselection:

Preselection is very potent stuff.

Women have been programmed by evolution to want to snatch a man who appears to be successful with other women.

Scientists call this mate-choice copying.

The same way evolution has programmed you to become automatically attracted to a voluptuous pair of Double D breasts – because it represents fertility.

Seeing a man with other women represents a form of “endorsement”.

It signals to a woman’s brain that they must have screened you and found you to possess alpha male or great provider characteristics.

Seeing that you’ve been preselected by other women is an attraction trigger in women, and works irrespective of who you’re with – so long as they’re attractive.

So to make a girl jealous make her see you with other girls.

It could be you and your cousins, or platonic friends – doesn’t matter.

And she doesn’t even need to see you guys in person.

It could be a picture you post on social media, etc.

But let it appear that you guys are having fun in it.

Finally, you could even embed it in conversation…

You could casually mention your interactions with other girls, perhaps something that reminds you of your ex girlfriend, etc.


2. Talk to other girls in the venue:

If you’ve just met a girl and she’s playing hard to get, one of the quickest ways to break through to her is to talk to other girls at the  venue.

When she sees that she could lose you to another girl, her jealousy will kick in.

When you re-approach, she’ll be much more receptive.


3. Let her see you having fun without her:

If you break up with a girl, you can get her jealous by making her see you’ve moved on fine without her.

And I’m not even saying you should pretend to have moved on.

Genuinely move on.

If you guys have the same circle of friends then she’ll find out soon enough.

They always go out of their way to find out this sort of information.

You can also post pics to your social media accounts.

She’ll see them.

This is one of the things that make ex girlfriends want to come back.


5. Begin keeping late nights:

If you’re in a relationship and begin returning home later than usual, the alarm bells in your girls head will go off the charts – especially when you refuse to explain where you had been.

Meanwhile, you could go to some bar, alone or with your friends.


6. Put a lock on your phone:

Putting a password on your phone tends to imply that you’re hiding something.

Flirty conversations with other girls you’re seeing.

Nudes from other women.

Plans for new secret dates, etc.

She no longer has access to your phone, her jealousy alarms will go off.


7.  “Plant” a female item/accessory in your place:

You can place something as simple as an earring on a table, where it can easily be seen – but not in a position where it’s blatant that you’re trying to get a reaction out of her.

The perfect place will be on your bathroom sink or a table in your bedroom.

For other items, you can place them in other appropriate places.

Depending on how jealous you want to make her, you could bring out partly used K-Y jelly.

Or have used condoms in the toilet, or have her washed female panties in your bathroom.


8. The Nuclear Option: Sleep with her friends or acquaintances:

If you want to make a girl insanely crazy, then sleep with her friends, or some other people she knows.

And the funny thing is that some of the easiest girls to sleep with are the friends of someone you’re dating.

Remember what I said about preselection above…

Personally, some of the easiest sex I’ve ever had were with friends of girls I was dating.

I don’t suggest you do this, and don’t do it anymore with friends of girls I take seriously.

You can’t predict how irately jealous a girl can get from this.

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Antonija - November 10, 2018

If you sleep with my friends… I am not jealous, I fucking hate your guts. And there is hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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