7 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested (So She Doesn’t Leave You)

So you’ve gotten her attention.

And perhaps you’re even dating her.

How do you keep her interested enough so that she doesn’t leave you?

I’ll tell you…


Here are the 7 ways to keep a girl interested in you:

#1. Have Your Own Life, Independent of Her:

One of the biggest mistakes guys make once they get into a relationship or start seeing a girl is to lose their identity.

They abandon all those interesting, entertaining things they used to do in order to “be with their girl”.

Some guys even go as far as abandoning their goals, dreams and aspirations in order to support the girl’s.

I recently read the story of some guy who turned down a Google job offer to move across states and be with his girlfriend who recently got a new job…

Guess what?

She dumped him one week later.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend time with your woman, but do that while still being your own person.

Some guys abandon their friends entirely, and stop going to the social events and activities they used to frequent.

However, having a social life keeps you “socially fluid” and interesting.

Isolation makes you weird and socially stifled.

Abandoning your friends and staying in doesn’t happen by accident.

The girl usually instigates this, but subtly.

She does this because her evolutionary instincts guide her to protect her “investment”.

By causing you not to go out as much, she makes it more difficult for other girls to snatch you away from her.

Scientists call this a mate guarding behaviour.

The funny thing though is that if you let her succeed at this, she ends up finding you boring!

So if you don’t want to keep a girl interested in you, you have to maintain the same type of behaviour and social life that were part of the reason she liked you in the first place.

On another note, women love men who have a sense of direction. Men who are not easily derailed from their “path”.

Oh boy, and will she try to derail you!

Now bear in mind that she doesn’t do this out of malice, she’s merely trying to keep you from becoming too attractive to the opposite sex.

She might even, unconsciously, try to keep you from becoming too successful.

My dad might have authored several books, if he hadn’t listened to my mum as much when she would regularly implore him, earlier in their marriage, that he was working too hard.

Men mate guard too

There was this story if a man who his beautiful but grossly overweight wife seriously wanted to lose weight.

But the man subconsciously feared she would leave him if she slimmed down.

So he would “affectionately” buy her boxes of chocolate and would ask her to cook Italian cuisine, etc.

Despeite her best efforts, she was unable to achieve her goal because her husband was sabotaging her.

It was only after they went for counseling that they were able to get to the root of it, and she then went on to slim down.

Finally, if you let your woman derail you, then it’s your fault. Because, as a man, it is your duty to weather the storms of the world and remain on your path.


#2. Become Better in Bed:

A sexually satisfied girl is a happy girl.

And there are very few things that can keep a girl continuously interested as great sex.

Becoming great in bed isn’t difficult, however, you have to put in the effort to learn how to.

A girl’s body is different from yours and responds to arousal differently.

Because of this, you have to step of your own frame of reference and consider things from her perspective.

Plenty if foreplay, for example, is a must.

Learn about the g-spot.

Learn how to last longer in bed.

Talk dirty to her, cuddle after sex, etc.

And if you’re also sexually open-minded and non-judgemental, then she can’t help but stay interested…

It will be very difficult for her to find a replacement.

I know a girl who cheated on her boyfriend with her ex because he was good at oral, while her new totally boyfriend refused to do it. See?


#3. Workout And Be Fit:

Being fit and healthy gives you confidence and confidence are attractive as hell.

Being fit also gives you more energy.

More energy to get through your daily activities in a cheerful mood, more energy for better sex, etc.

Also lifting weights and having muscles is very masculine.

Girls love it when a guy has a nice muscle definition and a toned body.

You don’t need to become Hercules with 0% body-fat.

But workout often and eat sensibly.


#4. Remain social and have the potential option of other girls:

You shouldn’t be the only one dreading her losing interest and leaving.

You should keep her on her toes too.

She should also be worried about you losing interest and leaving.

A comfortable girl is a complacent girl.

And a complacent girl is a girl that will treat you like shit.

Seeing that you are social, have other female friends and the potential to replace her without feeling pain will keep her on her best behaviour.

In certain circles, it’s is called “Dread Game“, and you can us it to turn around a relationship in which the girl has lost interest in sex.


#5. Take a Genuine Interest In Her Life:

Everyone genuinely thinks they are the center of the universe – especially girls.

And people like those who genuinely like them.

And there’s no better way to show a girl you like her than by being interested in her life.

Now, don’t go overboard with this.

As I said earlier, don’t lose your way of life and adopt hers.

You don’t have to sit through hours of TV dramas that bore you to death if you don’t want to.

You could sit with her once in a while and feign a little interest.

Or at the least, don’t make fun of her.

If there are activities she enjoys, follow along once in a while.

Show an interest in her work life.

Be a good listener and listen to her plans and how her day went, etc.


6. Be a Source of Value to Her Life:

When you become the man you’re meant to be, the relationship between you and women will almost be like that between a girl and her father.

She wants you to be a source of strength and direction in her life.

She wants to be able to count on you should the situation arise.

She wants you to be smarter & wiser than her.

She wants you to help her make better decisions.

She wants you to be firm and decisive.

To a woman, this is the ultimate value a man can add to her life.

And when you are all these rolled into one, keeping her interested is easy.


#7. Eliminate Neediness:

Neediness is the most repulsive attribute a man can have.

It drives woman away more than most other negative attributes.

If you have a hole in your self-esteem, don’t use a girl’s attention/affections to fill it.

Find books and resources to help you overcome this or you’ll drive her away.

You can check out the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

Read “A New Earth” too, by a guy named Eckhart Tolle.

Google other self-help, self-esteem and “ego-reducing” content.


In conclusion, I hope you put these into practice to keep the girls you want interested in you.

Do share your thoughts with me below.

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