How To Stop Cumming Fast (7 Safe Methods That Work Quickly)

Are you tired of the embarrassment of cumming too fast?

If yes, then I can help you become the bedroom champ your woman desires.

Here Are The 7 Safe Methods To Stop Cumming Too Fast:

1. PC Muscle (or Kegel) Exercises: For me, this has been the most dependable long-term solution.

It has turned me into a multi-orgasmic man.

And if you do these exercises, you will gain the ability to last longer and have multiple orgasms too.

Something, normally, only women could do.

That is, you have an orgasm right now, and in the next 30 seconds you're banging her again - as if you hadn't cum.

Exercising your PC muscle will also help you have harder and fuller erections.

BTW, PC muscle is short for Pubococcygeus Muscle.

It is the muscle that controls urination, and that spasms when you ejaculate.

It is located on the floor of the pelvic cavity, between your anus and your balls.

In its untrained state, the PC muscle is weak and you have minor voluntary control over it.

Enough control to keep you from wetting yourself, but not enough to stop a powerful spasm like an orgasm.

PC Muscle exercises are very easy to do, they consist of clenching and unclenching the PC muscle a given number of times during the day.

You can do this while sitting or lying down. And no one can even tell that you're doing something.

Here's a comprehensive PC muscle exercise article. It includes diagrams and instructions.

Usually, you will start seeing results within 1 month.

Personally, I was able to control my ejaculation within 2 weeks - with the help of PC muscle exercises.

2. Take short breaks from Penetration: This is an effective method you can start using right away.

When you feel yourself getting closer to an orgasm, stopping your penis from getting stimulated will help you stave off cumming.

If you're in her thrusting, slow down or pull out completely.

If she's giving oral or a handjob, stop her.

When you take a break such as this, you don't have to stop all sexual activity.

You can use the opportunity to kiss, careless and fondle her. Give her head or just cuddle.

After a little while your arousal will wane a little, then you can continue with penetrative sex, or whatever you want.

Should you let her know you're trying to cum?

If you want to.

There's no shame in it.

You can even turn it into a compliment for the girl.

I usually just say, "Your pussy is so sweet; I'm trying so hard not to cum right now"

They always love this.

Sometimes, if it's with some fun/crazy girl, she'll then start thrusting and gyrating her hips to make you cum.

Fun times...

3. Change positions: Some positions make it easier for you to cum faster.

For me, that position is the modified doggy style where the girl lies flat on her stomach and I penetrate from behind.

It is also my favorite.

I'm sure you have yours.

What you need to do is switch to a different sex position once you feel yourself approaching orgasm.

You can switch to doggy, or have the girl get on top.

Just any other position that isn't as "sensitive" for you.

4. Masturbate Before Sex: I don't advise you do this often, because the "drive" you dissipate when you masturbate is the same you need to "perform".

So if you leak your "drive" by masturbating before sex, you might find it difficult to perform when the time comes for sex.

I only recommend this is if you haven't cum in a long time.

I find that I reach orgasm faster if I hadn't ejaculated in while.

And most guys last longer during the second round of sex.

So if there's a girl you're perhaps seeing for the first time, and you're over excited and anxious and don't want to "disappoint" her.

Then you can masturbate earlier in the day before you guys meet.

5. Use Special "Last Longer" Condoms: Indeed there are condoms specifically designed to make you last last longer in bed.

Some are thicker, while others have a numbing anesthetic to decrease the sensitivity of your penis.

Condoms labelled "Extra Safe", "Extra Strong" or "Extended Pleasure" are thicker.

Here's some condom thickness comparison...

  • Lifestyles Extra Strength: 0.9mm
  • Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive: 0.071 mm
  • Trojan Bare Skin: 0.045 mm

Also, some other condoms like Durex Performax Intense contain 5% benzocaine lubricant on the inside to numb your penis a bit so you don't cum fast.

6. Use Desensitizing Sprays, Creams and Gels: These class of products contain either benzocaine or Lidocaine as the numbing agents.

They make the penis less sensitive, in other words numb.

There are several products out there like the K-Y Duration Spray and Durex Play Longer.

7. Employ Extended Foreplay: Most women love foreplay more than actual penetration.

And only a miserly 25% of women can reach orgasm from penetrative sex.

A lot of them will tell you they prefer foreplay to last 20 minutes and penetration from say 5 - 10 minutes.

And what is our goal in all this?

To satisfy her of course!

So you can prolong your sex session with foreplay and also make her cum more - because she will be 10 times more aroused.

So, first use your tongue, fingers and even sex toys to get her engine revved up.

Your penis is only but one of the tools in your arsenal.

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Eli - October 19, 2018

You are truley a man of wisdom my kind sir

Ethan - November 25, 2018

So what if you put something on the tip of your dick to stop cumming faster? Would that work? What about wearing and extra condom? I cum fast and it’s embarrassing.

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