8 Ways To Meet More Girls in College Than You Can Handle

College is a cool, fun place, with tons of sexually available young girls.

But somehow you don’t seem to be getting some…

How do you turn your fortunes around and meet girls who actually want you?

I’ll tell you…

Here are the 8 ways to meet hot girls in college:

1. Dating Apps:

This is the easiest method and with the least social risk.

With a dating app, you’ll be connected to college girls who are in your immediate vicinity. Girls who are actively looking to mingle.

Just make sure you look great in the images you use.

Try to include pictures of you doing cool stuff and having fun with your friends (preferably with girls among them).


2. Parties:

College parties are the ultimate hubs for quick easy sex.

The girls are open, pumped and horny.

Their guards are also lowered because they are not among complete strangers, but with people they have something in common with.

If you want to meet lots of girls in college, then you have to frequent parties.


3. Gyms:

In my experience, some of the hottest girls, with a personality you can meet are the gym – both in and outside college.

You can meet tons of hot girls in clubs, but they are usually lacking personality wise.

If you’re looking for girlfriend quality girls in college, then you should absolutely register in the college gym.

Opt-in for some of the activities tons of girls participate in – like yoga, spinning, dance workout, etc.


4. Class:

This is the activity you’ll engage in the most in college, and usually, there are tons of girls you can meet this way if you tried.

Make a habit of being open friendly and the girls who like you will come and sit close to you.

Be in the habit of greeting your course-mates. Be that friendly guy anyone can approach.

Introduce yourself to the girls you like and invite them out for a drink or for some fun activity.


5. Through Friends:

The most common way guys meet girls in college is through their social circle.

So because of this, it is important to cultivate an extensive social circle if you want to meet tons of girls in college.

Befriend one guy with tons of friends and your social circle just scaled by a massive number.

Repeat this with a number of other guys and your reach becomes insane.

But don’t wait to be the guy people introduce to others. Be the guy who introduces others too.

Be the guy who knows everyone and everyone knows.

Seriously, the only thing stopping you from being this popular, sociable guy is in your head.


6. While you’re walking:

If you’re a man who’s wired correctly, walking through campus is similar to the feeling a kid gets walking through a candy store.

Tons of hot girls everywhere…

The problem though is how to approach them since they’re walking with a purpose.

But it’s easier than you think – so long as you act confidently:

  • Place yourself directly on her part.
  • From some distance away, hold eye contact and keep walking towards her.
  • When you get to where she is, break into a smile and say “hi”. She will return your smile stop.
  • Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation while making steady eye contact.
  • From here you can go on an “instant date” or get her number so you can meet up some other time.


7. Bars:

Bars are the universal watering hole for meeting girls, well, because tons of girls frequent it.

You don’t need to become a drunk or anything, you can simply opt for non-alcoholic drinks, or even water sometimes.

Also, endeavour not to become drunk because it interferes with your ability to pickup girls in bars.


8. Take a language class: I don’t know why, but language classes in college like French and Spanish are filled with girls.

The ratio is usually like 3:1.

So if you’re looking to meet girls in college, you could pickup a few of the courses that are filled to the brim with girls.

As an added bonus, you might end up learning something in the process.

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