How To Introduce Yourself To a Girl (Without Making a Fool of Yourself)

You’ve seen a girl you like, how do you introduce yourself to her without screwing up and leaving a bad first impression?

Or making a fool of yourself?

I’ll tell you.

First impressions are hard to change, so you need to do your best to make a great one when you introduce yourself to the girl you’re interested in.


Here’s how to introduce yourself to a girl and leave a great first impression:

#1. Be Confident:

As a man, to attract women, confidence is one of the most important qualities you can possess.

You can’t go wrong with it.

So when you see that girl you want to introduce yourself to, approach her confidently without hesitation.


2. Smile:

When you walk over to introduce yourself, have a warm friendly smile on your face.

A smile says “I’m friendly and pleasant to speak to”.

It shows you’re a warm person that she will enjoy meeting and getting to know.

Nothing screams closed off and unfriendly than a frown or scowl.

Attractive males have an easy smile.


3. Make lots of eye-contact:

When you go over to introduce yourself to a girl, the biggest way to leave a powerful impression is through eye-contact.

Besides showing confidence, holding someone’s gaze while you speak to, or listen to them, shows you’re paying attention to what they say and that you also like them.

Deep eye-contact also makes women feel arousal.

So you want to hold that girl’s gaze when you speak with her.


4. Hold her hand a bit longer:

When you reach out to shake her, let your hold linger…

Hold her palm in yours for a little while before you release it, it instantly telegraphs sexual interest.

You can hold until you feel a slight tug from her wanting to take it away.

Note that this isn’t a rejection.

It’s just her getting a bit uncomfortable with the situation – which is normal.

As a man, you should be able to handle more social discomfort than her, so that’s what just played out.


5. Approach her in a straight line:

Before you approach her, don’t circle her or try to approach indirectly in some way – except there’s an obstacle in your path.

Trust me, if your intention is to approach her, and you begin hovering around her, she’s already seen you.

And when you eventually build up the courage to approach, she won’t be as receptive as she would have had it been you showed more decisiveness and approached directly.


6. What to say:

There’s no special thing you need to say.

When I walk over to introduce myself to a girl I usually just say, “Hi, thought you were cute and hand to come over and say hi”, “I’m Mike, and you?”

That’s it.

From there, you could talk about whatever you like, doesn’t matter – so long as you have the right positive thoughts and body language.


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