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How To Get A One Night Stand Consistently (Starting Tonight)

"If men knew all that women think, they'd be twenty times more audacious." 

------ Alphonse Karr

So is there a way to consistently get one night stands, with hot girls, on most nights you go out?

  • Without being rich,
  • without being good looking and
  • without spending money on expensive drinks whatsoever?

The answer is a resounding YES!

And in this post I will reveal to you exactly how I take girls home regularly and how you, too, can replicate my results.

And we’re not talking about skanks either. We’re talking about reserved, beautiful, first-class girls that you would also love to date for the long-term.

Do I have your attention?


I’ll break this down in 3 parts:

  • The mindsets you must adopt for this to even work.
  • How to present yourself as the type of guy she desires to have one night stands with.
  • The reasons why she will want to go home with you in the first place
  • And finally, the 'tricky' problems you must eliminate for her to go home with you. Like taking her away from her friends and stealing her from other guys. (These I call Logistics).


PART 1: The Right Mindsets To Get A One Night Stand.

1. First, you have to believe that getting one night stands are possible...

That really ‘decent’ chics come out to have fun – and that if you’re the right guy, and if the circumstances are right, she will sleep with you, same night.

Without waiting to “get to know you”.

Without waiting for you to court her for 6 months

…and without wanting to be your girlfriend.

If you don’t believe that you can meet a girl today, and take her home, same night, then your chances of ever having a one-night-stand stands at almost zero.

If you don’t believe and understand that women love sex, just like you…

And desire to have one night stands the same way you do, then you are not going to make the moves on her.

And 99% of the time, if you, as the male, don’t make the move and take responsibility to make things happen, she won’t.

Even a girl who has already creamed her panties for you will take no action, whatsoever.

The most she would do is give you subtle signs.

Signs you will definitely miss if you are not already expecting them.

No matter who you are, if you’ve gone out a number of times to socialize at night, you’ve already missed countless opportunities for same night lays – without even knowing it.

Women love sex – just like you!

There are very few girls who haven’t or won’t have a one-night-stand.

People are have been having lots of sex.

We didn’t get to a population of 7 billion by accident.

2. Delete "Slut" from your dictionary.

If you ever want to have one night stands with any regularity, then you have to completely remove the word “slut” from your dictionary.

No girl is ever a slut, for any reason.


…Even if she gets raided by the entire Oakland Raiders squad.

You are completely, 100%, non-judgemental about any girls sexual choices.

The only thing we have are girls who know what they want – and go for it. Girls who saw a cool guy, liked him, and went home with him.

No judgements.

Do you know why you should adopt this non-judgemental mindset?

Simple. Because girls won’t fuck you’re a judgemental guy.

If they get a whiff of it off you, done.

And it is very difficult to conceal contempt and disgust towards a girl if that what you really feel towards her.

They can sniff it out from a mile away.

If you have a problem being non-judgemental towards girls who would sleep with a guy on the same day, it’s really easy to overcome.

All you need to do is read up a little bit about female sexuality.

They are people just like you. With powerful sexual drives that pushes them to get a release, the same way you are pushed.

And their bodies have such incredible capacity for pleasure – arguably more than yours.

So it’s really hypocritical judging them differently for giving into their genuine drives and desires.

When women pretend they don’t like sex, they do it because of us.

Because we judge them.

Once you stop being judgemental, you will get the meet the real sexual woman hidden within.

3. You are already good enough.

You have to absolutely believe that you are are good enough for any girl as you are right now.

You don’t need to self-improve.

You don’t need to be taller, or have more money.

Or develop six-pack abs or lose more weight.

Or live in a mansion.

You simply are enough for ANY girl as you are right NOW.

You only need to dress reasonably well and that’s it.

And I don’t mean overpriced designer clothing. Just wear nice clothes that are well ironed and fit you well.

One night stand in a dirty, empty house...

I remember pulling this gorgeous girl “home” from the club one early morning.

“Home” was actually an office space I and a partner had intended to use for a business. But our funds didn’t eventually materialize.

The building is an old house with lots of overgrown grass in front. And was completely empty – apart from the upstairs room I slept in.

If you see this girl, you would think the only place she would ever have sex would be in a shiny mansion and on a luxury bed.

Sorry, that’s not how it works…

When I opened the door and brought her in (downstairs), the place was of course empty, and I told her I lived in an uncompleted building (i.e exaggerating it).

I just started making out with her heavily and it didn’t even matter that we were in a dirty, empty house that didn’t even have curtains.

She was very enthusiastic too.

Just at the point of penetration, I took her upstairs to my room because that’s where the condoms were. If not, I would have railed her downstairs.

The room was just a room with curtains and a foam on the floor.

At the time, I was pushing my boundaries hence the test to see what was possible. I had many one night stands in that house.

I know this guy who fucked this beautiful girl I once dated in a real uncompleted building.

Not an empty building, but under construction….

She is one of the most intelligent girls I’ve ever dated.

For most guys, information like this will will make them judge a girl harshly. But would YOU fuck a pretty girl if you had the chance to in an uncompleted building?

Good. So would girls with guys they find attractive.

The location is happenstance.

All the high standards we think girls have are in our heads. We impose them on ourselves. 


Granted, many girls in that club, that night, will not go home with you on that day, but it doesn’t matter…

Because on another day, in another time and space, you are that prince she’s been waiting for to take her home for a night of endless bliss.

That’s why I like to tell people that there’s nothing like rejection.

The same girl who “rejected” you today, will go home with you tomorrow.  

Sometimes even months later.


My funny (rejection) one-night-stand experience…

Here’s an interesting story that shows that rejections are not final.

One night, I brought this girl back to my hotel room (from the club) and I didn’t have enough change in my wallet to pay the cab driver.

So I had to get in my room with the girl to get some money from the change I had inside.

I left her inside and came out to settle the cab guy.

As I turned around to go back inside, there she was sprinting towards me.

I would not have been surprised to see a lion, T-rex or a pack of man-eating cavemen chasing her.

She looked terrified.

She had her heels in her hand and it had just rained, so the ground was wet.

Maybe she felt buyers remorse after spending a minute alone in my shitty hotel room.

Or maybe she saw a ghost.

Who knows?

As she got to the cab, she opened the door and jumped inside. While repeating: “I’m going, I’m going, I’m going”.

I was trying very hard not to burst into laughter…

But I composed myself and managed to say, “I have to check if you took my stuff”.

Really, there wasn’t much she could take.

There was just my laptop – which couldn’t be concealed in the small purse she had – and my bank tokens, which were in my glasses case.

The tokens would be useless to her anyway.

But I just had to make sure, so I stood aside and she came out and we went in to check.

Everything was where I left them.

After she left, I fell on my bed I had one of the biggest laughs I’ve ever had…this was about 3 AM.

What’s relevant about this story is that about 3/4 months later, I saw this girl out at another club, and I took her home.

No, this time she didn’t run away.

And she didn’t even remember me until I told her – after we were done. Of course we laughed about it.

Moving on…

To the socially conditioned mind, the nightclub scene can be quite intimating.

If you came in a taxi, someone else came in a late model Lexus.

And if you came in a late model Lexus, someone else came in the latest Range Rover Autobiography – you see?

If you came in the latest Range Rover Autobiography, too bad…someone else came in the latest Aventador.

Can you see?

You cannot possibly win this game.


Nobody can.

And another beautiful thing here is…no one gets to come into the bar or club with their expensive Rolls Royce.

They have to park it OUTSIDE .

So if you rate your worthiness based on any of these EXTERNAL factors, then, you will not feel entitled enough to approach the girls you like.

And if a girl doesn’t see that you feel 100% entitled to have her, she will not go home with you.

See, girls generally don’t care about what car you drive – with the exception of gold-diggers (who I am sure are not what you are looking for).

Most times they can barely tell these cars apart.

Sure, a woman might prefer you had a car – for UTILITY…depending on your location. But it’s not a big deal, to her, if you don’t have one.

I used to know this guy that had the worst beat up car that I’ve ever seen. His car used to break down constantly.

It was a total mess.

But guess what? It didn’t matter.

He used to pull girls home on the regular. And he nicknamed his car ” The Chariot of Love!”.

Funny guy.

The only thing you ever need to come to the club with is your dick.

Just because you are a man with a dick, ANY chic in the club is yours.

Delusional? Maybe.

Potent? Absolutely!

Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not; you are ENTITLED to ANY chic in there. PERIOD.

You have to unplug yourself from this outward measuring system of determining your value as a person based on the things you possess.

You are enough as you are right now.

PART 2: How To Get A Girl For A One Night Stand.

1. Communicate Your Sexual Intent:

If a girl goes home with a guy who is shy and inhibited, it will be a very disappointing experience for her.

Because of this she wants to know, right from the start, that you are the type of man who will walk the talk.

She wants to see that you are a sexual threat

She wants to see that you will not hesitate to bend her over and fuck her hard until she can’t walk.

If she doesn’t feel that she is in danger of being fucked by you, once you guys are alone, then you are not the right candidate for her one night stand.

She is looking to go home with a caveman.

So from the beginning, you want to express your sexual enthusiasm for her…

Without shame.

Without restraint.

And without apologies.

What most guys do is that when they meet a woman they desire to have in their bed, they bury their genuine lust for her.

They hide it behind a façade of gentlemanliness; of niceness…

They try to be friends first.

(heard of the friendzone?)

But the girl is not looking for a friend, she’s looking for a man.

A man who would make her feel like a woman by ravishing her, by expressing the full depth of his desire.

You want to pop a full boner when you see the girl…

Expressing your sexual desire for a girl doesn’t require words, and is very easy to communicate.

All you have to do is to stop trying to hide it.

Don’t go for girls you think your friends or other people will find attractive.

Go for girls who arouse passion in you and the process will take of itself.

If she doesn’t give you an uncontrollable erection, you’re talking to the wrong girl…

2. Screen For Available Girls:

Due to certain circumstances, some girls cannot possibly go home with on a given night.

So it is in your best interest to screen these ones out, so you don’t waste your time investing in an unavailable girl.

Even if you were to be James Bond, there are some water-tight reasons why a girl won’t go home with you.

These could be because…

  • She’s out with her boyfriend’s sister
  • Out with her sister, brother, mother or cousin.
  • She has an interview early the next morning
  • She is the designated driver for all her friends
  • She is on her period
  • She’s travelling early the next day
  • Etc

Even though in some cases, she could still follow home and leave early. More often than not these are legit reason that will stop her from going home with you.

So your first job is to find out her situation for the night.

You can easily do this by asking her these questions:

  • “Who are you here with?” 
  • “What are you up to tomorrow?”
  • “How do you guys know each other” — to determine her relationship with who she’s there with.

Even if she can’t leave with you tonight, it’s still not a total loss.

Tomorrow is another day…

So you could get her number and then follow up later in the week.

By asking screening questions early in your interaction with a girl, you can quickly eliminate those who are not available for one-night-stands.

3. Learn How To Spot "Down-To-Fuck" Girls:

Some girls are going to be “more available than others.

By more available, I mean requiring less “work”.

Some girls come out knowing fully well they are getting laid that night. She might even come out with less skimpy clothes & footwear she’ll change into in the morning

All you have to do is show up and be a masculine man and she is yours.

Women are horniest during ovulation…

And during this period she makes it very easy for guys to spot and approach her.

She makes herself available by advertising herself to draw as much male attention as she can.

You don’t need to be a gynecologist or anything of that sort.

Just look out for signs that show she is very available….

Here are some signs a down-to-fuck girl will exhibit:

  • Dresses provocatively in very skimpy clothing
  • Came out alone to the bar or club
  • Dances very sensuously in a manner that draws male attention – especially alone.
  • She constantly looks away from her group
  • Her voice is noticeably higher than normal – when she talks and laughs.
  • She’s overly flirtatious
  • Touches you very quickly

Generally speaking, she will behave in ways that will draw male attention to her.

4. Handle Her "Secret Tests" Like A Boss:

Before a girl will fuck you, most times, she tests your resolve: How strong is your desire?”

You have to be a man of strong motivation who cannot be denied…

A few times, she will follow you home like a lamb.

On most others, however, she will throw up chains of objections that you must ‘handle’ before she will have sex with you.

These objections are most times not real.

They are just secret tests…

Tests to weed out men of weaker motivation.

Every girl’s brain has a B.S generator…

It is nature’s way of helping her filter out beta males who give up too easily.

You want to be like a h0rny he-goat.

You want to be prepared to climb a mountain, or ram through a barricade to get her in your bed.

So when that B.S generator starts doing it’s job of manufacturing excuses. Your horniness should not even allow you to acknowledge them as good enough reasons.

Let me give you an example…

In one night, a particular girl gave me some of the reasons, listed below, as why she couldn’t go home with me.

This girl was down and wanted the “D”, but her brain wouldn’t let her leave with me until I jumped over some obstacles.

She threw up chains of objections, and after I countered each, she’ll come up with another…

Below are some of these B.S “objections” (my responses are in brackets):

  • “I’m the one taking my 2 friends home”. (We’ll drop them)
  • “My house is far from yours. Too much distance going back”. (They’ll take a cab).
  • “The security guys at my place don’t know them, they won’t be let in without me”. (Call).
  • “I have valuables in my house, they could steal them” (can’t remember what the hell I said)
  • “I have a baby” (no problem – big fat lie btw)
  • “I’m on my period” (no problem – another big fat lie)
  • “I have a test tomorrow” (I’ll wake you first thing in the morning).

Took her home that, and sent her to Mars…

You just have to be in that one-track frame of mind where you will not be denied.

5. Lead Her:

For a woman to completely surrender herself to you, you have to be in the driver’s seat.

You have to be the one leading the interaction…

Be the one to lead her to a new location.

Be the one to lead her to the bar.

Be the one to say what you guys are going to do next.

It is your role as the male to lead, and if you don’t lead and make things happens, then she will feel that deep down something is off.

And if something is off, she will lose attraction for you…

6. Ask her to go home with you the right way:

Of course, you simply can’t say to a girl: “Let’s go to my place now and have sex”.

If you say something like that to her, she will feel very insulted.

She wants to FEEL like the sex “just happened”

That it was an accident of sorts…

You know, “one thing just led to another”, and without planning for it, the sex just happened.

…Even though she already wanted your cock the first moment she set eyes on you!

So take the responsibility of what’s going to happen away from her or you will not get a one night stand.

I didn’t make the rules…

Typically, anything that will make her seem like a slut is avoided like the plague.

If she has “plausible deniability”, then it very easy for her to leave with you. That is, if she can say to herself, “We’re just going to watch movies” or whatever, instead of “we’re going to his house to go and have sex”.

If you don’t give her a reason, then by default the reason she’d be following you home would be that she’s a slut. And if following you home will make her feel like a slut, she won’t.

There are two things at play here:

  • Her emotions
  • And her logic

Her emotions want the “D”, but her logical doesn’t.

All her life, her mind has been bombarded with programming for behaviour that are considered socially “appropriate” for a lady:

  • Don’t be a slut.
  • Don’t go home with strangers.
  • Wait until the 4th date.
  • Don’t have sex outside a committed relationship
  • Etc

So you have to give her logical mind a “logical” reason to leave the venue with you, no matter how silly and ridiculous.

This is the same way it is in Sales & Marketing: we buy based on emotions (feelings), and then justify our decision with logic (facts).

Depending on how much rapport you guys have built, you could simply say to her, “Let’s go”, and she will follow you.

But more often than not she would ask you:

  • Where are we going?
  • What are we going to do?

These second one is a trick questions…

Remember, don’t mention sex.

In my case, you need to see me respond with some of the most ridiculous “reasons” you’ve ever heard.

And it never matters…

One of my favourites is, “I want to show you my cat, it can do back-flips” 🙂

You could tell her to come and:

  • View your rock collection (those rocks in between your legs count)
  • Watch a movie
  • See your goldfish that can change its colour to silver.
  • See your pet lion cubs or pet parrot

When you guys get home show her hi-res images, on your laptop, of cubs, parrots or a goldfish. Believe me she’s gonna find this hilarious.

You could also tell her that you guys are going to an after-party…

Btw, a party on your bed counts as a party…

Hype it. Make it sound cool.

Don’t feel bad about doing this because you are actually helping the girl overcome a mental hurdle. If she doesn’t stay, she can always leave.

You helped her do what she already wanted to do.

Of course, she knows you don’t have a lion cub.

…The games we play…

Finally, depending on her comfort levels, you might want to baby-step taking her home.

You could tell her about this new cool bar, or frozen yogurt place or wherever (which happens to be a stone throw from your house)

After you guys sometime there, then you can tell her you live just around the corner and then show her that rare goldfish of yours ;).

PART 3: Why You Should Feel Entitled To Bang Hot Women.

(This part might sound too ‘woo woo’ and ‘out there’ to you .

If it does, just skip it and move to the more ‘tactical’ section below. 

But this here is the foundation; the basis of this stuff. The reason why banging hot chics is your “birthright”.

Permit me to get a little ‘philosophical’ here…

At the highest levels of reality, life is really just happening.

Yes, like a stone rolling down a slope…

The same way you don’t make your heart beat. Or circulate you own blood. Or co-ordinate the gazillions of chemical and electrical processes taking place in your body everyday.

Life is really just happening by itself, and you are part of it.

The sun will rise.

The wind will blow.

Potatoes will potate.

And your sexual needs will be met…

The mere fact that you possess these powerful biological urges to get laid means that nature has provided avenues for their gratification.

You are not a stranger here.

You are a part of the universe.

…a part of the whole…

She feels a certain compulsion to go out and dance; and thinking it her conscious choice, steps out to go and do so…

But unknown to her, nature is pushing her to go out and meet you. 

Your only job as a man is to show up and take your girl home.

Walk up to her powerfully, like a man, and take her back to your cave.

This is just the universe running it’s course. 

You don’t need to do anything special to deserve hot girls.

You already deserve them.

Everyday, millions of girls, worlwide, fuck their dildos with enthusiasm.

You are already better than dildos…

A dildo can’t talk back to her.

A dildo can’t caress her.

A dildo can’t pound her like a boss.

A dildo can’t push her into the bed, talk dirty to her and totally dominate her.

A dildo doesn’t hold a candle to you, and she already fucks dildos!

So be a prince and save her…

PART 4: Important Tips...

1. How to deal with "obstacles" (Cockblockers):

Besides the girl, a few times there might be other people, in the environment, who will try to prevent you from getting a one night stand with her.

This could either be her less attractive friend, or another guy trying to hit on her.

If it is just her and her ugly friend; it is usually a bit more difficult to pry her away from her…

The ugly one will usually throw a wrench in the works by constantly distracting her, dragging her away from you or by refusing to stop dancing with her and even guarding her with her body (to block you).

Your girl has known her less attractive friend for, say 6 months, and you, on the other hand, for just 2 seconds.

So miss cockblocker will usually win if you go full frontal.

Your best strategy here would be to divide and conquer

At the heart of her cockblocking, the less attractive girl doesn’t want to be left a alone.

She wants to get a one night stand too, or even just some male attention.

So what you could do in this case is have a friend of yours engage her (and essentially distract her – if he has no interest in her) then steal your sweetheart and RUN away.

On the other hand, if it’s another player hitting on her, if you hold the girl’s attention for a little while, the other guy will feel like a moron and disappear .

Getting physical physical with your girl works best – like putting your hand across her shoulder or her waist.

Giving her a hug, or even a kiss.

You could also take her hand and lead away from the spot.

I can’t count the number of times already attracted girls were physically YANKED away from me by jealous boyfriends.

Yes, their action of yanking her away isn’t so elegant…but it was effective!

You can’t pickup a girl if you can’t see her.


BTW, here’s an example of how I cockbloked a guy…

Once saw a guy and a girl together in a club.

They were standing together and having a conversation…but my spidey sense told me they were just getting to know each other (from their body language and proximity).

Fair game for me…

In about a minute or so they got seated. I walked right over. Sat beside the girl, crossed my hand over her shoulder and pulled her in towards me and started talking to her (into her ear).

…the other guy just flipped and lost his shit…

He didn’t directly confront me though, he stormed off in anger.

That was a pretty ballsy move, and I don’t recommend you make it your go-to behaviour, as it could lead to physical confrontation.

Just that sometimes, the girl you want to approach is with another guy, and so your hand get’s kinda “forced”.

BTW, reacting emotionally, as the guy did, is a bitch thing to do…

It causes you to lose value in the girl’s eyes.

Only beta males react like that (to alpha males).

And a woman’s brain actively seeks alphas, so he essentially shot himself in the foot.

2. It's a Numbers Game:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.

Thomas A. Edison

Some girls will not be very receptive to you …you move on to the next.

Hot chics are aplenty in the bar or club.

…and there are billions more in the world.

Besides, there are really no absolute rejections, in the real sense of it.

A girl who “rejects” you now might be very receptive 2 minutes later, or the next time you see her.

What is most important is that you don’t lose your mojo when any particular girl isn’t receptive to you.

You simply move on to the next.

3. Don't be James Bond:

Acting like James Bond works in the movies…or in a social circle where you are already well known.

Don’t be all serious like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders.

Loosen up.

Have a some fun and let your playful side out.

If you go and sit down, nice and sweet, waiting for girls to approach you – you might have to wait for a long time.

4. Do not pass "Go":

At some point in the night, things might get a little hot between you guys…

And the temptation would be to make out as heavily as possibly.

Don’t do it.

Don’t finger or grope her without reserve or anything of that sort.

Show some restraint.

A light make out is fine, but going over the top will most likely make her feel like a slut and get “buyer’s remorse”.

And if you make her feel like a slut, she won’t go home with you.

Don’t act like a guy who just came out of prison .

Your vibe should be: I could, but I won’t.

Do not pass go until you are in a sex-location.

Once you guys are in a place where you can have sex, then you can go full “tiger” on her.

5. Do pressure her to have sex:

When you get home and she doesn’t want to have sex, respect that.

Moreover, she might even be testing you.

Most times. before a woman has sex with you for the first time, she resists at the last minute.

Maybe you guys have been making out heavily and maybe you’ve even removed her top. Then you go for her jeans button and she goes “stop!”

If she makes you guys stop what you’re doing, don’t sweat it.

Don’t get butthurt, offended, angry or become pushy.

Act like it’s not a big deal and continue having normal conversation with her.

You could get up from the bed to go do something:

  • Change the music
  • Get a drink
  • Get your phone
  • Whatever

But do not act butthurt…

After you’ve done whatever for a few minutes, go back and try again. You would be surprised at the result.

If she stops you again, midway, just wash, rinse and repeat…

She would usually yield when she sees that you don’t mind whether you have sex with her or not.

By not acting needy or reacting emotionally, you will pass her test.

Finally, if you roll off a few times and she resists. Just let her be…

She might give in when you guy wake up in the morning.

Whatever happens, she’s still just one girl in a sea with many.

Tomorrow, you live to get another one night stand.


Tell me, below, how much you enjoyed this article, and what you got out of it.

I’d love to hear from you…

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