8 Guaranteed Ways to Get Over A Girl Fast

A girl leaving you is a painful experience.

It leaves a lot guys depressed and unable to function for a while.

Sure, it’s ok, to “grieve” for a while, but it’s not cool if it severely cramps your style.

What I’ll do is show you how to quickly get over a girl who left you, with as little downtime as possible.


Here Are The 8 Ways To Get Over a Girl:

1. Replace her memory with other girls:

Start a rebound relationship.

This works like a charm.

Start dating and having sex with other girls and before you know it you’ll hardly remember the girl you want to get over.

It doesn’t need to be serious relationships. Just pure sex.


2. Embrace an abundance mentality:

What affects guys the most at the end of relationships is they believe in the “specialness” of the girl who left them.

They believe she’s some unicorn who will be hard to replace.

But she isn’t.

There’s such an abundance of beautiful young women in the world that it’s mind boggling.

Walk out to the road and just look.

Go to malls, bars, clubs, colleges and just social events and just…look.

Your possible options are insane.

And there are many of these people that you will enjoy more than the last girl.


3. Take up new hobbies and dust off old ones:

If you’re busy engaging in activities you like, you’ll have less time to miss anyone.

Hobbies that you enjoy wil help you get over any girl quickly because, first, they occupy your attention, and they also help you meet new people.

You could take up things like surfing, tennis, weight lifting, etc


4. Make a list of her negative attributes:

When we’re in a relationship, the tendency is to ignore the bad side and short-comings of our partners.

But after you break up and you want to get over her, an excellent technique is to make a list of all the things you dislike about her.

Your kist could look like this:

  • Over weight
  • Smokes
  • Nags
  • Poor financial management skills
  • Slut
  • Vain
  • Selfish
  • Etc

Any time her good memory overcomes your mind, whip out this list and refresh your memory.

Dwell on the bad stuff.


5. Go “no contact”:

It is important that you do not call, text or get in touch with her in any way.

The more you keep in touch, the harder it will be for you to get over her.

Fight the urge to get in touch.

Anytime it comes on strongly, just find something engaging.

Leave the house if you must and go spent time with friends or strangers at some pub or somewhere else.

Don’t let yourself get lonely, because it magnifies the urge.


6. Give it time:

Time they say heals all wounds.

Over time you’ll get over anyone, no matter how much you miss them now.

I remember when one of my exes dumped me several years ago.

I thought that I would never foget her.

But as the weeks and months went by, I could barely remember her face even when I tried.

That’s just how it happens.


7. Remove items that remind you of her:

There might be objects in your house that you have some great memories with her anchored to.

The best thing to do would be to remove them.

You could throw them away, gift or donate them, depending on what it is.


8. Travel:

Traveling is one of the greatest adventures you could ever have.

Lots of stimuli, lots of new experiences, lots of new foods, places and people to meet.

I can assure you that with all the sensory overload you might not even remember your ex once.

And when you do return home, you’ll find that you’ve gotten over her because travel changes you.

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