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How To Get Pussy Like A Warlord

Getting more pussy is easier than you think.

I used to have long streaks of no sex, until I changed a few things.

I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching the same easy steps to other guys who went on drown in pussy.

So today is your turn…

Here are are the 9 Ways to get more pussy:

#1. Approach More Women

It goes without saying that the more opportunities you create for sex to happen, the more you will get laid.

Pussy won’t looking for you with no effort on your part.

You need to go out and get it.

And don’t be afraid of rejections, because the more you get rejected, the more you’ll get laid.

If you have a habit of staying indoors all the time, then you have to break it.

Begin to frequent places where hot, young women visit in droves: bars, clubs, shelters, gyms, etc.

Something like a yoga class is a pussy fest.

If you go to a yoga class, for example, it will usually be just you and tons of fit, good-looking women.

Look online for different types of local events. Pick up new hobbies, etc.

Even if you’re the most unattractive guy in the world, with this type of massive exposure, you’re going to get lots of pussy.

See, there are girls who will like you no matter what.

And you can’t meet them if you don’t go out to meet them.


#2. Learn to Beat Shit-Tests:

This is where the money is.

Another name for this is congruence tests.

See for a woman, sex is a serious undertaking.

And in the dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable environment in which we evolved our instincts, having sex with the wrong male could spell death for the women.

Or she could end up with children with weak characteristics that will make it hard for them to survive.

So before a woman can surrender her pussy to you, she needs to feel (in her gut) that you’re an alpha male.

Her gut is just another name for her instincts.

And to determine if you’re “the man”, she’ll do little things to mess with you.

These little things are what we call shit tests and they come in different forms.

  • It could be in the form of refusing to do something you ask to see how you’ll react.
  • She could suddenly go quite and become unresponsive to you when you’re out on a “date”
  • She could do something slightly disrespectful – like keeping you on the phone to speak with someone in the background.
  • She could harshly bark at you when you try to talk to her
  • You could go over to meet her and introduce yourself and she’ll totally ignore you.
  • She could start speaking with other guys in your presence to see if you’ll get jealous.
  • She could tell you mean stuff like you’re fat, ugly, short, etc

The goal of all these is to see how you will react.

A beta male will over-react in most of these situations, thereby disqualifying himself from her pussy.

An alpha male, on the other hand, will either ignore most of these, as if they didn’t happen and soldier on – while maintaining his mood.

However, if there’s disrespect, he “punishes” her with a consequence – without emotionally reacting.

Let’s say you’re on the phone with her and she puts you on hold to speak to someone in the background. In a light-hearted mood, tell that what she just did is very bad, and that you’re going to spank her for it. Then make her buy you a beer as an apology.

It’ll blow you away if you know how much her attraction for you increases once you swat away her shit test.

Now realize that girls are not mean. They don’t go about shit-testing random guys to deflate them or anything.

Girls shit-test only guys they already like, but however, her arousal is tied to your behaviour as an alpha male.

So if you can’t swat away her shit tests, and show that you’re congruent with the sex worthy man that you already appear to be, then she’ll be disappointed – because she already thought you were a good catch.

But life will go on nevertheless.

Evolution has made it such that only guys who beat her shit tests will get into her pussy.


#3. Acquire the right beliefs:

Life is mostly a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And it is very evident in people’s sex lives.

The guys who believe they are hideous, unattractive and don’t deserve pussy manifest this reality.

Before you can have an abundance of pussy in your life, you first need to believe that it is possible for that to happen for you.

If you don’t believe it, you will make no effort to put into practice the things that I will write here.

If you believe that you not ready today, that you need to self-improve in some way first, then it’s never going to happen for you.

If you believe you need to get lots of money first or to build a mansion on a hill before you can worthy of women, then nothing for you.

You need to believe that women love sex (oh, yes, they do! You should check out the book, “My Secret Garden”)

You need to believe hot woman want to fuck you before that would ever happen.

You have to believe that you’re good enough as you are right now.

That you don’t need to lose weight, or to get your hair back, or to get a more money.

Change your inner dialogue to some badass pimp-talk:

Tell yourself stuff like:

  • I am the coolest motherfucker on the face of the earth
  • I deserve hot girls
  • Every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me
  • I belong here

And you will see your reality change to be in line with your new beliefs.


4. Dress and Groom Better:

Usually, your dress covers about 90% of your body. And this makes for a large part the impression that you make.

If you dress well, people will tend to treat you better, and women will want to associate with you.

And it doesn’t take much to dress better.

Wear fitting clothes and have them ironed properly.

You can get more in-depth fashion advice here.

Also, when you’re dressed better, it makes you feel great.

And feeling good and confident are pussy attractants.


5. Hit the gym and build some muscle:

You can’t go wrong with hitting the gym and lifting weights.

Lifting weights releases testosterone – which is responsible for the male sex drive.

And Exercising also releases endorphins which makes you feeel goood.

And nothing beats feeling good in your body when you’re trying to attract women.

Women are drawn to good energy, and exercising fills you with it.

You also get some muscle definition, which makes you look sexy, and your clothes fit better.

I can remember walking home from the gym one day.

I had just pumped iron and magma was flowing through my veins.

Feeling pumped like Hercules, I called over a hot girl I saw walking along the road.

I just told her she looked hot and that we should go over to my place and watch a movie.

That was it.

15 minutes later, we were at my place having sex.

I’ve also had sex with countless girls I met at the gym.


6. Become a Horny Pervert:

If you’re going to get lots of pussy, then you need to be in a horny state a lot.

Desire begets desire, and you can get a girl aroused if you’re not aroused yourself.

When you’re with a girl you want to have sex with, you need to be thinking sexual thoughts.

Imagine yourself fucking her in the ways that you love.

Picture her in heat, begging you to fuck her as you have your face buried in her glistening pussy.

You can get a girl’s pussy wet if you’re not fully committed to getting that pussy.

Also, quit or drastically cut down on masturbation.

Masturbation messes with your sex drive.

The same drive you dissipate when you masturbate is the same you need to fuck women.

It’s like leaking air out of a balloon or discharging your battery.


7. Become Better in Bed:

It goes without saying that if you want to have repeat sex with lots of willing women that you need to have a good bedroom game.

Women love and enjoy sex more than us (forget their pretences).

If you want to satisfy girls in bed and make them keep coming back for more (and even bring you referrals – not kidding), then you need to learn more about how a woman’s body responds to pleasure.

There are lots of good resources you find with a Google search.

I’ll also recommend the book “The Sex God Method“.


8. Build a Social Circle:

One of the easiest ways to meet new women, if through friends and friends of friends.

If you have a big social circle then you’ll be meeting lots of new women regularly.

And to do this you need to be a friend first.

Don’t wait for people to invite you first.

Be the active force.

Most people are timid or too shy to take action, but once you take the lead and invite them out a couple of times, they’ll get the inertia to begin inviting you out too.

Very soon you’ll be the guy introducing people to other.

The anchor of social groups…


9. Get a Better Pad:

If you don’t have a comfortable “sex location”, you’ll always hesitate to invite women over.

And if the location of your house is in a far away place, then you’ll find it more difficult to go out as much as you need to.

Getting girls over might also be a hassle.

You should also make your place look good and tidy.

A place a woman will feel relaxed and comfortable in.

You don’t need to go and build a mansion or anything, but just make your place look good to the best of your ability.

How to Talk Dirty To a Woman (Use This To Drive Her Crazy).

For a woman, arousal is more psychological than physical.

As a man, seeing a pretty girl is all you need to become aroused.

But women need to experience certain levels of being desired, dominance and even “taboo”, before she can hit her highest levels of arousal.

And the easiest way to convey all these is through dirty talk.

You can pump a woman forever until she’s sore, without giving her an orgasm.

But add a few choice lines of dirty talk and she’ll cum continuously, till she collapses under you in a heap.

Talking dirty is easy, but you have to commit to it fully for it to be effective.

When you talk dirty, you should stand behind your words and show no hesitation.


Below are the 4 different ways to talk dirty to a woman:

#1. Dominant Dirty Talk:

Command her to say:

  • “I surrender myself to you, you can fuck me however and wherever you want”
  • “My pussy belongs to your”
  • “I am your horny little slut”
  • “I exist only to sexually satisfy you”
  • “Fuck me with that gorgeous cunt of yours”

In your interactions with women, dominance should always be present.

As I mentioned earlier, it is one of the hottest attributes a man can possess in the eyes of women.

So beyond just telling what to say, command her to do stuff.

During sex, command her to go and put on heels for you.

Command her to get on her knees and suck your cock.

Command her to finger herself for you.

Command her to bend over and put her ass in the air for you.

If you’re both in a bar, restaurant or club, tell her to go to the bathroom, remove her panties and come over and hand it to you under the table.

When she does, put it in your pocket.

She’ll be insanely turned on by this, and can’t wait to rip off your clothes the moment you two get home.

On a final note, being dominant is not something you whip out during sex and then become a whinny bitch afterward.

It should be a way of life for you.

It means taking responsibility as a man and getting your shit handled.

It means not whining & complaining to your woman about stuff.

Grouses go up, as they say.

The less dominant person complains to the more dominant one.

When you internalize dominant behaviour and remove whinny ones, it becomes easier for you to be congruent with dominance during sex.


# 2. Statements of Intent:

In this type of dirty talk, you explicitly tell the woman the dirty things you are going to do to her.

  • “I am a going to stuff you full of babies”
  • “I am going to fill your pussy with my cum”
  • “I am going to cum all over your tits”
  • “I am going to tie you up and fuck you so hard until you can’t walk”
  • “I am imagining your lips wrapped around my cock.”

My goal in this article is not to tell you exactly what to say, but rather to give you a template.

I’m sure there are specific things that turn you on. So tell her how you’re going to do those things to her.


#3. Statements of Desire:

In this category of dirty talk, you express your sexually long for the girl.

How much you want her.

How much you want to ravish her…

  • I can’t wait to get home and fuck your sweet, tight pussy
  • I can’t wait to taste you
  • I can’t concentrate at work today, I’ve been thinking of your gorgeous pussy all day long.
  • I can’t wait to fill your pussy with my cock.
  • I’ve been hard all day thinking about you.


#4. Compliments:

Here you sexually compliment your woman.

And since it’s dirty talk, you go to town and be as explicit as possible.

  • Your pussy tastes so good
  • You have such beautiful breasts
  • You have a very fragrant cunt
  • You have such a tight hot body
  • I love fucking you baby
  • Your pussy is so tight and sweet and juicy



Of course, for maximum effect, you have to mix them up.

However, depending on how you feel, you can use one category more heavily than the others.

Let’s say you traveled on a business trip, and you’re away from your woman, then, naturally, it’s going to be more desire type dirty talk, than the others.

How To Keep A Hard on After Cumming

Do you want to learn how to keep a hard-on after cumming…

So that you can sexually satisfy the women in your life?

If yes, then I’ll teach you how to do it right now.

To keep a hard-on after cumming, you need to become a multi-orgasmic man.

You need to develop the ability to have multiple orgasms in a row – like women.

And it’s easy.

You can achieve this feat using a simple set of exercises called the PC Muscle exercises or Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises.

It is named after the American doctor who popularized it.


Your Refractory Period is The Enemy:

In men, once we ejaculate we go into a refractory period, and once we’re in this “period”, it is physically impossible to have further orgasms.

And 99% of men cannot maintain an erection in during this phase.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about – from personal experience.

Your penis becomes hypersensitive, and you temporarily lose all interest in sex.

Your girl is lying there looking at you.

You know she is not happy with you and wishes that you’d last longer…

But your penis is spent.

You’ve orgasmed and there’s nothing else you could do.

Until now…


How to perform PC Muscle exercises to keep a hard-on after cumming:


#1: Locate your PC muscle:

The PC muscle is easy to find.

It is the set of muscles you clench when you keep yourself from urinating.

It is located between the under of your ballsack and your anus.

The easiest way to find them is to stop yourself mid-way during urination.

The muscles that you contracted to stop your urine flow are what you are looking for.

It is the same set of muscles that spasm to push out cum when you orgasm.

The goal is to train it to become stronger (it’s a muscle remember).

And once it becomes stronger, you can voluntarily contract it to just before orgasm – to keep yourself from ejaculating.

And if you have a dry orgasm – without ejaculation – you won’t lose your erection.

Your goal is to train your PC muscle to be strong enough to do this.

With consistency, you will be able to keep a hard-on after cumming within a few weeks.


#2. Long Squeezes/Clenches:

  • Clench and hold your PC muscle for a minute then release it
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat

Clench and hold for a total of 10 minutes.

Of course, don’t forget to rest for 10 seconds in between each rep.

Do this morning and night.


#3. Short Squeezes/Clenches:

  • Clench and release continuously for a minute.
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat

Do this too for a total of ten minutes. With rests of 10 seconds in between each rep.

Do this morning and night too.


Where to practice PC muscle exercises:

You can practice these anywhere…

You can do them sitting on a park bench.

In a coffee shop.

Lying in your bed.


And the sweet part is that no one else will ever know.


Practice keeping a hard on after cumming, during masturbation:

One of the best times to practice is during masturbation.

Stroke yourself until you on the verge of ejaculation, then clench and hold your PC muscle to see how much control you’ve attained.

Wash, rinse, repeat…

Also, you can practice with your partner.


The right time to squeeze your PC during sexual stimulation:

The right time to clench your PC muscle is the moment right before ejaculation.

Imagine there’s a 1, 2, 3, go countdown leading up to when you cum.

Clench it immediately the count gets to 3.

Clench and hold.

Also stop all thrusting motion.

What will happen is you’ll have a dry orgasm.

You’ll orgasm without ejaculating.

You’ll feel the same pleasure you normally do from an orgasm.

But what you’ll find is that instead of losing your erection, it comes back to rock-hard in under 10 seconds.

Way to go…

With this ability, you will get into an elite group of men who can have sex with their women for as long as needed.

I hope you don’t get lazy and stop practicing.

Don’t procrastinate too.

Begin now.


How To Stop Cumming Fast (7 Safe Methods That Work Quickly)

Are you tired of the embarrassment of cumming too fast?

If yes, then I can help you become the bedroom champ your woman desires.

Here Are The 7 Safe Methods To Stop Cumming Too Fast:

1. PC Muscle (or Kegel) Exercises: For me, this has been the most dependable long-term solution.

It has turned me into a multi-orgasmic man.

And if you do these exercises, you will gain the ability to last longer and have multiple orgasms too.

Something, normally, only women could do.

That is, you have an orgasm right now, and in the next 30 seconds you're banging her again - as if you hadn't cum.

Exercising your PC muscle will also help you have harder and fuller erections.

BTW, PC muscle is short for Pubococcygeus Muscle.

It is the muscle that controls urination, and that spasms when you ejaculate.

It is located on the floor of the pelvic cavity, between your anus and your balls.

In its untrained state, the PC muscle is weak and you have minor voluntary control over it.

Enough control to keep you from wetting yourself, but not enough to stop a powerful spasm like an orgasm.

PC Muscle exercises are very easy to do, they consist of clenching and unclenching the PC muscle a given number of times during the day.

You can do this while sitting or lying down. And no one can even tell that you're doing something.

Here's a comprehensive PC muscle exercise article. It includes diagrams and instructions.

Usually, you will start seeing results within 1 month.

Personally, I was able to control my ejaculation within 2 weeks - with the help of PC muscle exercises.

2. Take short breaks from Penetration: This is an effective method you can start using right away.

When you feel yourself getting closer to an orgasm, stopping your penis from getting stimulated will help you stave off cumming.

If you're in her thrusting, slow down or pull out completely.

If she's giving oral or a handjob, stop her.

When you take a break such as this, you don't have to stop all sexual activity.

You can use the opportunity to kiss, careless and fondle her. Give her head or just cuddle.

After a little while your arousal will wane a little, then you can continue with penetrative sex, or whatever you want.

Should you let her know you're trying to cum?

If you want to.

There's no shame in it.

You can even turn it into a compliment for the girl.

I usually just say, "Your pussy is so sweet; I'm trying so hard not to cum right now"

They always love this.

Sometimes, if it's with some fun/crazy girl, she'll then start thrusting and gyrating her hips to make you cum.

Fun times...

3. Change positions: Some positions make it easier for you to cum faster.

For me, that position is the modified doggy style where the girl lies flat on her stomach and I penetrate from behind.

It is also my favorite.

I'm sure you have yours.

What you need to do is switch to a different sex position once you feel yourself approaching orgasm.

You can switch to doggy, or have the girl get on top.

Just any other position that isn't as "sensitive" for you.

4. Masturbate Before Sex: I don't advise you do this often, because the "drive" you dissipate when you masturbate is the same you need to "perform".

So if you leak your "drive" by masturbating before sex, you might find it difficult to perform when the time comes for sex.

I only recommend this is if you haven't cum in a long time.

I find that I reach orgasm faster if I hadn't ejaculated in while.

And most guys last longer during the second round of sex.

So if there's a girl you're perhaps seeing for the first time, and you're over excited and anxious and don't want to "disappoint" her.

Then you can masturbate earlier in the day before you guys meet.

5. Use Special "Last Longer" Condoms: Indeed there are condoms specifically designed to make you last last longer in bed.

Some are thicker, while others have a numbing anesthetic to decrease the sensitivity of your penis.

Condoms labelled "Extra Safe", "Extra Strong" or "Extended Pleasure" are thicker.

Here's some condom thickness comparison...

  • Lifestyles Extra Strength: 0.9mm
  • Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive: 0.071 mm
  • Trojan Bare Skin: 0.045 mm

Also, some other condoms like Durex Performax Intense contain 5% benzocaine lubricant on the inside to numb your penis a bit so you don't cum fast.

6. Use Desensitizing Sprays, Creams and Gels: These class of products contain either benzocaine or Lidocaine as the numbing agents.

They make the penis less sensitive, in other words numb.

There are several products out there like the K-Y Duration Spray and Durex Play Longer.

7. Employ Extended Foreplay: Most women love foreplay more than actual penetration.

And only a miserly 25% of women can reach orgasm from penetrative sex.

A lot of them will tell you they prefer foreplay to last 20 minutes and penetration from say 5 - 10 minutes.

And what is our goal in all this?

To satisfy her of course!

So you can prolong your sex session with foreplay and also make her cum more - because she will be 10 times more aroused.

So, first use your tongue, fingers and even sex toys to get her engine revved up.

Your penis is only but one of the tools in your arsenal.

How To Finger A Girl To Crazy Orgasms.

Knowing how to finger a girl properly is an important tool to have in your sexual bag of tricks.

Your fingers don't ejaculate so there's no problem of losing an "erection".

And using your fingers to stimulate a woman's vagina is one of the most reliable ways of inducing a powerful g-spot orgasm.

The wrong way to finger a girl...
Most guy finger girls wrongly.

They make a stabbing motion in her pussy and that's it.

The stabbing motion does nothing for the girl.

A good place to learn how to finger a girl properly is from videos of girls masturbating, or from lesbian porn.

Watch how the girls touch their pussies.

Search for "female orgasm compilations".

Here Are The 6 Ways to Finger a Girl:

  1. The Clit Sandwich Technique: As the name says, with this type of fingering, you sandwich the girl's clitoris in-between her labia and knead continuously.

    The labia is the fleshy lips around the vagina. 

    The clitoris is very sensitive, and sometimes touching it directly with your fingers might be too jarring for the girl.

    Using the clit-sandwich technique is a great way around that.

    Also, it offers a variety of stimulation for the girl. 

    The feel of it is different from other types of fingering, so she will enjoy it as you would different spices in your food.

    You can also use this as a prelude to direct clitoral stimulation with your fingers...

    You can use it to warm the girl up and get her more wet so you'll have more juice to work with when you are ready to rub her clit.

  2. The G-Spot Technique: This is the most reliable way to give a girl g-spot orgasms - the most intense orgasm a woman can experience.

    Some women even squirt from this.

    To finger a girls g-spot, face your palm upwards, and insert your index finger about 2-3 inches into her vagina (about 2 knuckles deep).

    You will feel a "spongy" area on the "ceiling" of her vagina.

    Now, move your inserted finger towards you in a "come here" motion.

    Keep doing this over and over and you will see for yourself how crazy it drive her.

    Important: Go for the g-spot only after she's sufficiently aroused and wet. 

    You can also use a lubricant like K-Y Jelly or Durex Play.

    Also, if you are fingering a girl who can squirt (not all girls can), when she's getting close to squirting she might tell you she needs to get up and pee.

    Tell her to relax that it isn't urine.

    If she goes to the toilet to try and pee, nothing will come out.

    If she relaxes enough to allow the peeing sensation through, she will squirt.

    ​Make sure to place a towel under her...

  3. The Tornado Rub: This is exactly how many girls stimulate their clitoris when they masturbate.

    Just that most of the time you will be doing it from the opposite direction.

    To finger a girl using the tornado rub, put your fingers together and flatten your palm.

    Place your palm on top of her clitoris - with your fingers directly on the clit...

    Then start continuously rubbing, in a circular motion, until she orgasms and pushes your hand away.

  4. The Windshield Wiper Technique

    As in the above, put your fingers together and place them on her clitoris.

    Then, as if waving goodbye to someone, continuously move them from left to right to stimulate it.

  5. Heaven & Earth Technique: With the girl lying down, put your fingers together and place them above her clit - with your fingers pointing towers her feet.

    Then move your palm up and down continuously to stimulate her clitoris.

  6. The Clit & G-Spot Double Whammy: With this fingering technique, you stimulate both her clitoris and g-spot at the same time...

    Place your palm directly above her clit, with your fingers pointed towards her feet, then curve your middle finger downwards - to make contact with her g-spot.

    Then begin to move your hand up and down motion.

    This move will stimulate the clit and the g-spot simultaneously. 

Important Notes:

  • Clip your Nails: It goes without saying that a woman's vagina is a very sensitive area, so clip your nails before fingering her.

  • Use a Lubricant: Still on the sensitivity theme...use a lubricant to avoid chaffing her or even causing her injuries.

    My preferred brands are K-Y Jelly and Durex Play.

  • Maintain a Steady Rhythm: Rhythm is what sets good lovers apart from others.

    Fingering a woman haphazardly will not make her cum. Only a steady consistent rhythm would.

    Even when she gets very excited and is writhing, grinding heavily and moaning hard...

    Do not change what you were doing.

    Continue at the same pace and she will cum.

How To Give a Girl Head (So She Orgasms Like Crazy)

Do you want to be the first guy she thinks of whenever she gets horny?

If you answered "yes", then I am going to teach you how to give any girl the best head she's ever had.

Head that will make her cum explosively every single time.

Here's how to give a girl head she'll never forget:

  1. Warm her up first: Don't rush straight for a girls vagina.

    Take your time.

    Get her aroused first by exploring other parts of her body.

    Turn her on more by smooching her, making out, nibbling all over her body and sucking her breasts.

    Doing this builds up anticipation. And at its heart, this is what sexual teasing is.

    A girl's vagina is the most sensitive part of her body, and not rushing to stimulate it builds up a lot of tension's like when a girl strokes your cock and your balls - while avoiding the tip.

    So when you eventually get to her pussy, she's all wound up and waiting to burst like a dam.

    Spending a little time on other parts of her body before giving a girl head makes her cum faster, and more explosively every time.

  2. Focus on her clitoris: Once you're done worked her up a bit, zero in on her clitoris - because that's what will make her cum.

    A good example you should learn from is lesbian porn.

    Watch how the women give each other head.

    The sole focus is the clit because that's "where the money is".

  3. Rhythm is Everything: Let's use you as an example...

    When you're having sex with a girl, or are masturbating, without maintaining a steady rhythm you can't cum. it is with girls...

    They need that steady rhythm to get off too.

    A lot of guys end up using lots of haphazard motions when giving a girl head.

    There's no steadiness to what they're doing with their tongue.

    Remember the stereotype of good dancers being great in bed?

    It's because someone who dances well tends to have a good sense of rhythm.

    Another mistake girls find very annoying is when guys change the rhythm of what they are doing when he see's she's getting really into it and is about to cum.

    You might think that speeding up the motion of your tongue will work faster to send her over the edge, but it doesn't.

    What you'll end up with is a frustrated girl.

    If she starts writhing and squirming and gyrating her hips, continue doing EXACTLY what you were doing to get her there in the first place and she will orgasm in no time.

  4. Use the right type of motion: Most guys give head wrongly.

    Either they make a stabbing motion with their tongues, or they lap at the girls pussy like a dog drinking water.

    What you should do instead is suck or lick her clitoris.

    Forget what you see in porn.

    The right way to lick her pussy is to flatten your tongue like a towel over the clitoris and lick.

    Not just with the tip of your tongue...
    The same way you would lick honey off your palm.

    Then keep repeating this motion over and over and again.

    Of course you remember what I just told you about rhythm above, correct?


    Because good rhythm is the secret to great sex.

    Also, the right way to suck the clitoris is to do it the same way you would suck on lollipop.

    First there's a sucking action, but also you're twirling your tongue around it.

    This drives girls absolutely insane.

Important Tips:

  • No Teeth: It's important that you "sheath" your teeth when giving a girl head or you will bruise her.

    Even if you don't bruise her, it will be a very uncomfortable experience for her.

    If a girl gives you head and her teeth keeps touching the tip of your cock, I'm sure you won't enjoy that too.

  •  Tell her to wash up first: If a girl hasn't washed in some hours her pussy will likely have an unpleasant smell - especially after a long day, or from just dancing at the bar or club...

    So it's ok to politely tell her to go and clean up.

    Some girls might feel offended by this, so the best way to do this is to lead by example...

    You could go and shower first, then tell her to do same.

    Or you could ask her to join you for a quick shower.

  • How to know when she's cum: Right before she cums, she will usually stiffen her legs, and hold tightly onto your head.

    It's important that you don't change the rhythm at this point.

    Continue doing exactly what you were doing and you will push her over the edge.

    Some other girls will go doubly crazy with their writhing, hip gyration and pelvic thrusts - so try your best to hold her in position firmly. 

    The moment she cums, she will push your head away because the clitoris gets sensitive after they have a clitoral orgasm.

  • Practice safe sex: One can still get STDs from oral sex.

    So if you have multiple sexual partners, or are not certain you are exclusive with the person you're sleeping with use a dental dam.

    You could easily purchase one from a pharmacy.

How To Get A Blow Job Fast

Getting a blow job is easy.

However, there are certain mindsets you must adopt before hand to make girls want to suck your dick.

So today, I will show you how to get a blow job from the girls you like. Plus the mindsets that make it easy for this to happen for you.

Mindsets to get blow jobs quickly:

  1. Understand that getting a blow job isn't a big deal: In order to easily get blow jobs from girls, you first need to adopt the mindset that it's no big deal.


    Because if you think a blow job is a big deal, then the girl will think it's a big deal too.

    It's funny, but a lot of girls view blow jobs as not sex...

    They view it as being way below the intimacy of sex.

    So if you're relaxed and view it as casually as kissing, girls will sense that and be much more willing to blow you quicker.

    Just act like you're a cool guy who's used to having girls blow him.

  2. Understand that giving you a bj doesn't make her a slut: Women don't like to feel judged.

    Women love sex, and have strong sex drives too.

    But if they feel judged, they'll clam up and restrict the range of "activities" they'll engage in with you.

    I once a read a divorce story of a guy who got very mad after seeing a college video of his wife where she was gang-banged by 5 guys.

    He said wasn't even mad about the gang-bang, but because his wife had denied him anal and blow-jobs throughout their marriage.

    She lied to him that didn't like them, but guess what? She did all that and more in the video he saw.

    Why you may ask?

    She probably felt he'll think her a slut if she did all that stuff with him.

    If you want a girl to be sexually open with you, and to give you a blow job without reservations, she needs to know that you think it's normal for her to do that and still be respected.

Ways to get blow jobs fast:

  1. Suck her pussy first: The easiest way to get a blow job is to eat the girl out first.

    Some girls who might have hesitated to suck your dick, had you offered it first, will simply blow you because you sucked their pussy - because of reciprocity...

    It pays if you know how to properly eat a girl out too. I'll make a post about that soon.

    So after eating a girl out, all you have to do is lie on your back and gently guide her head to your cock.

    99% of the time she'll simply take it and put it in her mouth. No words need be spoken.

    You could also simply take no action and just tell her "suck my cock" (I always use cock - girls find it hot and very naughty)

    The only time this didn't work, I got up - without saying a word - put on my clothes, and walked out to go buy a drink.

    Her excuse was "I don't like doing it"...

    When I returned 10 minutes later, she gave me a thorough blow job - without being asked again.

  2. Baby-step it: While you guys are making out, unzip your fly (or remove your pants) and take her hand to your cock.

    She might remove it a few times, then keep her hand and fondle it.

    Once she does, tell her to kiss it. She usually will.

    Then gently guide her head and shove your cock in her mouth.

    It's important that you don't use force.

    If you use force, you'll generate resistance.

    Just gently maneuver her into the right position. 

    Baby-stepping your blow-job request is effective because of a psychological compliance tactic called the foot-in-the-door technique.

  3. Command her to do it: Yes, you read that right!

    The first day I tried this, I was blown away by the results...

    I had just learned about being sexually dominant with women, and how they love it.

    So I was making out with this girl in the dark and all of a sudden, I just blurted out in a commanding tone: "Get on your knees and suck my cock"

    To my utmost surprise she did exactly that without hesitation.

    She got on her knees and sucked my dick good.

    Earlier, I honestly thought if you said something like that to a girl that would get offended.

    But that's not how it works...

    Women respond very well to commands in the bedroom.

    They love dominance in men and it arouses them to no end.

A few more tips:

  1. Maintain good hygiene: Always clean your penis and the surrounding regions properly.

    Your groin and the surrounding areas are the smelliest parts of the human body.

    You don't want a girl to gag and decide against giving you a bj because your groin smells like rotten fish.

    Always wash your butt-crack well too, because when you part your legs during a blow job, any stench from there will hit the girl with full force.

    And it is never pleasant.

    Trim your pubic hair too, because it is a breeding ground for odor causing bacteria.

  2. No blow job doesn't mean "no sex": Some find giving blow jobs repulsive.

    Don't hold it against them.

    They just don't fancy it.

    So if a girl refuses to suck your dick, don't see it as game over. She might still have sex with you.

    So even if she "rejects" your attempts for a blow job, don't despair.

    Still go ahead and try for sex.

    Trust me, women can be funny most times. 

    Some girls will not kiss you but will have sex with you - go figure!

How To Get A Girl Naked For The First Time (Without Rejection)

There's a beautiful girl alone with you in your room...

She's fully clothed...

And you'll love to get her naked and have sex with her...

How do you get her to take her clothes off and have enthusiastic sex with you - without being rejected?

I'll show you...

Getting a girl naked for the first time is tricky.

90% of the time you will encounter some token resistance or hesitation on her part - which is normal.

It is your job as the man to make her comfortable enough to want to continue and have sex.

And this is what I'll show you below.

How to get a girl naked for the first time and make her have sex:

  1. ​Get Her Comfortable: For a girl, getting naked with a guy for the first time is always a big deal.

    She doesn't want to seem loose and be judged a slut.

    She's self-conscious about her body and is worried about what you'll think.

    And, in this age, even though we have birth control pills and contraceptives, instinctively she still gets warnings about the dangers of sex...

    You could get her pregnant and abandon her.

    And she might even get an STD.

    So your first task is to make her feel comfortable.

    You need to let her know you're the non-judgmental kind of guy who knows is normal for women to give in to their natural desires.

    In your dictionary no girl should ever be a slut.

    Also, let her know you find her hot and attractive so that she stops dwelling on any insecurities she might have about her body.

    You need to make her feel comfortable and confident. And the best way to do this is via sexual compliments.

    Finally, on a level, even it's superficial, you have to show her that you care about her.

    She needs to feel that you won't throw her under a bus at the first chance you get.

    And one of the easiest and most powerful ways to show a woman you care is to listen to her.

    If you can get a girl comfortable with you, then 90% of your job here is done.

  2. Get Her To a Private "Sex Location": Except both of you are crazy, you're not going to have sex in a restaurant, stadium or a bus.

    The most likely place is your room or hers. Or some other secluded place where you two have privacy.

    If you want to get a girl naked, you have to take her to a place where she won't feel judged doing it.

    If there are others there, even her close friends, it's not going to happen.

    Girls guard their reputation with everything they've got.

    And if you want her to be free enough to take her clothes off and get sexual, then privacy is a must.

  3. Get Her Aroused With Her Clothes Still On: Once you are both in a private location where sex can happen.

    Don't rush to take her clothes off, all at once.

    Make out with her, heavily, with her clothes still on. And if you're lucky, she'll be the first to start tugging at your clothes to pull them off.

    When this happens, getting her naked is pretty easy.

    At other times you'll be the one to initiate this.

    So first squeeze, caress and knead her breasts through her clothes.

    ...when she's very aroused...

    Slip your hand underneath and continue playing with her breasts.

    Then lift her top enough to expose her nipples and start sucking them.

    At this point she usually loses it would let you take off her top completely without any resistance.

    If she stops you from removing her top...

    Don't make any attempt to force it. Leave the top where it as and continue playing with her breasts plus kissing and caressing her all over.

    Then try to remove her top again after a few minutes. If you've already gone this far, it's almost inevitable at this point, after a few tries, she'll usually let you take it off.

    Once her top is off, don't rush to get her completely naked immediately.

    Remove your top as well then simply continue making out heavily, but now start grinding her, rubbing your hand over her pussy, grabbing her ass and smooching her thighs, etc.

    It'll almost be as if you guys are already having sex but with your clothes still on. 

    After a little while of this try to remove her trousers and if she resists, roll off and continue with the heavy make out, then try again in a few minutes...

    Before you know it, you'll have her completely naked.

    And at this point, if you don't know what to do next, don't worry, I'll be glad to help...just bring her to my apartment 😀

7 Most Important Signs To Tell If a Girl Is Horny.

Once you know what signs to look for, you can easily tell when a girl is horny.

Unlike men, women don't have a penis that becomes erect when they are horny.

But there are other guaranteed signs, in their behavior and body-language, you can use to tell.

Here Are The 7 Sure Signs To Tell If A Girl Is Horny:

  1. She Makes Seductive Eye-contact With You: Biologists call this the copulatory gaze.

    Copulation means sex.

    When a girl is horny for you, she will begin to make deep prolonged eye-contact with you.

    Whatever you do, it is very important that you don't chicken out and break it.

    The more she holds eye contact with you, the more she becomes aroused.

    Deep down in your core, you know this. And you will see that whenever this happens, you will become horny too.

    You guys could be talking about the most boring topics, but she would just be looking deeply into your eyes.

    When this happens, kiss her. Take charge and make things happen.

  2. She keeps touching and caressing herself: Yesterday, I was looking out my window and saw a new couple (I can always tell) sitting across the street.

    The girl wore a short skirt and had both hands in between her thighs, the moment I first looked out.

    ...She had the hottest legs on the planet...

    Then every few seconds she would run her hands down her tights in multiple different directions.

    She would do same to her arms.

    And she continued to do this over and over again.

    And the gentleman over there had no clue...

    What was she "telling" him?

    She felt horny and wanted to be touched by a man.

    And subconsciously, she was showing him what she wanted done to her.

    Don't be this oblivious dude.

    Learn to spot your cues.

  3. She dresses provocatively: A girl who is horny will dress in a way to draw male attention to herself.

    She would wear skimpy clothing that exposes her cleavage, draws attention to her curves and puts her ass on display.

    If a guy is horny, he proactively takes action and does something about it by walking up to girls and chatting them up.

    However, for girls, it is not socially acceptable for them to make the first move so they do the next best thing...

    They put themselves on display in ways that draws attention to her sexuality.

    Girls are horniest during their ovulation.

    And you will notice that this is when they wear revealing clothing the most.

    Some will put on very red lipstick, and also wear bright colors that make them stand out in a crowd.

  4. The Pitch of Her Voice Rises: A horny girl will subconsciously change the way her voice sounds to make it as feminine and alluring as possible.

    Her voice will increase in pitch. And she will also laugh a lot more to draw attention to herself.

    If they are in a group, you can easily pick out her voice because it sounds "different".

    Subconsciously, you already know how the voice of a horny girl sounds.

    So don't be surprised when you inexplicably feel "drawn" to a particular girl for no apparent reason.

    Your brain already knows that she would be easier to bed.

  5. She makes unrestrained physical contact with you: A horny girl wants sex, and she will do everything in her power to get you horny too.

    An easy way to tell if a girl is horny is by how she makes physical contact with you.

    Normally, when a girl hugs you, she will break it off quickly.

    But when a girl who is horny for you hugs you, her hug will linger.

    And she will also fully make contact with her breasts on your chest.

    If she's passing you, she could "accidentally" rub her breasts against you.

    And if you two are in an enclosed space, for example, she could bump into you with her ass - again by "accident".

    If the two of you are lying on a bed or sitting on the same chair she could come close and hold you, and them "timidly" start to caress a part of your body like an arm.

    It's now left for you to give her "permission" to explore further by reciprocating her caress. 

  6. She starts drinking more: If you go on a date with a girl and she's horny...

    A lot of times, to loosen herself up and reduce her inhibitions, she will drink a little more than she usually does.

    Now, it is very important that you don't ever have sex with a drunk girl.

    Only have sex with girls who are fully in control of their senses.

  7. She follows you to a "Sex Location": A sex location is "private" place where both of you have enough privacy to have sex.

    Another way to tell if a girl is horny is if she follows you to such a place.

    A girl who doesn't like you and isn't horny for you would hardly follow you to a sex location.

    A good example would be a girl coming to visit you, alone in your house, at night.

21 Dirtiest Things To Say To Turn a Girl On (and Make Her Wet)

Your words are powerful.

And you can turn a girl on by saying the right things.

When you discover what I'm going to show you below, you will learn how to rapidly get girls horny and and wet with the words that come out of your mouth.

The 4 categories of things to say to turn a girl on:

  • Sexual Compliments: When the average guy compliments a woman he would love to turn on and have sex with, he plays it very safe.

    He tells her things like "your dress is nice", or "I like your scarf" or whatever...

    But playing it safe doesn't turn women on.

    You need to play to win.

    If you want her to be turned on and thinking about sex with you, then you have to go there first.

    You need to say things to her that will make her feel sexually confident and thinking about sex.

    I will give you examples.


    a.) "You have such a lovely ass": This is a very direct sexually charged compliment.

    It's not safe.

    Not at all...

    When you want to turn a woman on with your compliments, you want to compliment her in ways that make her know you see her as a sexual woman.

    In ways that make her see herself as a sexual object.

    As is always the case in seduction, you the man, have to go there first.

    b.) "Wow, you have lovely breasts." 

    c.) "You've just given me a boner"

    d.) "You have perfect tits"

    e.) "You're so hot."

  • Statements of Desire: In this category, you tell a girl how much you want and desire her.

    Desire begets desire.

    And one of the most arousing things for a girl is the intensity of your own desire.

    There are very few things that can turn a girl on like a man who truly desires her.

    "I want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world...", sang Rihanna.

    This lyrics echoes the desire of every woman.

    They want to be wanted.

    So one of the smart things you can do to turn a girl is to tell her how much you desire her.


    a.) "I want you so bad, right now"

    b.) "Thinking of you gets me so hot"

    c.) "I can't wait to fill your pussy with my cock"

    d.) "Baby, I've been thinking of fucking your sexy body all day long"

    e.) "Baby, your sexy body makes me lose control"

  • Statements of Intent: This is where you tell a girl what you are going to do to her.

    A preview of what's to come...

    It's important to note that the key to this is that you are serious.

    You mean everything you say and they are not intended as jokes or to be funny in any way.

    You don't let yourself any leeway to weasel out as if you were kidding.

    Sometimes when you say some of the these things, the girl will test you.

    She'll test to see if you're merely repeating some words you memorized from some source.

    Or if you're a ballsy man, with 100% conviction, who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to express it.

    These tests could come in many different forms...

    But usually, it comes in the way of looking at you in shock or surprise.

    As if to say, "Did you really just say that?"

    And the way to pass this test is to remain cool and not react to her "pretend shock" - as you asked her about the weather. 


    a.) "I'm going to get you pregnant"

    b.) "I am going to fill your pussy with my cum."

    c.) "I'm going to tie you up and fuck you hard and fast"

    d.) "I'm going to eat your pussy until you come all over my face."

    e.) "I'm going to spank you for being such a naughty girl."

  • Dominant Statements, Questions & Commands: One of the things women find most attractive and arousing in men is dominance.

    And you can convey a lot of this by telling her what to do or say - especially during sex.


    a.) "Get on your knees and suck my cock."

    b.) "Who's your daddy?"

    c.) "Say you're my horny little slut"

    d.) "Say I surrender my body to you baby"

    e.) "Who owns this pussy?"

    f.) "Bend over and put your ass in the air for me."