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What to Never Text a Girl You Just Met (Plus What to Text Her)

So, you’ve met a girl. Maybe you met her online, or at a bar the night before.

You’ve played it cool and managed to get her number. You’re about to send that crucial first text message when your brain freezes up and you panic.

You realize that you have no idea what to say.  

Ask ourselves; why are we texting this girl?

What’s our aim here?

There’s probably a hundred different answers, but all of them can be condensed down to:

You like this girl, and we want to let her know that we’re interested.

That’s it. Simple.

Maybe you just want to take her out for a few drink and see what happens.

Maybe you believe she could be your future partner, or maybe you just want to escalate the connection between you both.

Texting is a fundamental catalyst to any of these outcomes, which is why it’s important that we get it right.

When it comes to that crucial first text message, what you don’t say is actually more important than what you do.

There are no ‘hard rules’, but there are certain things to not do.


Don’t Be A Bore

First, we have to remember that the girl we’re texting has probably received millions of texts from guys in the past. So what we want to do is stand out from the crowd, appear confident, and get her attention all at once.

What this means is that, we must avoid all manner of boring conversation.

That means NONE of the following: ‘Hi, how are you?’, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ or ‘You okay?’, or any variation of these types of messages.

She doesn’t want to hear it. That isn’t going to do anything for her.

Instead, try something like:

Hey Kate, it’s Joe, the sexy man from last night?  Let me know if you want to chat”

Straight away you’ve established who you are, you’ve acknowledged her and you’ve done it with a dose of humor.


That’s much more memorable than ‘hey how’s it going?’


Short And Sweet

Secondly, it’s important to remember that women are attracted to guys who are naturally confident and masculine; two attributes which can be implied during texting.

Never use overly-feminine words or abbreviations like ‘gr8’ or ‘OMG’. Leave that to her!

Keep your messages as succinct as possible and don’t send her pages and pages of text.

Confidence is portrayed in short messages as it suggests you know exactly what you want to say and nothing more.

Remember to always appear interested in what she says, maintain an enthusiastic tone and keep the emojis to a minimum.

Absolutely, last night was amazing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. How did you find it?”


Don’t Overwhelm Her

Ever heard a girl say she loves guys who are needy and possessive?

Me neither.

These are two of the biggest turn offs possible, and avoiding coming across as either of them is vital in your initial messages.

Both neediness and possessiveness imply desperation, which is basically the opposite of confidence.

Guys can come across desperate when they overload her with text messages without giving her reasonable time to reply.

If she hasn’t replied within an hour, maybe she’s busy. Don’t immediately assume she’s ignoring you and send her another message.

Major turn off. 

A hotly-debated topic regarding texting women is the timing of messages and the periods between replying.

I’ll tell you right now: these aren’t important. 

It’s perfectly fine to text her first thing in the morning or reply to her messages within a few minutes of her sending them.

This does not come across as needy. In fact, it shows confidence. What’s important is the content of the message, not the time of the message.


A Means To An End

Chances are, if you’re texting this girl, you’d like to take things further.

Text messages are simply a means to meet up with a girl; it’s not the basis of your relationship with her.

What this means is that texting shouldn’t be used as a ‘get to know you’ device.

The real talking should be kept for when you meet up.

The last thing you want is to have talked about everything already via text and then ran out of things to say in the flesh!

Of course, you don’t want to jump in too soon with the ‘wanna go out with me sometime?’ question, so instead just imply it in your messages.

Intrigue is a big turn on for women, so keep it vague.

“Just got some brand new alloy wheels put on my car. I’ll make sure to bring it round yours sometime!”

You into rock music by any chance? Only asking ‘cause I’ve got a spare ticket for some concert next week.”

Texting has quickly become a crucial step to master in the dating world. It’s not going anywhere, so we need to get used to it.

At the same time we should remember that it’s not life or death, it’s simply just trying to get yourself across in the best light possible.

Written communication has always been a tricky subject because we’re relying only on our words; we aren’t able to convey our points with body language or non-verbal cues.

However, with a little bit of guidance we can make sure our text game is on point. 

13 Sure Signs She Wants You To Make a Move.

When a girl wants you to make a move, she will show you a lot of signs.

It's left for you to pickup on them and act.

The most she will do, 99% of the time, is show you, through her behavior that she's available.

And it is left for you to take action and make things happen.

I didn't make the rules. Making things happen is part of your role as the male.

Here are the signs she wants you to make a move:

  1. Eye-Contact: As I always say, eye contact is at the heart of attraction.

    On of the most important signs a girl who wants you to make a move will show is making direct eye contact with you.

    Trust me, if a girl isn't interested in you, she will go out of her way to not make eye contact with you.

  2. Proximity: A girl who wants you to make a move she will find ways to come close to where you are.

    You might be shopping in a supermarket and she'll "magically" appear beside you to browse the same isle.

    She does this to give you an opportunity to talk to her.

    You might be in a coffee shop and she'll move from where she is to come sit closer to you.

    Or she might walk in, see you, and come to sit around you.

    A lot of times, when a girl comes close to you, it's not by accident.

    I can remember during my freshman year, we had these common course with the Electrical Electronics engineering department.

    And there was this cute girl in the department that I had a massive crush on.

    I didn't have the balls to approach her. And had never spoken to her.

    But in a single week, she approached me twice to ask me for the time!

    Two times in a single week!

    I don't "signs" can get more blatant than that - besides her clubbing me over the head and dragging me back to her cave...

    Well, I wish I could tell you I was the man and took the hint and made things happen.

    But alas, I was a pussy then and let the opportunity slip.

    But there's a lesson here...

    You know those kind of girls you see and you fall in love the first minute, she was that kind of girl for me.

    Every guy has his type...

    The first second I saw her I fell in love.

    Smart, simple and deeply feminine.

    And when she smiles, it's like the sun shinning through the firmaments...

    I felt this way about her, BUT I thought she was out of my league.

    The lesson here is that most of the girls you like already like you. And Will like you!

    Stop selling yourself short. You're also her type!

  3. Invading Your Personal Space: In a country I traveled to sometime, I had this Indian friend who would come really close (a few inches from your face) when he speaks to you.

    If I take a step back he'll move closer...

    Of course this made me uncomfortable because he was invading my personal space.

    We all have a certain radius that is someone violated will trigger discomfort in us (our arousal if it's a cute girl you like).

    When a girl wants you to make a move, one of the signs she will show will be invading your personal space - constantly.

    Also, when you invade hers she'll be very cool with it and won't react negatively.

  4. She asks about your plans for later: This is a great sign.

    Means she wants to know if you're free later, so you guys can hangout.

    It's left for you to add two and two together and understand what's going on.

    And as I always say, it's your job to make things happen.

    The most she'll do is show you these "signs". It's left for you to "decode" them and take action.

  5. She tries to know more about you: Even when a girl is curious about a guy, but isn't attracted she will usually not ask him anything...

    ...because she doesn't want to lead him on.

    The more you get to know women, you will see that one of the earliest signs she she shows when she becomes attracted is asking you about you.

    "What's your name" 

    "Where are you from"

    "Blah blah blah..."

    The questions themselves are not important. What matters is the "sign"...

    ...She's attracted and wants you to make a move and move things forward.

  6. She touches you a lot: Girls don't touch people by accident.

    Especially not repeatedly.

    One of the more obvious signs a girl wants you to make a move is touching you.

    It could be just walking really close to you so that your arms and shoulders are touching.

    Or she could reach out and hold your hand while you guys walking (or link arms with you).

    It could be her playfully hitting you when you tease her or same something mildly outrageous.

    The thing is, she'll go out her way to touch you - most times for no reason.

  7. She smiles at you: Smiling is an "invitation".

    When a girl wants you to make a move, she'll smile at you a lot.

    If you look across the room and catch her eye, she'll smile before looking away.

    And if you guys are engaged in conversation, she'll be all smiles.

    Smiling says: "I'm open and receptive".

  8. She responds positively to physical contact from you: Ten times out of ten, if you touch a girl who isn't interested in you she's going to move away from the touch.

    Even, girls who are already attracted to you might move away from your touch in the early stages.

    So a sure sign that a girl likes you, and wants you to take things further is if she's receptive to physical contact from you.

    Could be a touch on the shoulder, taking her hand, putting your hand on the small of her back or even sitting on your lap.

    If she lets these happen, then know for sure that she wants you to make a move.

  9. She tells you about her free schedule: Why do you think a girl will tell you about her free schedule?

    So that you will ask her out!

    Girls don't just volunteer this sort of info to random dudes.

    Remember, because she's a girl, and because of how she's "wired", the most she can do to assist you is drop hints.

    And on the scale of signs, this is a solid 10/10.

    So be the man you're meant to be and suggest a meetup.

  10. She keeps in touch: Maybe you met at some event or night out and exchanged numbers.

    And since then she regularly calls to keep in touch and check up on you.

    Take the hint...

    She likes you and wants you to make a move.

  11. She gets comfortable in private with you: Women are generally apprehensive of men.

    And instinctively they know it's dangerous to be in a private location with a man they don't like and trust.

    She could get raped or even killed.

    So if a girl comes to your house, alone, relaxes and makes herself comfortable with you, that should tell you a lot.

    It doesn't mean she's ready to have sex with you that instant.

    But if you play your cards right, it could happen same day, in a few days or in couple of weeks. 

  12. She spends time and money to do stuff for you (Investment):

    When a girl likes you, she will "invest".

    She will travel long distances to come and see you.

    She will spend money to buy you stuff.

    Or cook for you, etc.

    When a girl goes out of her way to do stuff for you, take the hint and make a move.

  13. She gets sexual or raises sexual topics when you talk:

    Well, if a girl gets sexual with you, you don't need to be reading this article.

    You don't need anyone to give you any tips because "it's ON"...

    A related thing a girl who wants you to make a move will do is raise sexual topics with you.

    Finally, a lot of times, a girl who likes you and wants you to make a move will show you no sign.

    So always take the initiative.

    If you see a girl you like, approach her. Because that is the only to confirm.

    I hope you benefited from this article as I intended.

    Let me know you thoughts below...

What it Means When a Girl Stares At You

When a girl stares as you it means one and only one thing: interest!

A girl staring at you means she likes what she sees and is interested to know/find out more.

The biggest body language sign of attraction is eye contact. And if a girl stares at you for more than 3 seconds she's massively attracted.

And at this point it is your job to make things happen.

99% of the time the most a woman who is attracted you will do is stare briefly...even if she's already wet and dripping for you.

It is your job to take the relationship from starring to lovers.

What to do when a girl stares at you.

Simply walk over and say hi.

Believe me there's hardly a downside to this.

At the worst, she might not be receptive, for some random reason, and at best you could get a new girlfriend or lover that will get your dick wet tonight.

Don't wait for too long before you approach. Waiting makes her thing you're not confident and are afraid to approach her.

When a girl stares at you try to approach in approximately 3 seconds.

Hesitation makes you think and doubt yourself, and when you think about what could go wrong, you paralyze yourself with fear. 

A girl will appreciate it more if you approached her with nothing well thought out or prepared to say and just said whatever came to your mind in real-time.

If you do this, you'll appear more authentic, spontaneous and attractive to the girl.

So your lesson for to day is to not hesitate to approach when ever a girl stares at you - because she's already massively interested in you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts below...

How To Stay Out of The Friend Zone (5 Critical Things You Must Know)

Staying out of the friend zone is easy.

The key is to not act in ways that signal "loser" or "beta male" to a woman's brain.

When you first meet a girl, she quickly groups you into either:

  • Sex-worthy or
  • Non Sex-worthy

And this categorization is based on your behavior.

How you act...

Not your looks, or bank account balance, or whatever.

But strictly on your behavior.

So today, I will show you how to stay out of the friend-zone forever. 

How to stay out of the friend-zone:

  1. Be Sexual: This is the single biggest one.

    Be a man with a dick. Act like it.

    Don't hide your sexuality and try to be "friends first".

    You see that? Friends first?

    This is exactly what lands you in the friend-zone to begin with - because you are trying to be a friend.

    What you want to come across as is her LOVER, not her friend!

    What most guys do is that they try to be her asexual friend first - with the intention of being sexual later...

    But this always backfires spectacularly.

    You know how first-impressions are hard to break?


    So when you hide your sexual intentions at the beginning, she gets the first-impression of this guy who isn't sexual.

    Maybe she thinks you're not attracted to her, or that you're impotent, or that you're a wuss.

    Which ever one, you just lands you in the friend-zone.

    And getting out out of the friend zone to become her lover is almost impossible.

    It's like pretending you're a girl like her, and then later in the relationship you jump out one evening, pull up your dress and scream: "Surprise, surprise, I have a dick!"

    Don't be that guy.

    Act like a Lover.

    Touch her in ways a friend won't.

    Look at her like you can't wait to rip her clothes off and get her pregnant.

  2. Don't Be Too Nice: Now, don't get me wrong, it's great to be a courteous, polite, pleasant and respectful person

    ...but not because you are interacting with a girl!

    This has to be your baseline behavior towards everyone.

    But do not over do it either.

    What most guys think is that if they're nice and never offend the girl and do everything a girl wants, she will like them.

    But this is very far from the truth.

    When you're overly nice to a girl, it makes her feel attracted to you less.

    She knows you're not that nice to everyone, and if you're that nice to her then you're doing it in order to "get something"'re doing it to "trick" her into having sex with you.

    And they feel repulsed by this.

    The best way for people to like you is to just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

    So when you're with a girl you like, be your normal self.

    Say NO to requests you don't want to grant. And don't overly inconvenience yourself to please her.

    Being too nice to a girl is a guaranteed way to land in the friend zone.

    So don't be too nice!

  3. Lead: One of the most attractive masculine traits is leadership.

    ...being the one to make things happen.

    When you meet a girl, she wants you to take her on a journey.

    She wants to relax while you make things happen.

    So, it is your role and duty as a man to guide your interaction in the direction you want.

    It's your job to choose places to go hangout, eat, drink, watch movies, etc.

    You will notice that even when you ask girls where she wants you guys to go and eat, or what she wants to cook, etc, that she'll throw the question back at you.

    Or simply say. "I don't know".

    She wants you to make the decision.

    She wants you to take charge.

    If you don't take the lead as a man and make things happen, then she won't see you as a worthy male for her sexual interest.

    So leading will help you stay out of the friend zone.

  4. Don't Be a Provider Male: When you meet a woman you'd want to sleep o have a relationship, it is in your best interest to go easy on spending and showing off you material wealth.

    Because you would be sending the wrong message...

    Women place guys in either of two categories:

     => Alphas/Lovers or

     => Betas/Providers.

    Alphas have all the sex while the providers, well provide.

    When you attempt to buy a woman's affections with money and gifts, she goes in her head, "Hmmm...he must be trying to compensate for something".

    "Who knows what's wrong with him?"

    And the more you try to impress her, the more it backfires and the more her legs clam shut.

    And the more you try the more pathetic and unattractive you appear.

    But guess what, everyone loves a free meal ticket. So she won't be quick to tell you off.

    She'll keep you around (in the friend zone) because she gets a lot of material goods from you.

  5. Don't Be An Emotional Tampon: A lot of guys believe wrongly that if they are open and sensitive, and lend a listening ear to her troubles with other men

    That she will eventually come to the realization that "Wow! Look at this sensitive, caring and attentive man who likes me", "To hell with all those jerks who are not like this man"

    "I choose you instead!"

    Unfortunately, it's never gonna happen.

    Sure, it's good advice to listen to a someone you want to get to know better or even date.

    But don't be her emotional tampon.

    Don't be the dumping ground for all her problems with men.

    That's what her girlfriends are for...

    When you let a girl whine to you about her troubles with men, she starts to see you as one of her girlfriends and less as a lover.

    So if you want to stay out of the friend zone, don't become her "girlfriend".

6 Guaranteed Tips To Get a Girl To Like You (And Feel Massive Attraction)

So there's a beautiful girl in your sights...

How do you get her attention, and make her like YOU of all the guys in the world?

I'll tell you...

Guaranteed Ways To Make A Girl Like You:

  1. Be Authentic:​ You know the popular dating advice of "be yourself"?


    It's actually very effective advice if you put it use.

    The problem with most guys is that don't think they are cool enough.

    They think that women only like certain kinds of men and so they try to imitate them.

    But the simple truth is, so long as you have a backbone, women will like you for whatever type of person you are.

    So be yourself...

    If you're a nerd, then own your "nerdiness".

    It doesn't matter if your hobby is butterfly collection, racing cars or rock climbing women will like you just as much if you're masculine.

  2. Like and Accept Yourself: This is the biggest one. 

    For girls to like you, you have to like and accept yourself, first!

    On your own, you have to view yourself as a worthwhile person.

    Because if you don't consider yourself deserving, you're going to have a hard time getting girls to like you.

    And the secret to make yourself deeply feel deserving is to accept yourself as you are RIGHT NOW.

    Sure, in the nearest future, you want to be rich and better sculpted and drive a better car, live in a better house, etc.

    All that's well and good.

    But you have to accept yourself as you are today and not wait until you reach those goals before you begin to feel worthy of women.

    Are you overweight? Accept it.

    Bald? Accept it.

    Walk with a limp? Accept it.

    Drive a beat up car? Own that shit!

    Only when you accept yourself can you feel deserving.

    Look around you and you will see people who have the same seeming handicaps you think you have (or worse) who are doing well with girls.

  3. Be Interested: "To be interesting, be interested", said Dale Carnegie.

    The most interesting topic for anyone is themselves.

    People love to talk about themselves - especially women.

    So if you want a girl to like you, you have to be genuinely interested, first.

    That's why I always advise that you only go after girls you really like because sincere interest is hard to fake.

    It's hard for people to not like when you who like them.

    People who like us and show interest in us make us feel important and valued and so we tend to want them around us.

    A big part of being interested and showing interest is listening.

    Listening says, "I think you're important, I value what you have to say and I like you".

    Listening is a massive compliment because attention is scarce.

    I'm sure you've heard girls say they like guys who are good listeners.

    I'll end with this quote from Jennie Jerome (Winston Churchill's mom)...

    "When I left the dining room after sitting next to Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But when I sat next to Disraeli I left feeling that I was the cleverest woman."

    Guess who she'll prefer to hangout with next time?

    Of course!

  4. Be Confident: The number one attribute women find irresistible in men is confidence.

    If you're not confident and free, you'll infect her with your hesitation, shyness and timidity.

    As always, the girl follows your lead.

    So if you want a girl to like you, you need to make interaction not weird for her by confident and outgoing. 

    And a big part of feeling confident is self-acceptance.

  5. Be Approachable: This might seem very little, but it's huge.

    At some point in my life, I had the wrong impression of what being "alpha" meant. 

    So I turned into Clint Eastwood!

    I became unemotional.

    When I spoke with girls, I would do so with a straight face, and speak in my deepest voice.

    Now that I think about it - SCARY!

    Women are naturally scared of men.

    We are bigger, faster and stronger.

    The same type of healthy fear you will feel around big horse, bull or domesticated lion.

    So because of this, you need to put in an extra effort into being approachable.

    Smile and be friendly and girls will like you more, and feel more comfortable around you. 

  6. Make Her Jealous: Girls find you more attractive if they see you in the company of other girls.

    They are evolutionarily programmed to behave so.

    They just can't help it.

    When a girl sees you with other girls she automatically assumes you are attractive and "special" for the other girls to be with you.

    And if you've approached the girl you want before she sees you with other girls, her interest level will increase and she will try harder to get your attention and to keep you for herself.

    Jealousy, from seeing you with other attractive girls makes girls who were previously lukewarm towards you to suddenly like you more.

    That's it for this article. Hope you enjoyed it!

    Let me know your thoughts below...

What to Text a Girl After a First Date (The 4 Different Texts)

You've just had a great first date with a lovely girl.

What do you text her afterwards to keep her interest hot and make her go on future dates with you.

And maybe even date you?

I'll tell you...

The 4 Texts to Send After a First Date:

  1. Ask if she got home safely: This is a great way to show her that you care. 

    Showing interest in a girl's welfare increases her level of trust and comfort with you.

    Personally, what I usually like to do is ask the girl to let me know when she gets home.

    I use it as a test.

    If she calls or texts to let you know she got home safely, then it's clear as day that she's still interested in you.

  2. Tell her you had a good time: Text her to let her know how much you enjoyed her company.

    Like you, she might also have doubts about how much of a good time you had.

    By letting her know you enjoyed her company, you put her mind at rest and keep her looking forward to a future date with you.

  3. Text her about a specific fun moment or topic you shared or discussed:

    This is a sort of "call-back". 

    By bringing up enjoyable moments you had, you help to cement in her mind how enjoyable your company is.

    Also, you guys can easily continue whatever conversation it was over the phone.

    An easy way to get something to talk about.

  4. Text her about future plans: Obviously, you had a good time and want to see her again.

    And since you're the man, and have the responsibility of leading the "relationship" to where you want it to go, it up to you to arrange another meet.

    Just text her something like, "Let play pool at Joe's on Thursday, after you get off work. I'll whoop you ass!"

Some important texting tips:

  • Don't send massive walls of text: Women love brevity and stoicism in men.

    Leave long conversations for face-to-face or over a voice call.

    Let your texts be short and sweet.
  • Don't text two times in a row: No matter how long it takes for her to respond - wait.

    Don't be needy.

    Girls are crazy. At times they might take 48 hours to respond to your message. 

    Sometimes it's a test to see if you're needy - which is a massive turn off for them. At other times she might just have been super busy and forgot.

    Whatever the case, just chill.

    If you're going to text two times in a row, at the minimum, do so after a few days.

8 Guaranteed Signs a Girl Likes You As More Than a Friend

When a girl likes you as more than a friend, it's easy to tell.

But you'll need to know what signs to look out for.

So today, I'll reveal to you how to know if a girl likes you as more than a friend.

8 Signs To Know a Girl Likes You As More Than a Friend:

  1. She enjoys spending time with you: A girl who likes you and wants to be more than friends will enjoy spending time with you.

    She will go out of her way to be with you because she enjoys your company.

    Even when she finishes late from work or school, she'll still want to come and see you - even if it's just for a little while.

    When she has an event to attend she'll invite you. Or want to follow you to events you want to attend.

  2. Touches you often: Girls like to touch and be touched by guys they like.

    A good sign a girl wants you as more than a friend is constantly touching you.

    She will hit your arm when you tell a joke or tease her.

    When you hug she'll hold you tight.

    And she'll find opportunities to initiate hugs with you - and will be very receptive when you do.

    She'll fall into you fully when you hug - with her breasts and full body pressing into you.

    When you two walk on the road she might hold your hand or link up arms with you.

    She will use any opportunity to make physical contact with you.

  3. Laughs extra hard at your jokes: You and I know you're not that funny 🙂

    But when a girl likes you as more than a friend, from her feedback, you'll think you're the funniest guy on the planet.

    The slightest thing you say and she's laughing and laughing...

    But you need to realize the root of laughter...

    It is a signal for submission (and also vibing).

    Imagine if you were to visit the president today, you'll be "shining" your teeth like an idiot.

    And will laugh your ass off at anything he says.

    Search for the pictures of any president, or high ranking person, celebrity or CEO. You'll see that people are always smiling and laughing in their presence.

    That's what she doing with you.

    She's telling you: "I submit to you", "I want to vibe with you".

    She laughs at your joke because she finds you attractive.

  4. Holds lingering eye-contact with you: Prolonged eye contact with a girl is sexual.

    A girl who finds you sexually attractive and wants to be more than friends will make lots and lots of eye contact with you.

    And she will hold it.

    You can't miss this...

    It a magical surreal feeling.

    And your body will be flooded with a cocktail of feel good chemicals.

    That's what the girl feels too.

    Girls don't hold prolonged eye contact by accident.

    It's either you've threatened her, or they want to fuck you.

  5. Flashes lots of skin in your presence: A girl who likes you already wants you to touch her in all the ways you could possibly imagine.

    But because you are a dunce - just kidding 🙂 - she has to hit you over the head first to make you take her.

    What's a girl to do?

    You leave her no option but to try and seduce you.

    Remember, as I always say, it's the man's duty to lead and make things happen. And she knows this.

    So what does she do?

    The next best thing...

    She pulls out all the stops to make you get sexual with her.

    She wears skimpy clothing when she's coming to see you.

    She removes some of her clothes when she's alone with you.

    Or in some instances, undresses before you.

    It's now left for you to pick up these signals and act.

  6. She's comfortable discussing sexual topics with you:

    A girl who likes you as more than a friend will usually have no problem discussing sexual topics with you.

    Somehow hoping that this will trigger you to take action.

    The conversation might be about sexual likes and dislikes. Select past sexual experiences, etc.

  7. She calls you at odd hours: There are certain hours that it would be inappropriate for someone who is not a lover to call you at.

    She's going to call you then.

    Maybe she's about to sleep off and she'll call to wish you a good night.

    She might call very early in the morning to find out how your night went.

    Or she might also call and text you repeatedly during the day.

    When girls like you and want to be more than friends, they'll increase the frequency of their communication with you.

  8. She'll do things for you: This is perhaps the biggest one...

    A girl who wants to be more than friends will go out her way to do favors for you.

    I like to use the word "invest".

    When a girl likes you she will invest her time, energy and money in your affairs.

    She'll cook for you, maybe help you clean up your place. Perhaps help you with your shopping too.

    She'll make sacrifices to please you and will even spend her money to buy things for you.

12 Most Important Body Language Signs That Show a Girl Likes You

When you know what signs to look for, you will quickly learn that every girl's body is a 24-hour broadcasting station constantly revealing information about their inner state, desires and intentions.

And if a girl likes you, she can't hide this.

Her body language will leak out this information.​

You've seen these signs severally.

Subconsciously, you know what they are.

On a level, you can "feel" when a girl is displaying signs of interest towards you. But consciously, you doubt.​

Today, I will reveal to you what these body language signs are, so that you can easily tell when a girl likes you.

Even, not only can she not conceal her interest. She will also actively unleash a barrage of flirtation to seduce you.

​Here are the 12 most important body language signs that show a girl likes you:

  1. Playing with her hair: This is also called preening.

    When a girl is attracted to a man, on of the most common body language signs she'll show is touching her hair, running her hands through it and straightening it repeatedly.

    She could also repeatedly toss her hair from side to side. Or back into a bun and release it, then do it all over again.

    Twirling her hair too, or generally "playing" with it.

    You get the idea...

    This hair touching business might sound weird to you until you understand the scientific reason behind it.

    Men are attracted to youth and fertility in women.

    And one of the visual cues a man can use to know a young fertile woman is her hair.

    We evolved in an environment where hair dyes, extensions and weave-ons were absent.

    So a woman couldn't fake how her hair looked.

    In essence, when a girl is "playing" with her hair, she's saying to you: "Hey, I like you. I want you to like me too. See, I'm young, fresh and fertile."

    Come and take me...

  2. Eye-Contact: One of the biggest body language signs you can get from a girl is eye-contact.

    A girl who is attracted to you will maintain prolonged eye contact with you.

    We look at things we like, and we want to see more of these things. So when a girl who likes you holds eye contact, her pupils become dilated (they widen to take more of you in).

    If she's across the room, she'll look at you from time to time and look away.

    And when your eye catches her's, she'll look down and then away...

    Then a few moments later she'll make eye contact again.

    This is as blatant as it gets folks.

    If this happens to you, then the girl wants you to come over and talk to her.

    At this point, it's up to you to be a man with balls and walk over to where she is and initiate a conversation.

    Looking at you like that, from across to room, or wherever is called an approach invitation.

    And if you are attracted to the girl, then you should always act immediately.

    Don't hesitate.

    Hesitation makes you doubt, and doubt causes fear.

    When you get up and walk over to her within 3 seconds, you leave your brain no space to manufacture excuses and unpleasant scenarios.

    The resultant effect is that you are in the moment when you interact with her.

    And because you are in the moment you come across as authentic.

    And by merely getting up walking over to her to her at once, you demonstrate to her that a man with courage, confidence and balls of steel.

    ...things way more important than anything that could ever come out of your mouth

    What's there not to love in a ballsy guy like you?

    And always remember the popular saying: "He who hesitates masturbates".

  3. Smiling: A girl who likes you will smile at you a lot.

    As humans, it's one of the most notable body language signs we use to show warmth, openness and interest.

  4. Touching (or making physical contact with you): A girl who likes you will invade your personal space.

    She will touch you severally and also make contact with her body.

    You will make a silly joke or tease her and she act like it's the funniest thing anyone has ever said and hit your arm.

    When you hug, she'll fall fully into you. 

    And when you make physical contact with her she won't recoil or move away.

    If you take her hand, she'll leave it there and even hold on to you.

    This type of body language sign is called Haptic Communication.

  5. Coming Close To You (Proximity): If you are yet to meet, a girl who likes you will "magically" keep appearing close to you in the hopes that you will engage her and begin a conversation.

    In a supermarket, she might come close to where you are to scan the isle, or decide to pickup stuff right in front of you.

    In some cases I've had girls blatantly walk right into me on the walkway.

    You could also be walking on the street and she will walk over to your side in order to walk right by you.

    ...all in hopes that you will talk to her.

  6. She removes clothing, wears revealing clothes or lifts her dress to reveal more skin:

    What is a girl who likes you trying to do with her body language?

    She's trying to seduce you!

    All these body language signs, they're really just seduction at different intensities.

    A sign a girl who likes you might show is removing clothing, because she's "hot" or in other to feel more comfortable.

    But right now, we actually know what's going on...

    Subconsciously, or dare I say, consciously, she wants you to see more skin or have a better view of her lovely figure and become aroused (and more interested in her).

    If she's coming out to meet you, she might opt for tight fitting, or very revealing clothing.

    Well, you know why.

    And if you're sitting together, she might slightly lift her skirt or blouse to reveal more skin.

    Or unbutton her shirt to show more of her cleavage.

    This is also how girls who are single and hanging out with the intention of meeting a guy for sex tend to dress.

  7. She's receptive to physical contact from you: She doesn't flinch when you touch her. 

    And sometimes even reciprocates.

    This is a big sign.

    A girl who doesn't like you will move away when you touch her.

    Physical contact between a man and a woman that lasts more than a few seconds is sexual in nature.

    And if she let's it happen, it means she likes you, and is attracted to you.

  8. She touches herself: She could start stroking her thighs, hands, etc.

    She does this because she subconsciously wants you to touch her.

  9. She faces you fully: A girl who is interested in you will give you her full attention.

    And part of this is facing you fully with her body - with both feet pointed towards you. 

    Also, her body language will be "open" and welcoming towards you.

    That means she won't cross her arms in front, or have an object, like a handbag, between the two of you.

  10. Laughing, giggling and playfulness: Another sign a girl who likes you will show a lot is laughing and giggling at things you say - like a little school girl.

    And if you two are yet to meet, and you're talking with someone nearby, she'll laugh quite loudly at things you say in other to get your attention.

    She also tends to become playful in a childlike manner. This is to show you that her guard is down

  11. Exposes her neck: This is one of the sexiest things you could ever see a girl do.

    For me personally, I find it sexy as hell.

    An example would be reaching over her head with her right hand, and then, in one motion, packing all her hair over her right shoulder...

    ...and then looking up to expose her neck.


  12. Biting her lower lip (while looking in your eyes):

    This sign is unmistakable.

    It is the fuck me now look...

    She's right in your face - biting her lower lip. Looking you dead in the eye with a seductive sparkle in her eyes.

How To Easily Get a Girl’s Number (Every Time You Ask)

Just ask for it matter-of-factly, like it's no big deal - because it isn't.

She's not doing you a favor by giving it to you.

This is a mutual exchange of value.

You'll enjoy her future company, and she will enjoy yours too - because you're a cool guy.

If not her, then another lucky girl.

You could go, "Let's meet up later tonight at XYZ place".

And if she says ok, I go "What's your number?" and bring out my phone.

If she isn't sure of making it on that day, I still bring out my phone and take her number - so we can arrange a future meet.

Dos & Don't for asking a girl for her number:

  1. Walk up to her confidently: The number 1 attribute women find attractive in men is confidence.

    So there shouldn't be any wishy-washiness about your approach.

    No timidity nonsense...

    Be direct in expressing your intent.

    You think she's hot, lovely, attractive, adorable, etc. And that's why you came over to talk to her.

    You're not walking up to a lion.

    She's just a cute, harmless little girl.

    So what's there to be tense about?

    Being confident and relaxed makes the girl relax too. But if you're tense and timid, then you'll infect her with your nervousness.

    And this "uncomfortableness" makes want to leave at once.

  2. Don't ask for her number immediately: If you walk up to a girl and immediately ask for her number, it's kinda weird.

    There's no context.

    So chat her up first. Then go for it.

    Of course, the circumstances of your interaction will determine how long before you do. 

    If you meet her on the street and she's in a hurry to get to a meeting or something... 

    Then, naturally, the interaction will be a short one, and you'd ask for her number sooner.

  3. Don't get her number for the numbers sake: To be honest...

    A girl's phone number, by itself, is useless.

    It's just like someone giving you the GPS coordinates to a secure military base.

    Yes, you have the location, but they won't let you in when you get there.

    What you want instead is an invitation or a clearance.

    So you should only get a girl's number as a means to meet up at a later time.

    Not for its own sake.

    It is a logistical tool. 

    So make plans to meet up with her later, then ask for her number so you can coordinate the meetup.

    I usually say something like, "Let's meetup later tonight at XXX place".

    And if she says OK, I go "What's your number", and whip out my phone".

    If she isn't sure of making it on that day, I still whip out my phone and take her number - so we can arrange a future meet.

    As I said earlier, a number is mostly useless.

    You can't fuck it.

  4. Try to establish yourself in her mind: One of the biggest headaches you would encounter after you get a girl's number is "flakiness" and non-engagement.

    You call or text her and she doesn't pick or respond.

    Or you schedule a date and she doesn't show up.

    This is a very common problem, and you can drastically reduce it by taking certain actions at the point of getting her number.

    The solution is simple: engage her longer before you get her number - whenever possible.

    You see, one of the biggest reasons for flaking and non-engagement after getting her number is that she no longer remembers you.

    You're now some guy she met sometime in the past.

    A blur in her memory, unlike when you were a real flesh and blood person before her eyes...

    So the way to solve this is to have a longer interaction when you meet, if possible.

    What I usually do is ask the girl for a "quick date".

    I tell her, "Let's sit over there for a minute." Or I tell her to follow me to so and so place.

    If she agrees, then now we're a couple on a date. Not some guy who took her number.

    Another potent "trick" I use is to call her right there and then, and playfully tell her to pick up.

    When she does, I just say some stupid shit for a little for a while and then hang up.

    They always find this funny.

    But the big thing it accomplishes is that it breaks the psychological barrier of me being some stranger she has never spoken with on the phone.

    When you do this, you will see that her chances of responding and picking up when you call later increases exponentially.

120 Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl (And Hold Her Full Attention)

So you've met a girl you like.

What topics do you talk to her about to get her attention, keep her interested...

And make her want to come back to you for more?

I've got you covered!

So below, not only will I show 120 interesting topics to talk about with a girl.

I will also show you the right way to go about about it so that the girl gets to like you more.

Conversations are just tools.

First, you have to understand that when you talk with a girl that conversations are just tools.

  • ​Tools for you two to have fun
  • Tools to connect with her better.
  • Tools to make her like you and find you more interesting
  • Tools to get to know her better and
  • Tools to get her to know you better.

So the purpose of the topics you talk about with a girl are not to necessarily discuss facts or to arrive at a "destination" - like scientists in a lab, or people engaged in a debate.

...The only purpose is for you two "vibe".

For you two to have a good time.

So you should treat the topics with levity.

If a topic gets boring, or starts getting too serious, or she becomes uncomfortable. Freely jump to another topic.

Talking with a girl is not an interview or some sort of interrogation.

And you cannot vibe with a girl when the atmosphere of your interaction is "all serious".

And now that you understand this, let's get into the topic of the day...

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