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How To Be The “Prize” That Women Chase.

Now, you are already such a big pimp.

Eye-contact ————- CHECK
Tonality —————– CHECK
Self-amusement ——- CHECK
Non-reactiveness —— CHECK
Non-neediness ——— CHECK
All-shades-of-awesome ——— check, check, check!

You can now easily walk up to girls, and within seconds they are all drooling over you. 

And even without this feedback, YOU already know you’re the shit.

You stand tall like a champ. Walk like a champ. Lead like a champ, breath like a champ. And maybe even fvck like a champ.

But somehow, your charm and awesomeness seem to wear thin, with each particular girl, as the hours and days go by.

With each passing second she seems to find you less and less attractive.


Less and less compliance.

Less investment.

Less chasing…

WTF, you ask?! Are these girls blind?


You simply have to realize that being awesome is not enough.

You have to PRIZE your awesomeness.

You prize your awesomeness by making it SCARCE and something to be chased and earned.


Value vs Perceived Value…

First, need to UNDERSTAND the concepts of Value…and then Perceived Value.

Think about the World Cup trophy for a second…

Every footballer covets it.

Grown men break down in tears on winning it.

And most winners, without hesitation, tell you that it was the best moment of their lives.

The trophy represents VICTORY. But more importantly, it beams the spotlight on your specialness for the world to see.

Now, what if FIFA decides to award the next trophy based on a lucky-dip draw. How special would the eventual winners feel?

I read an article once about how diamonds are actually plentiful, and how a company, De Beers artificially controls the supply to create the illusion of scarcity.

And because of this manufactured scarcity, people pay a fortune to acquire them. 


How much value do you place on air?

You can’t survive 5 minutes without oxygen, but if I told you I had 1 gazillion cubic meters of air for $1, I doubt you would even look at me twice.

…because air is abundant and readily available.

Right now, how much do you really value water…


“The trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking away.”

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook.)


Now that you can easily communicate value. The thing to do is to dispense it gradually, even grudgingly.

Start holding back.

Don’t be easily won over.

Have real, exacting standards that you want women to meet before you are sold on them.

Your attention is the ultimate reward, so make her WORK and invest to earn it.

I’ll close with this insightful short story from The 48 Laws of Power:

While serving under the duke Ai of Lu, T’ien Jao, resenting his obscure position, said to his master, “I am going to wander far away like a snow goose.” 

“What do you mean by that?” inquired the Duke. “Do you see the cock?” said T’ien Jao in reply.

“Its crest is a symbol of civility; its powerful talons suggest strength; its daring to fight any enemy denotes courage; its instinct to invite others whenever food is obtained shows benevolence; and, last but not least, its punctuality in keeping the time through the night gives us an example of veracity.

In spite, however, of these five virtues, the rooster is daily killed to fill a dish on your table. Why? The reason is that it is found with in our reach.

On the other hand, the snow goose traverses on one flight a thousand li. Resting in your garden, it preys on your fishes and turtles and pecks your millet. Though devoid of any of the cock’s five virtues, yet you prize this bird for the sake of its scarcity. This being so, I shall fly far like a snow goose.”

So you too, my friend, should also “fly far away like the snow goose”.

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