How to Approach a Girl at The Gym.

How do you approach a girl at the gym smoothly...

Without drawing too much attention to yourself, and successfully get her out on a date with you?

I'll tell you...

  1. Be mindful of the gym "environment"(Take it Slow): Approaching a girl at the gym is different from approaching a girl in public.

    Since the gym is not exactly a bar or club, you have to approach the girls there differently.

    In another place, different from the gym, I would have advised that you be very direct in your approach.

    But since most people at the gym are more serious minded and focused on their workout.

    Then you need to be a little less direct.

    I hate to say "indirect", because indirect is a word men hide behind to act like p*ssies.

    But in approaching a woman at the gym, the circumstance calls for it.

    First, you need to get her to notice you as another member.

    So you should proceed in this order:

      => Get on greeting terms with her.

      => Then move to small talk.

      => And then ask her out.

    Now, circumstances can dictate a different approach.

    Myself for example...

    I am very experienced in dealing with girls, and also very socially calibrated.

    I can easily tell from a woman's signs when she's already into me and when she is open for speeding things up.

    I've done some things others would consider quite "daring and ballsy" in the gym.

    But I was only able to do them because, from experience, I already know what to expect.

    I've done this a number of times but (caveat!) don't do it unless you know what you're doing...

    Personally, I love ass...

    And in my development as a man, I've come to a place where I simply get aroused when I see a woman I find attractive.

    No thoughts whatsoever.

    So, a number of times, I've seen girls running on the treadmill, become aroused, and have gone over to compliment their ass and show them my boner.

    Now, these were girls I've lightly spoken to and could ascertain their interest levels.

    However, I've complimented girls at the gym on their lovely ass, right on meeting them for the first time.

    (Important: When I pulled these moves, I made sure she was the only one who could see or hear me.

    If you approach her this way, when others in the gym can see or hear. She will feel slutty. And if you make her feel slutty, she will shut you down.)

    But as a "beginner", keep it simple, and take it slow.

    Because that's how I also play it most of the time.

    But the reason to know the "rules" is to know when to break them without unwanted consequences. 

    As you become better at handling girls, you'll realize that every action you take is correct.

    Anything you do would be right because you did it.

  2. Be confident: To approach a woman at the gym, or anywhere else for that matter, confidence is key.

    Confidence is the single biggest thing women find attractive in men.

    So when you approach her, don't second-guess yourself.

    Don't half-ass it.

    If you commit fully to the approach then she'll be into it.

    Once you decide to engage her. Tune out other people in the environment.

    Pretend to yourself that it's just the two of you there - if you have to.

    Also, if you attempt to calculate your every move, you'll massively get into your head and then psych yourself out.

    Micromanaging your behaviour will magnify your approach anxiety.

    Just say "fuck it" and do it.

    After all, at the end of the day, she's just a harmless little girl.

    Your ancestors faced worse circumstances...

    They fought in wars, battled wild animals and sailed across oceans.

    The only difficult things you have to do today is play Battlefield and talk to girls.

    "Oh, your life is so hard!"

    Don't be a p*ssy.

    Important: Don't use pickup lines when you approach, they're lame and ineffective.

  3. Time your approach right: If she's in the middle of a rep, it will serve you well not to interrupt her.

    Because at this point, she will not be very receptive to your approach.

    You want to wait until she's completely done with her workout. 

    Or you could approach her when she's on the treadmill (I've done this several times) but don't stay for too long.

    And also approach and stand closer to her front, so she doesn't have to crane her neck too much to the side to engage with you.

    I'm sure you also don't want her falling off the treadmill.

    You could engage her a bit and then leave.

    Another good time to approach is before or after a class. There's usually time for a small amount of socializing.

    But, really, there's only so much time to engage with a girl in the gym, so your ultimate objective is to keep it short a and arrange a meet at a later time. 

  4. Be Social (Use Social-Proof): Before you approach a girl at the gym, you could make her see you as popular and friendly before you two exchange a word.

    The way to achieve this is by being friendly to/with other people in the gym (especially in her immediate vicinity).

    And people are more open and receptive to someone who others are already open and receptive to.

    So being sociable first makes your approach easier.

    It helps you "warm up" before you say a word to her, and since you've already chatted briefly with others in the gym you have some kind of social momentum behind you.

    So it's easier to approach - since you've already done it with other guys in the gym.

  5. What to say when you approach her: To be honest, you can say anything.

    And from being together with her in the gym and having the opportunity to see her for at least 30 minutes, gives you a lot of topics to "open" her with.

    Personally, when I approach girls at the gym, I usually ask stuff like:

      => "What program are you following?"
      => "Do you have a routine?"
      => "What are your goals/objectives"
      => "Do you diet?"
      => "How long have you been working out (in your life)?"

    And from these you could transition into other conversational topics, as the circumstance dictates.

    From there, you could tell her let's hangout later in the day, and then take her number.

    Or you could reapproach her at a later time and make plans to meet.

    Remember, don't just ask a girl for her number. Her number is useless by itself, if there's no plan to meet.

    And you don't want her number, you want her.

  6. Extra tip: Don't smell bad.

    Most people smell when they sweat a lot. So I'd advise that you use a good sports deodorant whenever you workout.

    Girls are better at catching the smell of body ordour than men, so even when you think you smell like a rose, she might still perceive some odour coming from you.

    It would be painful to lose a girl who would have been otherwise into you, because you didn't use deodorant.

    In conclusion, I know that you will now be able to approach that girl at the gym whenever you see her. Without fear, doubt or hesitation.

    And know exactly how to play it.

    Share your thoughts with me below...

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