How To Approach A Girl You Like (Without It Ending In Disaster)

You’ve seen a girl you like, how do you approach her without it turning into a disaster?

I’ll tell you…

What do you do when she’s with a group of friends, alone, or with her mum, etc?

Read on…

Here are the 5 ways to approach a girl  you like in different situations:

#1. Follow The 3-Second Rule: When you see a girl that catches your fancy, do your best to approach her immediately.

Usually in less than 3-seconds.


Because the longer you wait to approach, the more you’ll manufacture all sorts of excuses not to.

Your brain will play all sorts of disaster scenarios in your head to psyche you out.

So the best thing to do is approach the girl quickly and get it over with.

Also, the moment you see a girl you like, there’s this love-struck feeling that hits you like a bus, learn to use it to your advantage.

When you see that girl, before you feel doubt, fear or intimidation, the first thing you feel is genuine desire.

Approach her then, while you have this “love-struck”, desire-filled energy and your approach will go well.

Girls can’t help but like a guy who genuinely likes them.


#2. The Eye-Contact Approach:

In certain situations, you might not want to approach her “out of the blue”.

So you can first check to see if she’ll be receptive to your approach.

You can do this by checking if she’ll give you an approach invitation – using eye contact.

Look at her until she makes eye contact.

When she does, hold it until she looks away. It’s important that you don’t look away first.

If she smiles before looking away, then looks at you again within a few seconds, it’s on, approach!

That’s an invitation, just go to her without any hesitation.

However, it is important that you don’t use this as an excuse to be a wimp.

Except on rare occasions, approach without waiting for an “approach invitation”.


3. How to approach if she’s in a group:

Some people might tell you to approach indirectly, by first talking to other girls in the group.

However, this is a wimp move.

Be bold and audacious, go straight for the girl you want and she’ll love you for it.

If you go indirect by talking to her friends first, when you eventually engage her, she might not even know the real reason you’re talking to her.

What I do is walk straight to the girl I like, tell her she’s cute, and that I had to come over and say hi to her.

Then I turn to her friends and say hi to them.

And boom, am back to my girl.

Of course, from time to time I acknowledge her friends, but I am solely focused on her, and there’s no doubt whatsoever who I am interested in.

Then depending on how I judge the situation (and if I was in a hurry or something), I could pull her out one-on-one and take her number.

I could also take it while she’s there with her friends.

Before I lead her away from her friends, I say to her group, “Hope you don’t mind if I borrow your friend for a minute”.

But I am not asking for their permission, I’m merely informing them.

When you’re direct like this, they’ll be blown away by your confidence, and turn to “spectators”.


4. How to approach if she’s with just one friend:

If she’s with just one female friend, then it’s much different from her being a group.

This is because in a group the other members can still continue interacting with themselves. But if she’s with just one friend, then if you engage her, the friend will feel lonely and left out.

And once she sees her friend feeling left out, she might “ignore” you to continue with her friend.

So what you should do in this case is to carry her friend along.

Give her 30%-40% of your attention so she doesn’t feel ignored.

This is one of the situations where having a wingman is great.

If you came out with a friend, call him over and introduce him to the other girl – so that you can fully focus on your girl.

You can even call your friend on the phone and invite him out.

This is what friends do for each other, even if the other girl is unattractive and not his type.

He just needs to occupy her so that you can have some alone time with the girl you like.

Also, what I do most times when I’m out alone is pull over some random guy and introduce him and the other girl.


5. How to approach if she’s with a guy:

You might think that anytime you see a guy and a girl out together that they are dating, but it always isn’t so.

A lot of times they are just friends, or brother and sister or cousins or girlfriend’s friend.

You can never really know until you find out for yourself.

If I see a girl I like and she’s with a guy, just observe their body-language and you can make a good guess if they’re together or not.

Are they being affectionate with each other?

Are they touching?

Do they make lingering eye-contact when they talk?

Are their bodies touching? Etc…

If you look closely, a lot of times, you can make a fairly accurate guess.

It doesn’t matter if guess right or wrong though.

What I do when I see a girl I like but she is with another guy is walk over and address the guy first (to disarm him)

I say to him, “Hmmm, your sister is fine”

And I turn to the girl and start talking to her.

If they are dating, or the guy is sexually interested in her, he’ll just go, “Noooo…She’s my wife, or sweetheart”, or whatever…

But you’ll see that he won’t take offence because you acknowledged him first.

But who you should be watching is the girl, if she’s available you can tell from her response to you.

And if she’s open to talking to you, there’s nothing the other guy can do.

Also, you could casually walk over and engage in a little small talk with them, then after a little while ask the girl, “How do you guys know each other?”

This is a great question to ask when a girl is with someone else or with a group, because it will help you to quickly understand the dynamics of the group.

And once you understand the dynamics of the group, how to proceed is easier.

Also, specifically ask the girl you’re interested in, or the guy could tell you she’s his girlfriend, even though she isn’t.

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