About Me

First, welcome my website!

My name is Joshua, and my story is probably very similar to yours.

A few years ago my girlfriend, who I loved very much, dumped me, and I was devastated.

It was as if someone dropped a nuke on me.

I could barely eat was hardly able to concentrate.

And at that time, I only just wanted to get my girlfriend back...

I didn't want to become a big pimp, or learn how to bang multiple women or have threesomes.

I just wanted her back and it made me so sad that she left. 

And since I didn't know anyone who could teach how to do so, I turned to almighty Google for help.

I can't even remember what exact term I searched for, but it took me down an amazing road of adventure that has spanned several years.

Yes, I did get that girl back, but I was no longer interested in the way that I was earlier. We just banged a few times and I took a bow.

And since then, I've dated tons of hotties, who I would never have dreamed of dating a few short years ago.

The Birth of AttractionDojo...

A few months ago, my cousin approached me for help concerning girls.

I took my time to teach him a lot of stuff one-on-one over a couple of weeks. And then it hit me: "there are tons of guys who are exactly in your cousin's situation".

They like girls, they want to meet and attract them. But they don't know how to.

So in response to this eureka moment, I decided to create this blog to assist you to become better with women.

So I hope this website helps you fulfill your dream of an abundant lifestyle with these beautiful, lovely, enchanting creatures that we call women.

To your dating success,

Joshua Morgan
(March 2016)