What To Talk About With A Girl You Like

If you’re wondering what to talk about with a girl you like, you’re not alone.

Most guys have this problem too.

So what I will do today is show you what to talk about, and how to never run out of things to say to a girl you like.

However, here are two things you should bear in mind first:


1. You’re already a talking expert:

The fear most guys have is that they will run out of things to say.

So they start looking for the right topics to talk about.

But the truth is that you don’t need to have a bunch of topics planned out to talk about.

You can’t run out of things to say because you are already a talking expert.

You’ve been speaking for more than 20 years…

But the thing is, you think you’ll need to speak about the most elevated things in order to hold her attention.

What you need to do is…


2. Lower the bar for what’s good enough to say:

When you’re with a girl you like, she could talk about the weather or cats or rockets or ants and you’ll still listen and be interested.

So for you, you need to lower the bar for what’s good enough to say.

You need trust that anything you say is valuable and good enough because it comes from you.

All you have to is relax and be in the moment. Then talk about whatever comes to mind on a moment by moment basis – without planning ahead.

The same way you interact with old friends and acquaintances.

Believe that anything you say is the most important thing that could ever be said and deserves to be heard.

When you do this, something interesting happens, you’ll see that girls will become interested in what you have to say – because you trust and believe in what you have to say.


Some topics to talk about with a girl you like:

#1. Her hobbies:

When I meet a new girl, I screen her to find out she’s the type of person I’ll like.

Maybe she’s hot, yes, I like hot girls, but that’s not good enough.

What good is an attractive girl if she’s as boring as a slab of concrete?

I usually ask, “How do you spend most of your time?” or “What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working”

This gets her to talk about her hobbies.

And you can talk about yours too if you like. Or bring up other related topics as you go along.


2. Her highest aspirations:

As I said earlier, I’m trying to find out the type of person she is – as quickly as possible.

So I am screening her to find this out.

So I ask, “What is your highest aspiration?” or “Let’s say you’re a 100 years old and on your deathbed, what would look back on an be most proud of?”

You’ll see that a lot of girls will appreciate your asking them these because it cuts to the core of what they’re about.

Sometimes I clarify it with, “Let’s say you have all the money you could ever need, and money is no longer an issue in your life, what would you enjoy doing?”

You’ll see a lot of girls become extremely open to you because they feel like you already know them on a level most people will never do.


3. Books both of you have read:

I am a book person.

I love to read.

So I love to hear about books people have read, what they are about and how much they enjoyed them.

As you can see from the type of things I choose to talk about with a girl I like I am 100% being myself. I am exploring topics I genuinely feel for, not topics some guy recommended on the internet.

So what I want you do also is to be yourself and talk about things that interest you. Things you want to talk about or find out about a girl.

If you love biking, feel free to talk about biking.

If you love weed, talk about weed.

If music is your thing then feel free to talk about it if you want.


4. Current events:

If it strikes you to talk about current events, then bring up whatever topics that please you.

On this, I’m sure there are a ton of things you can speak of.

But do stay away from politics.


5. Other things you can talk about:

  • Places both of you have traveled to
  • Your favorite foods.
  • Childhood memories
  • Etc

Remember, the most important thing is that you talk about what you want to talk about.

If she starts talking about things you find boring or don’t like, simply cut it off and bring up another topic.


What not to talk about:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Disgusting stuff
  • Overly logical stuff

How To Introduce Yourself To a Girl (Without Making a Fool of Yourself)

You’ve seen a girl you like, how do you introduce yourself to her without screwing up and leaving a bad first impression?

Or making a fool of yourself?

I’ll tell you.

First impressions are hard to change, so you need to do your best to make a great one when you introduce yourself to the girl you’re interested in.


Here’s how to introduce yourself to a girl and leave a great first impression:

#1. Be Confident:

As a man, to attract women, confidence is one of the most important qualities you can possess.

You can’t go wrong with it.

So when you see that girl you want to introduce yourself to, approach her confidently without hesitation.


2. Smile:

When you walk over to introduce yourself, have a warm friendly smile on your face.

A smile says “I’m friendly and pleasant to speak to”.

It shows you’re a warm person that she will enjoy meeting and getting to know.

Nothing screams closed off and unfriendly than a frown or scowl.

Attractive males have an easy smile.


3. Make lots of eye-contact:

When you go over to introduce yourself to a girl, the biggest way to leave a powerful impression is through eye-contact.

Besides showing confidence, holding someone’s gaze while you speak to, or listen to them, shows you’re paying attention to what they say and that you also like them.

Deep eye-contact also makes women feel arousal.

So you want to hold that girl’s gaze when you speak with her.


4. Hold her hand a bit longer:

When you reach out to shake her, let your hold linger…

Hold her palm in yours for a little while before you release it, it instantly telegraphs sexual interest.

You can hold until you feel a slight tug from her wanting to take it away.

Note that this isn’t a rejection.

It’s just her getting a bit uncomfortable with the situation – which is normal.

As a man, you should be able to handle more social discomfort than her, so that’s what just played out.


5. Approach her in a straight line:

Before you approach her, don’t circle her or try to approach indirectly in some way – except there’s an obstacle in your path.

Trust me, if your intention is to approach her, and you begin hovering around her, she’s already seen you.

And when you eventually build up the courage to approach, she won’t be as receptive as she would have had it been you showed more decisiveness and approached directly.


6. What to say:

There’s no special thing you need to say.

When I walk over to introduce myself to a girl I usually just say, “Hi, thought you were cute and hand to come over and say hi”, “I’m Mike, and you?”

That’s it.

From there, you could talk about whatever you like, doesn’t matter – so long as you have the right positive thoughts and body language.


8 Ways To Meet More Girls in College Than You Can Handle

College is a cool, fun place, with tons of sexually available young girls.

But somehow you don’t seem to be getting some…

How do you turn your fortunes around and meet girls who actually want you?

I’ll tell you…

Here are the 8 ways to meet hot girls in college:

1. Dating Apps:

This is the easiest method and with the least social risk.

With a dating app, you’ll be connected to college girls who are in your immediate vicinity. Girls who are actively looking to mingle.

Just make sure you look great in the images you use.

Try to include pictures of you doing cool stuff and having fun with your friends (preferably with girls among them).


2. Parties:

College parties are the ultimate hubs for quick easy sex.

The girls are open, pumped and horny.

Their guards are also lowered because they are not among complete strangers, but with people they have something in common with.

If you want to meet lots of girls in college, then you have to frequent parties.


3. Gyms:

In my experience, some of the hottest girls, with a personality you can meet are the gym – both in and outside college.

You can meet tons of hot girls in clubs, but they are usually lacking personality wise.

If you’re looking for girlfriend quality girls in college, then you should absolutely register in the college gym.

Opt-in for some of the activities tons of girls participate in – like yoga, spinning, dance workout, etc.


4. Class:

This is the activity you’ll engage in the most in college, and usually, there are tons of girls you can meet this way if you tried.

Make a habit of being open friendly and the girls who like you will come and sit close to you.

Be in the habit of greeting your course-mates. Be that friendly guy anyone can approach.

Introduce yourself to the girls you like and invite them out for a drink or for some fun activity.


5. Through Friends:

The most common way guys meet girls in college is through their social circle.

So because of this, it is important to cultivate an extensive social circle if you want to meet tons of girls in college.

Befriend one guy with tons of friends and your social circle just scaled by a massive number.

Repeat this with a number of other guys and your reach becomes insane.

But don’t wait to be the guy people introduce to others. Be the guy who introduces others too.

Be the guy who knows everyone and everyone knows.

Seriously, the only thing stopping you from being this popular, sociable guy is in your head.


6. While you’re walking:

If you’re a man who’s wired correctly, walking through campus is similar to the feeling a kid gets walking through a candy store.

Tons of hot girls everywhere…

The problem though is how to approach them since they’re walking with a purpose.

But it’s easier than you think – so long as you act confidently:

  • Place yourself directly on her part.
  • From some distance away, hold eye contact and keep walking towards her.
  • When you get to where she is, break into a smile and say “hi”. She will return your smile stop.
  • Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation while making steady eye contact.
  • From here you can go on an “instant date” or get her number so you can meet up some other time.


7. Bars:

Bars are the universal watering hole for meeting girls, well, because tons of girls frequent it.

You don’t need to become a drunk or anything, you can simply opt for non-alcoholic drinks, or even water sometimes.

Also, endeavour not to become drunk because it interferes with your ability to pickup girls in bars.


8. Take a language class: I don’t know why, but language classes in college like French and Spanish are filled with girls.

The ratio is usually like 3:1.

So if you’re looking to meet girls in college, you could pickup a few of the courses that are filled to the brim with girls.

As an added bonus, you might end up learning something in the process.

How Ask a Girl To Be Your Girlfriend (Without Asking)

You’ve met a girl you like and want to date, how do you ask her to be your girlfriend?

…without it coming across as weird, or you coming across as needy?

I’ll tell you…

Here are the 2 different ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend:


Method 1: Direct Approach

You could simply say to her, “I like you. I want you to be my girlfriend

Of course, this has to be after you guys have spent quite some time together and gotten to know each other.

I’ve done this before and it worked well, but I don’t recommend it.

You will see why.

By the way, don’t do any tacky nonsense like buy her flowers, etc, before you ask.

It’s not a marriage proposal.

Don’t do it over text also, as that is cowardly and portrays a lack of confidence.

If you’re going to ask her to be your girlfriend, then do it face-t0-face.


Method 2: The Assume Boyfriend Role Approach (Recommended)

Now, when I meet a girl I want to date, I don’t ask, I just assume the role of boyfriend, and begin doing “boyfriend” things.

I do this because women are the “nesters”.

They are the ones whose instinct it is to build a nest.

Girls are turned off by guys who want a relationship more than they do.

And it’s usually beta males that go seeking for relationships and “commitment” to tie down women who they consider out of their league.

Instead, you should make girls want to be your girlfriend first.

This way, she won’t act like she’s doing you a favour.

And there will also be no weirdness.


How to make a girl want to be your girlfriend (Without Asking):

1. Have sex with her first:

The most guaranteed way to know if you two are compatible or not is through sex.

If there’s no chemistry and the sex is lousy and so-so, then there’s no point in continuing to see each other.

Having sex with a girl also releases the bonding hormone, oxytocin.

And with her body flooded with oxytocin, she then wants to bond with you even more.

She’ll be the one bringing up relationship stuff.

She might start introducing you to people as her boyfriend.

Or she’ll bring up the “relationship talk” questions:

  • “What are we?”
  • “What are doing?”
  • “What do you want from me?”
  • “Where is this going?”
  • Etc.

When she brings these up, you can then tell her you want her to be your girlfriend.


2. Revel in your freedom:

It’s only exotic birds that people want to cage – not birds that are already looking for a cage.

It is only birds that want to fly away that people desire to contain.

Be an exotic bird, enjoy your freedom and revel in it.

When girls see that you’re having such a blast being single, then they want to become your girlfriend.

Funny isn’t it?

Don’t go chasing girls for relationships.


3. Spend lots of time with her:

Show her you enjoy spending time with her by actually enjoying spending time with her.

Nothing says, “I like you and want you to be my girlfriend” as much as treating her as one.


4. Let her invest in you:

Allow her to invest in your by doing you small favours.

If she wants to cook for you, let her.

Let her massage you, go shopping for you, etc.

Don’t stop her from doing things for you even if it will cost her money, or require a lot of effort for her to pull it off.

The more she does things for you, the more invested in the “relationship” she will feel.

…and the more she will feel like your girlfriend.

Also, the more she does you favours, the more she’ll like you – because of the Benjamin Franklin effect.


5. Be a good listener:

If you want a girl to feel like being your girlfriend, then being a good listener is a must.

Nothing makes a girl feel special and appreciated like being listened to.

We all feel we are the center of the universe, and nothing plays into this like actively listening to someone.

Benjamin Disraeli once said: “Talk to a man about himself and he will listen for hours”

Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie Jerome, once sat next to a Mr Gladstone and then Benjamin Disraeli (both were Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom at different times) during a dinner event.

When asked about her experience of both men she replied: “When I left the dining room after sitting next to Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But when I sat next to Disraeli I left feeling that I was the cleverest woman.”

But it’s important to not let yourself become her emotional dumping ground.

If she brings up topics you don’t like – like her relationships with other guys, cut them off and steer her to other topics of conversation.


6. Go out to events as a couple:

Go out together as a couple.

Take her along to comedy shows, sports events, weddings, etc.

Most times when you go out at night, take her along with you.

In no time, she’ll bring up the relationship stuff herself.


So that’s it on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend – without asking.

I hope you benefited from it.

Tell me what you think below.

How To Approach A Girl You Like (Without It Ending In Disaster)

You’ve seen a girl you like, how do you approach her without it turning into a disaster?

I’ll tell you…

What do you do when she’s with a group of friends, alone, or with her mum, etc?

Read on…

Here are the 5 ways to approach a girl  you like in different situations:

#1. Follow The 3-Second Rule: When you see a girl that catches your fancy, do your best to approach her immediately.

Usually in less than 3-seconds.


Because the longer you wait to approach, the more you’ll manufacture all sorts of excuses not to.

Your brain will play all sorts of disaster scenarios in your head to psyche you out.

So the best thing to do is approach the girl quickly and get it over with.

Also, the moment you see a girl you like, there’s this love-struck feeling that hits you like a bus, learn to use it to your advantage.

When you see that girl, before you feel doubt, fear or intimidation, the first thing you feel is genuine desire.

Approach her then, while you have this “love-struck”, desire-filled energy and your approach will go well.

Girls can’t help but like a guy who genuinely likes them.


#2. The Eye-Contact Approach:

In certain situations, you might not want to approach her “out of the blue”.

So you can first check to see if she’ll be receptive to your approach.

You can do this by checking if she’ll give you an approach invitation – using eye contact.

Look at her until she makes eye contact.

When she does, hold it until she looks away. It’s important that you don’t look away first.

If she smiles before looking away, then looks at you again within a few seconds, it’s on, approach!

That’s an invitation, just go to her without any hesitation.

However, it is important that you don’t use this as an excuse to be a wimp.

Except on rare occasions, approach without waiting for an “approach invitation”.


3. How to approach if she’s in a group:

Some people might tell you to approach indirectly, by first talking to other girls in the group.

However, this is a wimp move.

Be bold and audacious, go straight for the girl you want and she’ll love you for it.

If you go indirect by talking to her friends first, when you eventually engage her, she might not even know the real reason you’re talking to her.

What I do is walk straight to the girl I like, tell her she’s cute, and that I had to come over and say hi to her.

Then I turn to her friends and say hi to them.

And boom, am back to my girl.

Of course, from time to time I acknowledge her friends, but I am solely focused on her, and there’s no doubt whatsoever who I am interested in.

Then depending on how I judge the situation (and if I was in a hurry or something), I could pull her out one-on-one and take her number.

I could also take it while she’s there with her friends.

Before I lead her away from her friends, I say to her group, “Hope you don’t mind if I borrow your friend for a minute”.

But I am not asking for their permission, I’m merely informing them.

When you’re direct like this, they’ll be blown away by your confidence, and turn to “spectators”.


4. How to approach if she’s with just one friend:

If she’s with just one female friend, then it’s much different from her being a group.

This is because in a group the other members can still continue interacting with themselves. But if she’s with just one friend, then if you engage her, the friend will feel lonely and left out.

And once she sees her friend feeling left out, she might “ignore” you to continue with her friend.

So what you should do in this case is to carry her friend along.

Give her 30%-40% of your attention so she doesn’t feel ignored.

This is one of the situations where having a wingman is great.

If you came out with a friend, call him over and introduce him to the other girl – so that you can fully focus on your girl.

You can even call your friend on the phone and invite him out.

This is what friends do for each other, even if the other girl is unattractive and not his type.

He just needs to occupy her so that you can have some alone time with the girl you like.

Also, what I do most times when I’m out alone is pull over some random guy and introduce him and the other girl.


5. How to approach if she’s with a guy:

You might think that anytime you see a guy and a girl out together that they are dating, but it always isn’t so.

A lot of times they are just friends, or brother and sister or cousins or girlfriend’s friend.

You can never really know until you find out for yourself.

If I see a girl I like and she’s with a guy, just observe their body-language and you can make a good guess if they’re together or not.

Are they being affectionate with each other?

Are they touching?

Do they make lingering eye-contact when they talk?

Are their bodies touching? Etc…

If you look closely, a lot of times, you can make a fairly accurate guess.

It doesn’t matter if guess right or wrong though.

What I do when I see a girl I like but she is with another guy is walk over and address the guy first (to disarm him)

I say to him, “Hmmm, your sister is fine”

And I turn to the girl and start talking to her.

If they are dating, or the guy is sexually interested in her, he’ll just go, “Noooo…She’s my wife, or sweetheart”, or whatever…

But you’ll see that he won’t take offence because you acknowledged him first.

But who you should be watching is the girl, if she’s available you can tell from her response to you.

And if she’s open to talking to you, there’s nothing the other guy can do.

Also, you could casually walk over and engage in a little small talk with them, then after a little while ask the girl, “How do you guys know each other?”

This is a great question to ask when a girl is with someone else or with a group, because it will help you to quickly understand the dynamics of the group.

And once you understand the dynamics of the group, how to proceed is easier.

Also, specifically ask the girl you’re interested in, or the guy could tell you she’s his girlfriend, even though she isn’t.

How To Make A Girl Want You (Enough To Have Sex)

So you’ve set your sights on this beautiful girl.

She’s hot, looks content with her life, and seems to not need anyone.

How do you make her want you?

I’ll tell you…


Here Are The 7 Ways To Make a Girl Want You:

#1. Be Confident:

Women love confident men.

Confidence is the most attractive attribute a man can have.

Show boldness in your actions. When you see her, walk over confidently and introduce yourself.

Speak your mind freely without censoring yourself.

Confidence shows that you’re an alpha male, and women have been programmed by evolution to want alpha males.

…The same way you’ve been programmed to become automatically attracted to hot girls.

She can’t help but want you if you’re comfortable in your own skin and do as you please.


#2. Beat her “Congruence Tests”:

Anytime you meet a girl, she secretly tests you, to determine if you’re an alpha or beta male.

And before a girl can want you fully, you need to beat her congruence tests (also called shit tests).

These come in several different forms.

It could be:

  • Being rude to you
  • Ignoring you
  • Saying something offensive to you.
  • Mocking you: “you’re fat”, “you’re short”, etc
  • Trying to make you jealous
  • Asking you to do stuff: like “buy me a drink”, “hold my purse”, etc

The way to beat shit tests is to be unreactive to them.

Don’t get angry or act hurt.

Just ignore or “agree and amplify” by exaggerating them.

But note that the key is to not emotionally react to them.

Whenever you interact with girls, there will be several shit tests, and the more you beat them, the higher her attraction level will get – all the way to sex.


#3. Use Social-Proof & Preselection:

Girls want a guy who is already successful with other women.

And there’s a scientific, evolutionary reason for this, it’s called mate choice copying.

When a girl sees you with another girl, or with other girls, it’s a form of endorsement.

This is the reason why men get hit on more frequently when they have a wedding ring on.

It also happens when you get into a committed relationship, because you tend to put out the “I’m taken” vibe.

Women can sense this and want to snatch you.

So if you can make it appear as if other women are interested in you, then you can make this girl you like want you.

Embed in your conversation, your interaction with other girls (real or imagined).

Let her see pictures of you with other girls.

Introduce her to your female friends.

Invite her out with a couple of other girls, etc.


#4. Use “Man-to-Woman Communication”:

In other words, sexual communication.

If you want a girl to want you (sexually), then you must not communicate with her in a “friend-to-friend” manner.

The basis of attraction is sexuality, so you need to infuse your interaction with it.

And the easiest way to do this is to be thinking about having sex with her when you’re speaking with her.

Talk her hand in your palm for no reason and play with it.

Gaze deeply into her eyes.

Reach out and check out her jewelry.

The key here is be thinking about having sex with her and yet be relaxed about it.

If you can do this then the right body language and sub-communication will come out.

This works because whatever you feel, the girl will feel – through her mirror neurons.


#5. Groom Well:

Dress how you want to be addressed, goes the popular saying.

The way you dress reflects your self-image.

High self-esteem people groom themselves well. And dressing well also boosts your self-esteem.

People, including girls, are attracted to high self-esteem people.


#6. Make Her Jealous:

Yes, make her jealous.

Jealousy triggers a sense of loss in a woman. It makes her want to grab you before it’s too late.

Perhaps she’s still trying to make up her mind. Or have decided but is still playing hard to get.

By showing her there’s some competition, you’ll see how fast she’ll become more responsive to your advances.

Trigger her jealousy by speaking with other girls in the venue: class,  gym, bar or wherever.

It could even be a picture.

Doesn’t matter.

The goal is to trigger a sense of impending loss.


#7. Lead & Be Dominant:

Girls want guys who are leaders.

And by a leader, you don’t need to become the president of the United States – just take charge and be dominant.

I’m sure you’re heard girls the love a “take charge” kind of guy…

Lead by suggesting places you guys should hang out.

Lead by suggesting activities you guys should go check out.

Down to the little details of where to sit when you guys go into a bar.

Girls mostly don’t want to make certain types of decisions, so be a leader and handle those things.


8 Guaranteed Ways to Get Over A Girl Fast

A girl leaving you is a painful experience.

It leaves a lot guys depressed and unable to function for a while.

Sure, it’s ok, to “grieve” for a while, but it’s not cool if it severely cramps your style.

What I’ll do is show you how to quickly get over a girl who left you, with as little downtime as possible.


Here Are The 8 Ways To Get Over a Girl:

1. Replace her memory with other girls:

Start a rebound relationship.

This works like a charm.

Start dating and having sex with other girls and before you know it you’ll hardly remember the girl you want to get over.

It doesn’t need to be serious relationships. Just pure sex.


2. Embrace an abundance mentality:

What affects guys the most at the end of relationships is they believe in the “specialness” of the girl who left them.

They believe she’s some unicorn who will be hard to replace.

But she isn’t.

There’s such an abundance of beautiful young women in the world that it’s mind boggling.

Walk out to the road and just look.

Go to malls, bars, clubs, colleges and just social events and just…look.

Your possible options are insane.

And there are many of these people that you will enjoy more than the last girl.


3. Take up new hobbies and dust off old ones:

If you’re busy engaging in activities you like, you’ll have less time to miss anyone.

Hobbies that you enjoy wil help you get over any girl quickly because, first, they occupy your attention, and they also help you meet new people.

You could take up things like surfing, tennis, weight lifting, etc


4. Make a list of her negative attributes:

When we’re in a relationship, the tendency is to ignore the bad side and short-comings of our partners.

But after you break up and you want to get over her, an excellent technique is to make a list of all the things you dislike about her.

Your kist could look like this:

  • Over weight
  • Smokes
  • Nags
  • Poor financial management skills
  • Slut
  • Vain
  • Selfish
  • Etc

Any time her good memory overcomes your mind, whip out this list and refresh your memory.

Dwell on the bad stuff.


5. Go “no contact”:

It is important that you do not call, text or get in touch with her in any way.

The more you keep in touch, the harder it will be for you to get over her.

Fight the urge to get in touch.

Anytime it comes on strongly, just find something engaging.

Leave the house if you must and go spent time with friends or strangers at some pub or somewhere else.

Don’t let yourself get lonely, because it magnifies the urge.


6. Give it time:

Time they say heals all wounds.

Over time you’ll get over anyone, no matter how much you miss them now.

I remember when one of my exes dumped me several years ago.

I thought that I would never foget her.

But as the weeks and months went by, I could barely remember her face even when I tried.

That’s just how it happens.


7. Remove items that remind you of her:

There might be objects in your house that you have some great memories with her anchored to.

The best thing to do would be to remove them.

You could throw them away, gift or donate them, depending on what it is.


8. Travel:

Traveling is one of the greatest adventures you could ever have.

Lots of stimuli, lots of new experiences, lots of new foods, places and people to meet.

I can assure you that with all the sensory overload you might not even remember your ex once.

And when you do return home, you’ll find that you’ve gotten over her because travel changes you.

How To Make a Girl Jealous (So She Wants You More)

Making a girl slightly jealous is a great way to make her more into you.

A jealous girl will dive in to “grab” you before she loses you to another girl.

A jealous wife or girlfriend will behave better and have sex with you more – in a bid to prove her value to you.

Using jealousy, wisely, keeps your girl on her toes by reminding her that she can potentially be replaced if she isn’t on her best behaviour.

Caveat: Before you try to make a girl you’re dating jealous, be sure to know she’s not the extremely crazy type.

A friend’s bipolar girlfriend ripped all the clothes in his wardrobe with a scissors, after she saw a female hair ornament in his apartment.

Turns out it belonged to his sister.

Of course, he dumped her.

I’ve heard of women thrashing their man’s car and belongings. Some even going as far as bodily harm.

So don’t use the nuclear options.


Here are the 8 ways to make a girl jealous:

1. Preselection:

Preselection is very potent stuff.

Women have been programmed by evolution to want to snatch a man who appears to be successful with other women.

Scientists call this mate-choice copying.

The same way evolution has programmed you to become automatically attracted to a voluptuous pair of Double D breasts – because it represents fertility.

Seeing a man with other women represents a form of “endorsement”.

It signals to a woman’s brain that they must have screened you and found you to possess alpha male or great provider characteristics.

Seeing that you’ve been preselected by other women is an attraction trigger in women, and works irrespective of who you’re with – so long as they’re attractive.

So to make a girl jealous make her see you with other girls.

It could be you and your cousins, or platonic friends – doesn’t matter.

And she doesn’t even need to see you guys in person.

It could be a picture you post on social media, etc.

But let it appear that you guys are having fun in it.

Finally, you could even embed it in conversation…

You could casually mention your interactions with other girls, perhaps something that reminds you of your ex girlfriend, etc.


2. Talk to other girls in the venue:

If you’ve just met a girl and she’s playing hard to get, one of the quickest ways to break through to her is to talk to other girls at the  venue.

When she sees that she could lose you to another girl, her jealousy will kick in.

When you re-approach, she’ll be much more receptive.


3. Let her see you having fun without her:

If you break up with a girl, you can get her jealous by making her see you’ve moved on fine without her.

And I’m not even saying you should pretend to have moved on.

Genuinely move on.

If you guys have the same circle of friends then she’ll find out soon enough.

They always go out of their way to find out this sort of information.

You can also post pics to your social media accounts.

She’ll see them.

This is one of the things that make ex girlfriends want to come back.


5. Begin keeping late nights:

If you’re in a relationship and begin returning home later than usual, the alarm bells in your girls head will go off the charts – especially when you refuse to explain where you had been.

Meanwhile, you could go to some bar, alone or with your friends.


6. Put a lock on your phone:

Putting a password on your phone tends to imply that you’re hiding something.

Flirty conversations with other girls you’re seeing.

Nudes from other women.

Plans for new secret dates, etc.

She no longer has access to your phone, her jealousy alarms will go off.


7.  “Plant” a female item/accessory in your place:

You can place something as simple as an earring on a table, where it can easily be seen – but not in a position where it’s blatant that you’re trying to get a reaction out of her.

The perfect place will be on your bathroom sink or a table in your bedroom.

For other items, you can place them in other appropriate places.

Depending on how jealous you want to make her, you could bring out partly used K-Y jelly.

Or have used condoms in the toilet, or have her washed female panties in your bathroom.


8. The Nuclear Option: Sleep with her friends or acquaintances:

If you want to make a girl insanely crazy, then sleep with her friends, or some other people she knows.

And the funny thing is that some of the easiest girls to sleep with are the friends of someone you’re dating.

Remember what I said about preselection above…

Personally, some of the easiest sex I’ve ever had were with friends of girls I was dating.

I don’t suggest you do this, and don’t do it anymore with friends of girls I take seriously.

You can’t predict how irately jealous a girl can get from this.

How To Get Pussy Like A Warlord

Getting more pussy is easier than you think.

I used to have long streaks of no sex, until I changed a few things.

I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching the same easy steps to other guys who went on drown in pussy.

So today is your turn…

Here are are the 9 Ways to get more pussy:

#1. Approach More Women

It goes without saying that the more opportunities you create for sex to happen, the more you will get laid.

Pussy won’t looking for you with no effort on your part.

You need to go out and get it.

And don’t be afraid of rejections, because the more you get rejected, the more you’ll get laid.

If you have a habit of staying indoors all the time, then you have to break it.

Begin to frequent places where hot, young women visit in droves: bars, clubs, shelters, gyms, etc.

Something like a yoga class is a pussy fest.

If you go to a yoga class, for example, it will usually be just you and tons of fit, good-looking women.

Look online for different types of local events. Pick up new hobbies, etc.

Even if you’re the most unattractive guy in the world, with this type of massive exposure, you’re going to get lots of pussy.

See, there are girls who will like you no matter what.

And you can’t meet them if you don’t go out to meet them.


#2. Learn to Beat Shit-Tests:

This is where the money is.

Another name for this is congruence tests.

See for a woman, sex is a serious undertaking.

And in the dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable environment in which we evolved our instincts, having sex with the wrong male could spell death for the women.

Or she could end up with children with weak characteristics that will make it hard for them to survive.

So before a woman can surrender her pussy to you, she needs to feel (in her gut) that you’re an alpha male.

Her gut is just another name for her instincts.

And to determine if you’re “the man”, she’ll do little things to mess with you.

These little things are what we call shit tests and they come in different forms.

  • It could be in the form of refusing to do something you ask to see how you’ll react.
  • She could suddenly go quite and become unresponsive to you when you’re out on a “date”
  • She could do something slightly disrespectful – like keeping you on the phone to speak with someone in the background.
  • She could harshly bark at you when you try to talk to her
  • You could go over to meet her and introduce yourself and she’ll totally ignore you.
  • She could start speaking with other guys in your presence to see if you’ll get jealous.
  • She could tell you mean stuff like you’re fat, ugly, short, etc

The goal of all these is to see how you will react.

A beta male will over-react in most of these situations, thereby disqualifying himself from her pussy.

An alpha male, on the other hand, will either ignore most of these, as if they didn’t happen and soldier on – while maintaining his mood.

However, if there’s disrespect, he “punishes” her with a consequence – without emotionally reacting.

Let’s say you’re on the phone with her and she puts you on hold to speak to someone in the background. In a light-hearted mood, tell that what she just did is very bad, and that you’re going to spank her for it. Then make her buy you a beer as an apology.

It’ll blow you away if you know how much her attraction for you increases once you swat away her shit test.

Now realize that girls are not mean. They don’t go about shit-testing random guys to deflate them or anything.

Girls shit-test only guys they already like, but however, her arousal is tied to your behaviour as an alpha male.

So if you can’t swat away her shit tests, and show that you’re congruent with the sex worthy man that you already appear to be, then she’ll be disappointed – because she already thought you were a good catch.

But life will go on nevertheless.

Evolution has made it such that only guys who beat her shit tests will get into her pussy.


#3. Acquire the right beliefs:

Life is mostly a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And it is very evident in people’s sex lives.

The guys who believe they are hideous, unattractive and don’t deserve pussy manifest this reality.

Before you can have an abundance of pussy in your life, you first need to believe that it is possible for that to happen for you.

If you don’t believe it, you will make no effort to put into practice the things that I will write here.

If you believe that you not ready today, that you need to self-improve in some way first, then it’s never going to happen for you.

If you believe you need to get lots of money first or to build a mansion on a hill before you can worthy of women, then nothing for you.

You need to believe that women love sex (oh, yes, they do! You should check out the book, “My Secret Garden”)

You need to believe hot woman want to fuck you before that would ever happen.

You have to believe that you’re good enough as you are right now.

That you don’t need to lose weight, or to get your hair back, or to get a more money.

Change your inner dialogue to some badass pimp-talk:

Tell yourself stuff like:

  • I am the coolest motherfucker on the face of the earth
  • I deserve hot girls
  • Every girl is a nymphomaniac and wants to fuck me
  • I belong here

And you will see your reality change to be in line with your new beliefs.


4. Dress and Groom Better:

Usually, your dress covers about 90% of your body. And this makes for a large part the impression that you make.

If you dress well, people will tend to treat you better, and women will want to associate with you.

And it doesn’t take much to dress better.

Wear fitting clothes and have them ironed properly.

You can get more in-depth fashion advice here.

Also, when you’re dressed better, it makes you feel great.

And feeling good and confident are pussy attractants.


5. Hit the gym and build some muscle:

You can’t go wrong with hitting the gym and lifting weights.

Lifting weights releases testosterone – which is responsible for the male sex drive.

And Exercising also releases endorphins which makes you feeel goood.

And nothing beats feeling good in your body when you’re trying to attract women.

Women are drawn to good energy, and exercising fills you with it.

You also get some muscle definition, which makes you look sexy, and your clothes fit better.

I can remember walking home from the gym one day.

I had just pumped iron and magma was flowing through my veins.

Feeling pumped like Hercules, I called over a hot girl I saw walking along the road.

I just told her she looked hot and that we should go over to my place and watch a movie.

That was it.

15 minutes later, we were at my place having sex.

I’ve also had sex with countless girls I met at the gym.


6. Become a Horny Pervert:

If you’re going to get lots of pussy, then you need to be in a horny state a lot.

Desire begets desire, and you can get a girl aroused if you’re not aroused yourself.

When you’re with a girl you want to have sex with, you need to be thinking sexual thoughts.

Imagine yourself fucking her in the ways that you love.

Picture her in heat, begging you to fuck her as you have your face buried in her glistening pussy.

You can get a girl’s pussy wet if you’re not fully committed to getting that pussy.

Also, quit or drastically cut down on masturbation.

Masturbation messes with your sex drive.

The same drive you dissipate when you masturbate is the same you need to fuck women.

It’s like leaking air out of a balloon or discharging your battery.


7. Become Better in Bed:

It goes without saying that if you want to have repeat sex with lots of willing women that you need to have a good bedroom game.

Women love and enjoy sex more than us (forget their pretences).

If you want to satisfy girls in bed and make them keep coming back for more (and even bring you referrals – not kidding), then you need to learn more about how a woman’s body responds to pleasure.

There are lots of good resources you find with a Google search.

I’ll also recommend the book “The Sex God Method“.


8. Build a Social Circle:

One of the easiest ways to meet new women, if through friends and friends of friends.

If you have a big social circle then you’ll be meeting lots of new women regularly.

And to do this you need to be a friend first.

Don’t wait for people to invite you first.

Be the active force.

Most people are timid or too shy to take action, but once you take the lead and invite them out a couple of times, they’ll get the inertia to begin inviting you out too.

Very soon you’ll be the guy introducing people to other.

The anchor of social groups…


9. Get a Better Pad:

If you don’t have a comfortable “sex location”, you’ll always hesitate to invite women over.

And if the location of your house is in a far away place, then you’ll find it more difficult to go out as much as you need to.

Getting girls over might also be a hassle.

You should also make your place look good and tidy.

A place a woman will feel relaxed and comfortable in.

You don’t need to go and build a mansion or anything, but just make your place look good to the best of your ability.

7 Ways To Keep A Girl Interested (So She Doesn’t Leave You)

So you’ve gotten her attention.

And perhaps you’re even dating her.

How do you keep her interested enough so that she doesn’t leave you?

I’ll tell you…


Here are the 7 ways to keep a girl interested in you:

#1. Have Your Own Life, Independent of Her:

One of the biggest mistakes guys make once they get into a relationship or start seeing a girl is to lose their identity.

They abandon all those interesting, entertaining things they used to do in order to “be with their girl”.

Some guys even go as far as abandoning their goals, dreams and aspirations in order to support the girl’s.

I recently read the story of some guy who turned down a Google job offer to move across states and be with his girlfriend who recently got a new job…

Guess what?

She dumped him one week later.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend time with your woman, but do that while still being your own person.

Some guys abandon their friends entirely, and stop going to the social events and activities they used to frequent.

However, having a social life keeps you “socially fluid” and interesting.

Isolation makes you weird and socially stifled.

Abandoning your friends and staying in doesn’t happen by accident.

The girl usually instigates this, but subtly.

She does this because her evolutionary instincts guide her to protect her “investment”.

By causing you not to go out as much, she makes it more difficult for other girls to snatch you away from her.

Scientists call this a mate guarding behaviour.

The funny thing though is that if you let her succeed at this, she ends up finding you boring!

So if you don’t want to keep a girl interested in you, you have to maintain the same type of behaviour and social life that were part of the reason she liked you in the first place.

On another note, women love men who have a sense of direction. Men who are not easily derailed from their “path”.

Oh boy, and will she try to derail you!

Now bear in mind that she doesn’t do this out of malice, she’s merely trying to keep you from becoming too attractive to the opposite sex.

She might even, unconsciously, try to keep you from becoming too successful.

My dad might have authored several books, if he hadn’t listened to my mum as much when she would regularly implore him, earlier in their marriage, that he was working too hard.

Men mate guard too

There was this story if a man who his beautiful but grossly overweight wife seriously wanted to lose weight.

But the man subconsciously feared she would leave him if she slimmed down.

So he would “affectionately” buy her boxes of chocolate and would ask her to cook Italian cuisine, etc.

Despeite her best efforts, she was unable to achieve her goal because her husband was sabotaging her.

It was only after they went for counseling that they were able to get to the root of it, and she then went on to slim down.

Finally, if you let your woman derail you, then it’s your fault. Because, as a man, it is your duty to weather the storms of the world and remain on your path.


#2. Become Better in Bed:

A sexually satisfied girl is a happy girl.

And there are very few things that can keep a girl continuously interested as great sex.

Becoming great in bed isn’t difficult, however, you have to put in the effort to learn how to.

A girl’s body is different from yours and responds to arousal differently.

Because of this, you have to step of your own frame of reference and consider things from her perspective.

Plenty if foreplay, for example, is a must.

Learn about the g-spot.

Learn how to last longer in bed.

Talk dirty to her, cuddle after sex, etc.

And if you’re also sexually open-minded and non-judgemental, then she can’t help but stay interested…

It will be very difficult for her to find a replacement.

I know a girl who cheated on her boyfriend with her ex because he was good at oral, while her new totally boyfriend refused to do it. See?


#3. Workout And Be Fit:

Being fit and healthy gives you confidence and confidence are attractive as hell.

Being fit also gives you more energy.

More energy to get through your daily activities in a cheerful mood, more energy for better sex, etc.

Also lifting weights and having muscles is very masculine.

Girls love it when a guy has a nice muscle definition and a toned body.

You don’t need to become Hercules with 0% body-fat.

But workout often and eat sensibly.


#4. Remain social and have the potential option of other girls:

You shouldn’t be the only one dreading her losing interest and leaving.

You should keep her on her toes too.

She should also be worried about you losing interest and leaving.

A comfortable girl is a complacent girl.

And a complacent girl is a girl that will treat you like shit.

Seeing that you are social, have other female friends and the potential to replace her without feeling pain will keep her on her best behaviour.

In certain circles, it’s is called “Dread Game“, and you can us it to turn around a relationship in which the girl has lost interest in sex.


#5. Take a Genuine Interest In Her Life:

Everyone genuinely thinks they are the center of the universe – especially girls.

And people like those who genuinely like them.

And there’s no better way to show a girl you like her than by being interested in her life.

Now, don’t go overboard with this.

As I said earlier, don’t lose your way of life and adopt hers.

You don’t have to sit through hours of TV dramas that bore you to death if you don’t want to.

You could sit with her once in a while and feign a little interest.

Or at the least, don’t make fun of her.

If there are activities she enjoys, follow along once in a while.

Show an interest in her work life.

Be a good listener and listen to her plans and how her day went, etc.


6. Be a Source of Value to Her Life:

When you become the man you’re meant to be, the relationship between you and women will almost be like that between a girl and her father.

She wants you to be a source of strength and direction in her life.

She wants to be able to count on you should the situation arise.

She wants you to be smarter & wiser than her.

She wants you to help her make better decisions.

She wants you to be firm and decisive.

To a woman, this is the ultimate value a man can add to her life.

And when you are all these rolled into one, keeping her interested is easy.


#7. Eliminate Neediness:

Neediness is the most repulsive attribute a man can have.

It drives woman away more than most other negative attributes.

If you have a hole in your self-esteem, don’t use a girl’s attention/affections to fill it.

Find books and resources to help you overcome this or you’ll drive her away.

You can check out the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

Read “A New Earth” too, by a guy named Eckhart Tolle.

Google other self-help, self-esteem and “ego-reducing” content.


In conclusion, I hope you put these into practice to keep the girls you want interested in you.

Do share your thoughts with me below.

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